You know, if the Reds lose tonight in Pittsburgh, they will clinch their ninth straight losing season. Fortunately, the Reds are not going to lose tonight!

In the meantime, some news and notes from around the internets….

–JinAZ has a great look at the Reds’ defense in 2009, and how much improved it has been. It’s really a stark contrast to the defensive play of recent years.

Unfortunately, there’s this:

So, their 10-win improvement in fielding is countered by a 14-win decline in hitting. ::sigh::

Sigh, indeed.

–Somewhat different angle, but C. Trent has explored the improved defense as well. I can’t imagine many Reds fans being happy with C. Trent using the term “Steel Curtain” to describe the defense, especially since the Bengals are tangling with the Steelers this weekend. 🙂

It only took 19 years!

–The Reds are increasing their presence in Arizona in anticipation of next spring. I’m still pretty disappointed that the Reds won’t be in Sarasota this spring, but there’s no question that the new spring facilities are going to be magnificent.

–Mark Sheldon answers the question we’ve been discussing here: Stubbs or Dickerson (or Taveras) in center?