Next round on alphabetical leaders…now the Cincinnati Reds career home run leader list by alphabet. This will include only home runs slugged while in a Reds uniform. Every letter is represented except for X….

Good luck…

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  1. brublejr

    D – Dunn
    F – Foster
    B – Bench
    P – Perez
    L – Larkin
    K – Kluszewski

  2. Doug Gray

    S – Sanders, Reggie
    G – Griffey Jr, Ken
    M – Morgan, Joe
    C – Casey, Sean
    O – O’neil, Paul
    J – Johnson, Deron
    H – Hatton, Grady
    E – Esasky, Nick

    Thats all I got.

  3. wanderinredsfan

    Getting to the unusual letters in the alpahabet, how about:

    Votto, Joey
    Young, Dimitri (?)
    The only Q name that I can recall was Luis Quinones, but he didn’t play very long and was SLG challenged.
    Got nothin for the letter Z, although I’m sure there were a few players with that last name.

    I’m sure there’s likely some players from the early- to mid-Twentieth Century that will make this list that no one will even recognize. That’s all I got other than the aforementioned.

  4. Jose

    B- Bench, Johnny

    C- Casey, Sean

    D- Dunn, Adam

    P- Post, Wally

    R- Robinson, Frank

    F- Foster, George

    G- Griffey Jr, Ken

    M- Morgan, Joe

    K- Kluszewski, Ted

    L- Larkin, Barry

    E- Esasky, Nick

    H- Hatton, Grady

    J- Johnson, Deron

    S- Sanders, Reggie

    V- Votto, Joey

    A- Adcock, Joe

    N- Nunnally, Jon

    O- O’neil Paul

    Q- Quinones, Luis

    T- Tucker, Michael

    U- Usher, Bob

    W- Wingo- Ivey

    Y- Young, Dimitri

    Z- Zitzmann, Billy

    They may be out of order
    but should for the most part be correct, I wasted like 45 minutes doing this you better appreciate it 😈

  5. Steve Price

    You guys have done well, but there’s still some open…Let’s see

    A is still open
    B is Johnny Bench, 389 (second-Gus Bell, 160)
    C is Sean Casey, 118 (second -Dave Concepcion, 101)
    D is Adam Dunn, 270 (Eric Davis, 203)
    E is Nick Esasky, 92 (Edwin Encarnacion, 71)
    F is George Foster 244 (Lonnie Frey, 43)
    G is Ken Griffey Jr., 210 (Ival Goodman, 91)
    H is Grady Hatton, 81 (Bug Holliday, 65)
    I is open
    J is Deron Johnson, 90 (Charley Jones, 30)
    K is Ted Kluszewski, 251 (Austin Kearns, 71)
    L is Barry Larkin, 198 (Ernie Lombardi, 120)
    M is Joe Morgan, 152 (Lee May, 147)
    N is Jon Nunnally, 20 (Laynce Nix, 15–Joe Nuxhall is 3rd with 13)
    O is Paul O’Neill, 96 (Joe Oliver, 72)
    P is Tony Perez, 287 (Vada Pinson, 186)
    Q is Luis Quinones, 19 (Mel Queen, 2)
    R is Frank Robinson, 324 (Pete Rose, 152)
    S is Reggie Sanders, 125 (Chris Sabo, 104)
    T is still open
    U is Bob Usher, 13 (Al Unser, 3)
    V is Joey Votto, 52 (Greg Vaughn, 45)
    W is still open
    X is no one
    Y is Dmitri Young, 67 (Babe Young 15)
    Z is Billy Zitzman, 3 (Don Zimmer and Benny Zientara, 2)

    So, open are letters A, I, T, W

    Odd notes from list above–Pitchers listed: Joe Nuxhall is 3rd in N’s; Mel Queen is 2nd in Q’s

    Our friend from the pitching list, Earl Yingling, is fourth in the Y’s with 1.

    Of other names listed…
    Joe Adcock is 3rd in the A’s with 31
    Wally Post is 3rd in the P’s with 172
    Michael Tucker is 4th in the T’s with 33
    Ivey Wingo is 6th in the W’s with 17

    Of the letters missing; some are are recent; some are early….

  6. brublejr

    A – Aurilla ?

    I really can’t think of any other A

  7. brublejr

    W – Todd Walker? That would be pretty sad though…

  8. brublejr

    Oh, I forgot about Taubensee. He has a chance at it…

  9. Steve Price

    Rich Aurilia is the answer to A with 37 homers. Bobby Adams is second with 36. Adams had more triples (41) than homers, and he played in the 40’s and 50’s.

    Eddie Taubensee is the answer to T with 77 homers. Bobby Tolan is second with 54.

    Todd Walker had 16 homers as a Red, placing him right behind Ivey Wingo.

    I and W remain open…these will be tougher.

    There’s only been one “I” player to homer as a Red….

    There’s been all sorts of “W” players, but not many with a lot of power (the Major League leader list is filled with guys named Williams…). One hint on the W….he has more twice as many triples than homers and is one of the Reds underrated and unknown players…he played during a pitching age, played 7 extremely consistent seasons with the Reds, and his OPS+ ranged from 101 to 124 each year…

    And, no, it’s not “Mysterious Walker,” who went 0-1 in 1910….

  10. Jeff

    Hmm. I was going to guess Herm Winningham, but he didn’t play 7 seasons with the Reds.

  11. Chad Dotson

    These lists are yet another reason why baseball is great. I don’t think fans of other sports waste time discussing stuff like this. With baseball, it’s fun for some reason.

  12. Chad Dotson

    Jeff: Hmm. I was going to guess Herm Winningham, but he didn’t play 7 seasons with the Reds.

    Herm Winningham references are always encouraged, though.

  13. brublejr

    I don’t think anybody can get those last two without looking it up…I got frustrated and looked it up, and had no idea who they were.

  14. th4433

    Here You Go

    A-Rich Aurillia
    B-Johnny Bench
    C-Sean Casey
    D-Adam Dunn
    E-Nick Esasky
    F-George Foster
    G-Ken Griffey Jr
    H-Grady Hatton
    I-Charlie Irwin
    J-Deron Johnson
    K-Ted Kluszewski
    L-Barry Larkin
    M-Joe Morgan
    N-Jon Nunnally
    O-Paul O’Neill
    P-Tony Perez
    Q-Luis Quinones
    R-Frank Robinson
    S-Reggie Sanders
    T-Eddie Taubensee
    U-Bob Usher
    V-Joey Votto
    W-Curt Walker
    Y-Dmitri Young
    Z-Billy Zitzman

  15. Steve Price

    Yes, Charlie Irwin is I with 6. There is no other I.

    Curt Walker is W with 43. Johnny Wyrostek was second for W with 37.

  16. Jeff

    Chad Dotson:
    Herm Winningham references are always encouraged, though.

    He is one of my favorite Reds, if only for his name. They may lack big name players, but the Reds have had some well-named players over the years. You could compose a pretty good 25-man roster of Herms and Milts and Rubes.

  17. brublejr

    What’s going to be the next category? 😀

  18. th4433

    How about Strikeouts, Stolen bases, Hits, ERA, or fielding percentage.

  19. wanderinredsfan

    So the most likely answer to all future lists for the letter I is Irwin, letter Q is Quinones, and the letter Z is Zitzman. Remember this folks.

  20. Steve Price

    brublejr: What’s going to be the next category?

    th4433: How about Strikeouts, Stolen bases, Hits, ERA, or fielding percentage.

    Should we keep these going? I was afraid I was going to the well too often already…I think they’re fun, if there’s interest.

    What may be cool is that the other categories may be a more challenging…we all kind of new who hit the most homers and had the most wins…

  21. JasonL

    @Steve Price: I think this might be a nice weekly feature for the off season. Especially early on when there isn’t much going on at all.

  22. mike

    th4433: How about Strikeouts, Stolen bases, Hits, ERA, or fielding percentage.

    this made me laugh. Can you even imagine how few people know Fielding Percentages?
    SB is somewhat cool. For example who are the SB leaders for the Reds at 1B and C?

    Hits is only interesting because we (the Reds) have the psychotic Pete Rose.

    wow…I was surprised when I saw the answers to my own questions

    the Reds SB leaders at 1B is John Reilly but by a HUGE margin. He had 245 SB!!!! Wow. Driessen is second

    the Reds SB leader at C is so close it’s not funny

    hmm…what about pitcher SB? Ha ha….a hint. The Reds leader in SB by a pitcher is basically the largest gap you can imagine. As in, the leader in SB by a Reds pitcher has as many SB as all other Reds pitchers combined!!

    by the way the active leaders for Reds SB by a pitcher is tied at 1. Belisle, E Ramirez and Arroyo each have 1