Bill posted something yesterday about the never-ending talk of a salary cap for MLB, and there was a good discussion about it.

Well, on that topic, Red Reporter hits the nail on the head:

I have a BIG problem with this crap. Since I’m a “saber-dork”, I’ll throw a few numbers at you: $46 mil, $6.25 mil, $3 mil, $4 mil, $14 mil, $10.5 mil, Mike Stanton. These are the contracts, in total dollar amounts (from Cot’s), that the Reds have handed out over the past few years to Francisco Cordero, Willy Taveras, Corey Patterson, Mike Lincoln, Alex Gonzalez, Dusty Baker, and Mike Stanton. That is $83.75 million (plus Mike Stanton), enough to pay for this year’s team and then some (this year’s payroll is around $73 mil).

These people have either done very little to help the team win or have directly caused the team to lose. This is money being wasted by a front office that hasnt done a very good job evaluating talent. And this is just a few free agents I cherry-picked to make a point. I could go on and on.

It infuriates me that this team (and it’s defenders) have continually picked bad players to run onto the field, watched these players fail, and then blamed that failure on a broken system that doesnt provide them enough money.

Indeed. Go over there and read the rest.