Redleg Nation!!

Let’s work out the Major League Batting Average Leaders by first letter of the player’s last name, working through the alphabet, A-Z. Remember, there is no X, and this list is of all major leaguers, not just the Reds.

We have to put a qualifier here since it’s a rate stat: the player needs to have at least 3000 plate appeareances, which is essentially 5 full-time seasons. However, keep in mind that could also be 10 part-time seasons. One exception for the qualifier: the letter Q is lowered to 1000 plate appearances due to the lack of Q’s that have played.

There are some surprises….

–Pitching Strikeouts by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Career homers by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Pitching wins by alphabet (MLB, Reds)