Okay in keeping with the latest game, let’s guess the most major league career home run leaders by the alphabet.

This isn’t just the Reds; we’re looking for major league career leaders. All will come from the 20th Century since homers were rare before 1900. Once again, there is no X, since no one has played in the major leagues whose last name began with an X. So, we are looking for 25 guys. Some will be easy, some not so easy. Frankly, I’d say there are many surprises.

Good luck!! I’ll be away from the computer this evening until late; .my oldest son (if 10 is old) has a double header in his 11-12 year old competitive league tonight (yes, I’m bragging a bit), so lots of discussion could take place before the numbers are tabulated, and I think that’s great.

Please try not to look them up before tomorrow.