Redleg Nation offers up a hearty welcome to the newest addition to the Reds blogosphere: Better Off Red. It’s written by Jamie Ramsey, assistant director of media relations for the Reds.

Looks to be interesting, and one can only hope we’ll get an insider’s glimpse at All Things Rob Butcher.

Welcome, Jamie!

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  1. per14

    Looks good to me. It will be interesting to see if the blog is ever critical of the team. I feel the Reds are in desperate need of a ombudsman devoted solely to analyzing roster moves and playing-time decision. Or, perhaps, as Bill Simmons would say, a “V.P. of Common Sense.”

    So, proof that Redleg Nation is in my head: Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I started working on in my head the alphabetical career leaders in Stolen Bases.