Rob Neyer of has written and/or referenced articles about two recent Reds stars, Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey, Jr.

Concerning Dunn, Neyer refers to another blog, “Beyond the Boxscore,” where Dunn’s offense and defense is analyzed and his seemingly obvious destination. One point discussed is that when Dunn first arrived to the majors many marveled at his athleticism.

As for Griffey, his destination is also discussed, with much question, but with due respect. Neyer refers us to John McGrath of “The News Tribune.” Interesting reads, both.

3 Responses

  1. brublejr

    Up until the last two years was Dunn’s defense acceptable enough, but the last two years have been beyond awful. I am a big time Dunn fan, still to this day, and he definitely makes an offense better with his presence. I would have liked him to be in the Reds lineup this year, but I understand why they got rid of him. In their minds (probably rightfully so) he had overpriced himself beyond what they were willing to spend on his type of skill set. The management team decided that defense was going to factor in on how they perceive their value, which puts Dunn under 10 mil a year (And I don’t think he would have settled for that with the Reds anyways, he would have wanted more).

    As far as Griffey, he is an outstanding person, was an outstanding player, and he ship has sailed. The thing about if he wants a part time roll, that would be about the roll he can contribute anymore. He is not a starter, and I am not sure in his mind he would be able to be a bench player. I wish Griffey well, but I hate to see him hang on for too long.

  2. earl

    Adam Dunn would definitely have some value for the right AL club. Thing is the most obvious choices are kind of tied to their DH right now, as the Angels have Vlad and the Red Sox have Ortiz.

    Oddly enough, the Jays are one of the clubs that could use a big bat, as they don’t have one and Dunn is affordable by their standards. I always figured the Rangers would go after Dunn him being a Texas guy.
    With Thome moved on, the White Sox could also use a guy like Dunn.

    With Dunn only signed through next year, I’d figure the Nationals would listen to offers.

    I don’t think Dunn was planning on re-signing with the Reds anyway although I think he was surprised that the big payday didn’t happen. The Reds got something for him, albeit maybe not as much as hoped but better than nothing. Owings is tied up for another 3 seasons, so he could pay off to be a bit more. Masset was definitely a nice pickup for little given away.

  3. Steve Price

    I love stats as much, if not more, than almost anyone who may be reading this…however, I find it humanly impossible that Adam Dunn has allowed 35 more runs to score on defense than average. I don’t find it credible, and is the kind of thing that I see that makes me question defensive stats.

    Outside of home runs, it takes a chain reaction in baseball for runs to score…that’s more or less saying a chain reaction coming from one fielding play allows a run to score every four games. Typically, a single would require two more offensive successes, outside of a home run. Since batting averages are around .260 for the leagues, that just seems really, really unlikely.

    May be it’s true…defensive stats are a work in process, but there’s nine guys on defense, and the pitcher still has the most impact of the play….