I don’t think any of us are in the mood for a post-mortem examination of the season just ended. The 2009 season, of course, marked the ninth straight losing season for the Reds and there’s good reason to believe that the tenth in a row is imminent.

There were, however, some good things to come out of this season: primarily, the emergence of Joey Votto as a legitimate star in the National League and very positive signs from Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto. Also, the Reds finished in fourth place after looking like they were headed for 100 losses. That’s something.

That’s just about all I want to discuss about 2009 at this time, but John Fay had some very interesting items. Among them:

–No winter ball for Johnny Cueto!

–No guitar for Bronson Arroyo!

Then, there’s this:

The Reds drew 1,747,119 for the season, an average of the 21,579. was It their lowest total since 1986 and more than 300,000 fewer than last year.

Wow. I’d call that a referendum on lousy management and lousy baseball on the field.

Anyway, here’s the question I want to ask: do the Reds have more questions to answer about the club now than they did last off-season?