I have nothing for you this morning. Well, there’s a good story here about what a great guy Aaron Harang is, but other than that…nothing.

What do you want to talk about today?

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  1. Deaner

    Yeah great guy! They were talking about this on the FSO broadcast last night. Thanks for the link!

  2. GregD

    I completely missed the reds.com announcement of Asst GM Bob Miller’s chat that happened yesterday. I know a lot of times that his answers are general, vague, or non-specific, but I appreciate that he actually takes the time and effort to host a chat and answer some questions from the fans.

    Obviously there are some things I can’t talk about nor can I talk about other teams’ players. I also won’t badmouth anyone, which many of the questions I don’t answer seem to want me to do.

    I did have some procedural questions I wanted to throw his way, but looks like I missed out.

    A couple of noteworthy q&a’s:

    josh_frost: How is the team preparing differently this year with Spring Training in Goodyear, Ari., instead of Florida?

    Miller: A) We’ll actually be able to use all of the fields because they will be Major League quality. B) Our players will eat better and more nutritiously since we have a commercial kitchen on site. C) Our Minor Leaguers won’t have to wait hours and hours to use the weight room since it is now big enough for everyone D) etc. etc. The Goodyear facility is state-of-the-art from top to bottom. Just our rehab capabilities now have increased tenfold.

    Comment: Sounds good. D) Unfortunately, facility upgrades won’t improve diagnosis/treatment decisions.

    punksroo: Which Minor League prospects are we likely to see this Spring?

    Miller: Travis Wood, Del Rosario, Ondrusek, Yonder Alonso, Todd Frazier, Zack Cozart, Chris Valaika, Chris Heisey, etc.

    Comment: I believe outside of Wood, those players are all required to be on the 40-man next year, but still nice to see a short-hand list of guys who will be getting some playing time in spring training next year.

  3. Andy

    Thanks for the link Greg.

    Non-Reds related, but I know I will have the support of tOSU fans. I am leaving the office early next week to drive up to Michigan to see my Hoosiers shock the Big House!

  4. Sultan of Swaff

    What a massive waste of time it was to have Harang in the booth for 3 innings last night only the suffer thru one softball question after another from Grande and Welsh. Harang deserves a lot of the blame too–he never expounded on anything beyond just the facts. Still, you could’ve asked him:
    How did your body hold up this year after losing all that weight in the offseason?
    How do you pitch to Hanley and why?
    How does the lack of run support affect you mentally?
    Just sayin’……

  5. Matt WI

    @Andy: Andy… you remember that they are playing FOOTBALL up there right? It’s not an outdoor basketball game 😀

  6. RedinFla

    @Sultan of Swaff:

    A little small talk is OK — but three innings? I’d love to hear some semi-serious baseball talk from Harang’s perspective.
    Maybe the talking heads will read the Nation and invite him back! 😉

  7. preach

    “What do you want to talk about today?”

    why don’t you talk about the Cubs, Chad? You know you want to.

  8. RC

    OK. Here’s what I want to talk about:

    Why? Why, oh why, in the name of all that is good and fun and life-affirming and borderline mystical about baseball…

    … why in the heck do you hit Jay Bruce 7th? In what parallel universe does that make any kind of sense?

    You take one of your best power bats – a guy whose biggest issue is pitch selection – and put him in a spot here no pitcher in his right mind is going to throw him anything but garbage… it’s almost like they WANT him to fail.

    Nertz to that.

  9. GRF

    RC, if you can still ask those type of questions it means Dusty has not beaten all hope out of you yet. Good for you.

    If you are taking requests, I loved that comprehensive look at the outfield situation for next year that was posted awhile back. How about something similar on the SS situation? Whether they bring back Gonzo (have to ask with this group), can Janish hit enough, other internal options, free agent and trade possibilities, that sort of thing?

  10. Andy

    Matt WI: @Andy: Andy… you remember that they are playing FOOTBALL up there right? It’s not an outdoor basketball game

    Between the basketball and football teams winning a combined 9 games last year, I need to be ignorantly optimistic, kinda like me following the Reds!

  11. Steve

    While we’re on college football – please recall that I recommended taking the points and Michigan over Notre Dame last week. It was a great game to watch in person. The Big House was rockin’.

  12. mike

    a few things I’d like to talk about.

    From BP today they covered some NL teams best players in the minors this season. They had this to say about the Reds

    A second-round pick in 2005 who had all but fallen off the radar after a pair of mediocre seasons (at best), Travis Wood is a short, stocky lefty whose best pitch is a changeup, but he was one of the best pitchers in the minors this year, compiling a 1.77 ERA in 27 starts between Double- and Triple-A.
    Runner-up: As a 17th-round pick, outfielder Chris Heisey has gotten little attention despite performing at every level, but everyone is starting to pay attention after another big year at the plate, as he delivered a .314/.379/.521 line split between Cincy’s two upper-level affiliates.

    why why why is McDonald playing so much and Bruce is not
    why why why are there players like McDonald on the roster and Heisey wasn’t called up?

  13. Dave

    Aaron Harang needs to become aggressive on the inside half of the plate. He might than earn that big contract. Dusty needs to be playing or ordered to play Francisco in left the rest of the way. He is instant offense and needs this experience……..

  14. The Godfather

    not surprised by harang’s generosity. he seems like the type of guy from what I’ve read about him that would do just about anything for those in need of something, whether it is as simple as this or any other gesture toward people in the community.