Redleg Nation:

We’re now playing the Major League Baseball Doubles game: name the MLB all-time leaders in most doubles for each letter of the alphabet. This game is all major-leaguers, not just modern day, by the first letter of their surname.

Good luck to you…remember there’s no X player.

–Career RBI leaders by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Career batting average leaders by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Pitching Strikeouts by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Career homers by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Pitching wins by alphabet (MLB, Reds)

9 Responses

  1. hoosierdad

    How about Lou Gherig or Luis Gonzalez (he had like 40 – 50 doubles for forever)?

  2. hoosierdad

    Glad I could get in on this one! You guys are too good. For “O” – Jon Olerud? Yes!!!????

  3. hoosierdad

    Whoops, just saw where Olerud was 2nd. How about Al Oliver? Used to kill the Reds with doubles. Think he had a double-header againt the Reds early ’70s (remember the banner days?) where he had like 4 or 5 for the dh. Seems like he played 20+ seasons or so.

  4. per14

    The usual suspects: Ibanez and Nettles?

    What is it with the N? We always have trouble. I can’t even think of any prominent “N” other than Nettles.

  5. per14

    stolen bases…i’ve been thinking on that one for a week.