Tim Dierkes of mlbtraderumors.com was speculating on Monday which players may be non-tender candidates for the 2009-10 offseason. These are players who have not been sufficiently chilled and marinated to the liking of their current team and are allowed to hit the free agent market.

In many cases these players have hit their arbitration eligible years, and their escalating salary starts to outpace their contribution. Other players have had a bad year or two recently, and their team doesn’t like the risk/reward proposition.

You have to look no further than the 2009 Reds to see which players get dumped into the free agent pool. On the one hand you have Jonny Gomes. His numbers had dropped each year he was with the Rays, but had a great bounce back year in Cincinnati. On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps in the kiddie pool, the Reds also found Willy Taveras.

Take a look at his list, and see if you find any names of interest. Are there other players you think may end up being non-tendered that you’d like to see the Reds go after? Given the Reds payroll situation, this is very likely where they will be looking this offseason, trying to find next year’s Jonny Gomes.

Names that intrigue me are:

    Bill Bray – He was on the Reds minor league DL all season, did not accumulate MLB service time, and had his free agency and arbitration years pushed out 1 more season. I would be surprised if he is non-tendered (unless he cannot return from injury.)

    Kelly Shoppach – If Cleveland puts him out there, he should be at the top of the Reds shopping list. He and Hanigan would be a very nice tandem.

    Conor Jackson – Missed most of this season with valley fever. Hit .291/.371/.451 from 2006-2008, doesn’t strike out much.

    Jeremy Hermida – The Red Sox were trying to work out a deal for Hermida in the Manny trade before they ended up getting Jason Bay.

    Aaron Heilman – his K/9 has increased the past two years, but so has his H/9 and BB/9.

    Noah Lowry – Longshot who hasn’t pitched in 2 seasons after, allegedly, being misdiagnosed by the Giants. Trying to comeback in 2010. He could be an interesting 5th starter to follow if he can prove that he is healthy.