Let’s take a short stroll around the internets….

–Joey Votto has been named NL Player of the Week.

Reds first baseman Joey Votto’s hot stretch, during which he hit .560 to lead the league, has earned him honors as the National League player of the week.

Votto went 14-for-25 for streaking Cincinnati, with 10 of the hits doubles. That put him in position to also lead the NL with a slugging percentage of 1.080.

The 10 doubles came in the five-game span, Tuesday-through-Saturday, a concentrated display not seen in 77 years. Hall of Fame outfielder Paul Waner did it for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1932.

I, for one, am very happy to see Votto finishing the season on a positive note.

–Remember yesterday, when Dusty Baker said this: ‘“I look at runs more than average,” Baker said. “The Astros are hitting higher than us. But we’ve outscored them.”’

It doesn’t take much prodding to send JinAZ into action, as he promptly compared the Reds offense to that of the ‘Stros. Interesting read, and I think we will all agree with his conclusion:

The Reds offense this year has been lousy. We all know that, of course. But if you just look at actual run scored totals, you won’t quite grasp how much of a problem it has been.

–I think our collective mental health would improve if we just ignored everything that comes out of Dusty’s mouth.