Dusty Baker can’t think of any reasons whatsoever that the Reds shouldn’t bring back hitting coach Brook Jacoby and pitching coach Dick Pole in 2009:

“Why not?” he said. “We’ve operated almost the entire year without the team that we expected to have.”

Most susceptible when a team struggles are pitching and hitting coach. In the Reds’ case, that’s pitching coach Dick Pole and hitting Brook Jacoby.

In Pole’s case, the Reds are seventh in the National League in ERA at 4.20. They finished 13th last year at 4.55.

In Jacoby’s case, the Reds are 15th in the NL in batting average at .247. That’s the same average as last year.

“I look at runs more than average,” Baker said. “The Astros are hitting higher than us. But we’ve outscored them.”

The Reds are 11th in runs. They were 12th last year.

Later in the article, Dusty said that losing Willy Taveras to an injury for a while was one of the reasons the Reds have had trouble scoring. One presumes he kept a straight face while saying that.

So, ten straight losing seasons, anyone? Anyone?