Lots of discussion in the last day about the news that Dick Pole was fired as Reds pitching coach. I loved this comment by one of the Nation’s most loyal citizens, brublejr:

I really don’t have a problem with Pole going, but I can’t understand for the life of me why Jacoby is returning…It’s like keeping the F student in school and kicking the C student out of school.


So, is Dave Duncan the preferred candidate to replace Pole? I guess he’s probably my first pick; other than (arguably) Leo Mazzone, I don’t know if anyone else has a better resume than Duncan when it comes to pitchers.

I mentioned yesterday that I’m a big fan of Mario Soto, and I’d love to see him get the job if Duncan isn’t available. It sure looks like the stars may be aligning for Duncan, though.

Who else? Any other candidates jump to mind? The only one I see might be Ted Power. As Louisville’s pitching coach and a pretty good former Reds pitcher, you’d think he’d get a look.

Or they could make an offer to Skip Johnson. He’s done as much or more to help the Reds 2010 rotation as any other pitching coach.