Lots of discussion in the last day about the news that Dick Pole was fired as Reds pitching coach. I loved this comment by one of the Nation’s most loyal citizens, brublejr:

I really don’t have a problem with Pole going, but I can’t understand for the life of me why Jacoby is returning…It’s like keeping the F student in school and kicking the C student out of school.


So, is Dave Duncan the preferred candidate to replace Pole? I guess he’s probably my first pick; other than (arguably) Leo Mazzone, I don’t know if anyone else has a better resume than Duncan when it comes to pitchers.

I mentioned yesterday that I’m a big fan of Mario Soto, and I’d love to see him get the job if Duncan isn’t available. It sure looks like the stars may be aligning for Duncan, though.

Who else? Any other candidates jump to mind? The only one I see might be Ted Power. As Louisville’s pitching coach and a pretty good former Reds pitcher, you’d think he’d get a look.

Or they could make an offer to Skip Johnson. He’s done as much or more to help the Reds 2010 rotation as any other pitching coach.

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  1. nllspc

    Everyone is confused about them renewing Jacoby’s contract. Jacoby is Baker’s lackey. Baker is ostensibly the hitting coach and Jacoby does all the grunt work. Why fire a lackey to hire another lackey.

  2. broadwaydave

    they still haven’t dealt with the real problem, which is one dusty baker.

  3. Jello

    Where is Leo Mazzone? I haven’t heard that name in awhile.

    • Chad Dotson

      Mazzone went to Baltimore because his buddy (and former Reds 3B coach) Sam Perlozzo was named manager. That didn’t end well.

      Last time I saw Mazzone, he was doing color for ESPN, I think. Maybe Fox. He was great as an announcer. Entertaining.

  4. adaircam4

    not sure if Mazzone is the answer..I mean, I think he would be a good fit, but my grandma hates how he rocks back and forth in the dugout..it would drive her nuts watching that all season.

  5. Pasha

    This probably isn’t worth the trouble…but:

    Mr. Redlegs: The reason they didn’t fire Jacoby is the same reason they didn’t fire anyone else but Pole—they’ll be gone after 2010 anyhow.
    Duncan is the guy Jocketty wants and he has the opportunity now, not next year, so he created that opening by firing Pole. But there’s a caveat, and an interesting one: Duncan serves as pitching coach this year, sets up the pitching program for the entire organization, replaces Baker as manager in 2011, brings in his own staff with a pitching coach who will carry out his program.Under that scenario, it makes no sense to remove Jacoby now. That would mean three different hitting instructors in just over two seasons. Make the changes next year when you clean house.
    I think they’re getting Big Dunc, that Jocketty discussed it with him this past week, and there are plans for him far bigger than just pitching coach of the Reds.

    First off, that’s crazy talk. And secondly, do you really think the Reds plan that far into the future? Really? Do you think they care about replacing Jacoby for one year? What have they done to make you believe they have some grand strategy?

    Mr. Redlegs: @Chad Dotson:
    Ask yourself why Mazzone hasn’t attracted another job in almost three years. There’s a reason and it’s not because he wanted be on tee-vee.

    So you know for sure that Mazzone hasn’t been offered any jobs or gotten any phone calls in the last couple years? He’s an old guy, maybe he wants to stay home and count his money.

    Mr. Redlegs: @Dan:
    Baker’s been with the Reds for two seasons already. Past tense. Why complain about the money now? And the manager and coaching staff salaries don’t come out of player payroll but operations.

    We definitely didn’t “just” start complaining about Dusty’s salary. Money poorly spent in any department of the organization is still money poorly spent.

  6. KevinCincinnati

    Here’s some good news: (first time long time btw) I ran into Dusty at a bar in Cincy last night and he basically told me Willy Taveras was done. So we may not have to deal with that mess next year.

  7. Pasha

    Mr. Redlegs: Pasha . . . Mazzone, age 60 (yeah, he’s ancient), was dying for the Yankees pitching job when Girardi was hired. Dying. Never got a look. And anytime someone inquires about Leo, they check in with Bobby Cox, who doesn’t exactly give a ringing endorsement. Mazzone had a near-mutiny among his pitchers in Baltimore.
    Of course the Reds and other teams think that far ahead. They do it all the time when they slot salaries and new contracts. The Reds are especially thinking ahead one year because there’s no way they can afford to eat Baker’s salary now and pay someone else. There will be other teams—better jobs, maybe more money—after Dave Duncan, but since he and Jocketty have a great working relationship from St. Louis and Baker’s salary comes off the books after 2010, they can afford Duncan now for later with perhaps a larger role.
    The Duncan-Jocketty dynamic makes a lot of sense as future manager.The difference between what you call crazy talk and what I call first-hand information is I have field, dugout and clubhouse access.
    Agreed about money being poorly spent but the point is Baker’s salary doesn’t impact player payroll one iota. Completely different ledgers.

    If you insist.

  8. RC

    Mr. Redlegs: I think they’re getting Big Dunc, that Jocketty discussed it with him this past week, and there are plans for him far bigger than just pitching coach of the Reds.

    Which, as I understand it, would be a huge violation of league rules – contacting another team’s coach during the season – no?

    And for someone with such inside info and access, wouldn’t speculating about such things be unappreciated by the granters of same? Brave stuff.

  9. tripleaaaron

    It seems to me that the job will be given to someone within the organization, most likely power. By firing Pole now, it would seem like we are giving ourselves time to negotiate with one of our own before someone else is able to offer them a contract. I would love it to be duncan but the timing screams in-house replacement. Also, soto has expressed that he would like to remain in his current position as he doesn’t want to spend too much time away from his home in the dominican.

  10. RC

    It’s two days til the end of OUR season. The Cards, not so much.

    And LaRussa just spent two days whining about ball rubbing. You think if the Reds poach Duncan and LaRussa has any inkling that the parties were talking while he was making his playoff run, he wouldn’t be yammering about it to the press every stinkin’ day?