John Fay had a very interesting conversation with Walt Jocketty; here’s the relevant portion:

Asked if Stubbs is the center fielder for 2010, Jocketty said:

“I think based on what we’ve seen,” Jocketty said, “we have to give him that opportunity. We’ll see how he finishes up this year and what happens over the winter. But he’s given us a strong indication that he might be able to do that. He’s had a long test.”

If that’s the case, Willy Taveras becomes a very expensive ($4 million) extra outfielder.

This shouldn’t be as difficult as it is going to be, I can tell you that.

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  1. YourMother

    My vote is for Corey Patterson 😉

  2. RedinFla

    Good summary of the whole CF situation. Stubbs and Dickerson have obviously worked hard to make themselves valuable to the team. We can only hope (wish?) the leadership has the wisdom to see that as clearly as we do.

  3. doktor

    i am all for a Stubbs/Dickerson CF split of some sort(60/40) with CD learning to handle the corner spots better so he can slide over to those spots as needed for D. It will be interesting to see if Reds dump WT, which I doubt they do, and figure out some platoon in LF, (repeat Gomes/Nix??) along with Bruce in RF. That puts them at 5 OF without WT, but again doubt that happens given current organization practices.

  4. Drew Nelson

    We attended last night game, on the way home we were listening to WLW and former Red aid to Bowden Doc Rodgers. He said the Reds need to do the following:

    1. Trade Coco as you can’t pay someone like that the kind of monies he is due.

    2. Trade Willy T as he is not worth his monies. HOWEVER, in order to get Willy traded you have to spice up the offer and he said the Reds need to include Jay Bruce and Drew Stubbs in the deal. According to “Doc” Jay has shown he just isn’t major league material and Drew is at the peak of his appeal meter to other teams.

    I almost drove off the Road. It’s no wonder this team was horribly run during Bowden’s tenure, with views like that. Yes dump Willy, eat the contract if you have to, but you don’t give away young talent and to say Bruce is not ML talent after such a short sampling is just stupid.

  5. JerBear

    Doc Rogers really doesn’t like Jay Bruce for some reason. Seems like he is a Homer Bailey fan though if I remember correctly. I don’t know if Bruce will ever be a grerat player, but the Reds would be silly to trade him.

    I agree with Tom Diesman though…this team has all kinds of “Maybe” options in left field….Gomes, Balentin, Heisey, Nix (don’t think he’s going to be considered)…but it just all lends to more uncertainty.

    And having Stubbs as the starting center fielder worries me too. Why not Chris Dickerson? If Dickerson is healthy, he seems to be the best option in Center. I just fear with Stubbs that you are going to have a little better version of Taveras. A speedy guy with a little more power, who doesn’t get on base enough.

    Stubbs has a .315 OBP, and I honestly think he is doing a little better then expected at the plate. Stubbs is going to be our lead off hitter? And Janish with his .300 OBP is gonna hit second? Please tell me this isn’t gonna happen.

    I actually like Janish, and think Stubbs can be serviceable. If those 2 are batting 7th and 8th in your lineup then it’s not a huge problem. It’s not really a criticism of those 2 players.

    But on a team offensively challenged you can’t have too many guys who aren’t good hitters and just very good defensively.

    I worry about giving Gomes the job too. He’s been solid, but he’s only hit .260 and strikes out a ton. It’s just not a well built or thought out offense right now.

    Balentin…unproven. Playing well when the games don’t matter. I don’t know. I’m just very skeptical about all these outfielders and whether there is a legit guy among them that could play 130 games and hit 20-30 HRs and drive in 85-100 runs like they need.

  6. Matt McWax

    McDonald really doesn’t have a chance to make it in ’10 but his bad stint in April/early May seems to be multiplied in everybody’s minds. Dickerson had a subpar April, though not as bad and he worked his way out of it. Stubbs, may have struggled similarly had he been brought up in April. McDonald at least performed consistently at AAA and came back up and has ops’d about .875 and has played better defense.

    He will be reassigned and dropped off the 40-man in the offseason so it’s not a real issue other than that he doesn’t deserve to be beat up on as much as he has. I think Heisey will be a real factor and you might as well throw Danny Dorn into the mix if Nix isn’t retained.

  7. Glenn

    My guess is that if the Reds are serious about trading WT they are going to have to send at least half his salary with him. There’s no way any GM not using crack would take on $4mil with the production, or lack there of, that he had this year.

  8. Th4433

    The Starting Outfield
    CF- Drew Stubbs
    LF- Jonny Gomes
    RF- Jay Bruce
    Backups- Chris Dickerson, Daniel Dorn, Chris Heisey
    Let Go of Taveras, Nix, Balentin
    But it will most likely be
    CF- Willy Taveras
    LF- Chris Dickerson
    RF- Jay Bruce
    Backups- Wladimir Balentin, Drew Stubbs, Jonny Gomes, Laynce Nix

  9. Behind in the Count

    The thing that kills my soul is that the REDS stick themselves with players like Taveras who they feel like they have to play because of his pay. Release him outright and watch the others teams let him slide because they already know he’s not good enough to be an everyday player in the majors.

    It amazes me that we develop a fixation on players who are terrible. Someone needs to give this organization a good sniff of smelling salts.

  10. Behind in the Count

    Glenn: My guess is that if the Reds are serious about trading WT they are going to have to send at least half his salary with him. There’s no way any GM not using crack would take on $4mil with the production, or lack there of, that he had this year.

    How can you trade a player that no one else wants on their roster?

  11. RC

    But if we had $XXXXXXXX to spend, it seems to me like a big bat in LF would cost somewhat less than a #1/2 starter in today’s market. Do I have that wrong?

    Plus, our ballpark might be attractive to a hitter, while being a big red flag to a top-line pitcher…

  12. th4433

    @mike: Hanigan may not have the pop that alot of catchers do but if he could play a full season 10 HR and 40-50RBI and a .270 avg with his OBP is not out of the question