Wow, only fifteen games remaining in this season. What will we do without the Reds?

Well, our mental health might improve, I guess. On the other hand, no matter how bad the Reds have been, or how bad I expect them to be in the upcoming season, the winter is always hard for me. I like having a Reds game on the television or radio.

So…though I’m really looking forward to a break from watching this particular group of Reds (the 2009 Reds have been exhausting), I’m not excited about waiting months to see the next Reds team.

Okay, in the meantime, we can watch Homer Bailey. Discuss his start tonight here.

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  1. Brad

    I’m ready to move on to some Blue Jackets.

  2. Drew Nelson

    I am lucky to have the Colts here in Indy so it makes the winter livable, but overall the winter bites. Unlike many here I am feeling if we can stay healthy we can contend next season. No team in the division is THAT much better to us and some have “heavy” burdens facing them this off season.

  3. Mike Martz

    I guess I’ll have the Minnesota Vikings to get me through the off season.
    Looks like they might actually be exciting this season.

    I’d rather be listening to a baseball game every night though, they should play football every day!

  4. RedinFla

    Game’s blacked out for me on MLB.TV (in FL)…

    So I can’t watch Homer (Prince Caspian) get another “W” 😐

  5. RedinFla

    John Fay talking about catchers with the radio dudes, now about CF

  6. Chad Dotson

    He says that he doesn’t expect Willy “Traveras” to play much when he returns.

    Yeah, right. He underestimates Dusty.

  7. RC

    As a Bengals fan, right now watching the Reds ain’t such a bad deal. I imagine my blood pressure is much more reasonable than it was last Sunday.

    Ooh, “get ’em on, get ’em over, get ’em in”… that’s a shot, right?

  8. RedinFla

    Chad Dotson: He says that he doesn’t expect Willy “Traveras” to play much when he returns. Yeah, right. He underestimates Dusty.

    Fay seems a bit Spanishly challenged – but I hope he’s right about Traveras 😆

  9. RedinFla

    Kurt Frost: SS….must….bat….second

    What’s that -lineup…by…robot…?

  10. mike

    RedinFla: What’s that -lineup…by…robot…?

    nope because lineup by robot would do a better job.
    Hanigan would be in the game, Bruce would be in the game (depending on if you told the robot to play youth or not), our veteran leader would probably not be in the game, etc etc

    Bruce has the Reds 5th highest OPS on the Reds this season vs right handers
    a robot would know this and the program would know what to do.

  11. mike

    oh and here we go….Bailey over 100 pitches after 6. Is he coming back out?

  12. RedinFla

    What did we tell the robot to do in this situation?

  13. mike

    RedinFla: What did we tell the robot to do in this situation?

    in which situation? today’s batting order? play youth the rest of the season? or sending Bailey back out for another inning?

  14. RC

    …put in Taveras…Taveras not available…put in Taveras…Taveras not available…put in Gonzales…Gonzales not available…

    ………divide by zero error…system shutting down…closing pod bay doors…

  15. Kyle

    Unbelievable outing from Homer. Rivals the Dodgers outing from a few weeks ago (maybe one small step below it because of the Dodgers offense). Homer has been a huge positive down the stretch.

  16. wanderinredsfan

    Great, great, great outing by Homer! And I’m not sure he had his best stuff tonight, at least velocity-wise. He still didn’t throw many curves or change-ups, but the difference in velocity was dramatic. Not sure if he threw any sliders tonight, though. I would love to see him mix in some more breaking-balls, but if he can keep mixing up the velocity, then I’m not sure many hitters will be able to sit on his fastball. Best fastball of all Reds, even better than pre-injury Volquez.

  17. CarolinaReds

    Homer pitched really good…masterfully! Masset in again, hope his arm is still good next year.

    BTW, where is YcityJim? I was looking forward to his mug shot

  18. RC

    Ah… Jay Bruce. The classic late-inning defensive replacement. Well played, Sherlock.

    Apparently shoulda come in for Balentien. I’m gonna go have a little lie down now.

  19. Steve Price

    pitiful, pitiful

    It must have been Homer’s fault

  20. RedinFla

    Dang. Coco killed it. Burton in the bullpen is a scary thought…

  21. broadwaydave

    couldn’t catch the first part of the game tonight. was it absolutely necessary for homer to throw 117 pitches?

  22. Steve Price

    Balentien’s error should have been scored a hit, too.

  23. CarolinaReds

    Yep, more Dusty bafoonage…nothing like burning up arms in a meaningless season just to lose any how. Wonder if it occurred to Dusty that pitching 5-6 days in a row might reduce a pitchers velocity? Guess not, it’s just me 🙄

  24. Steve Price

    It’s a good thing Cordero’s managing his workload

  25. CarolinaReds

    Now Dusty comes out…doesn’t matter if runs are earned or not, you don’t burn arms like this. What a fool what a fool

    Hey, only one more season with ole Dumpsty Baker but then the young crop of talent may be too expensive (sigh) 😳

  26. Steve Price

    Money in the bank…must mean coming into the game with no one on base for clean innings.

  27. RedinFla

    The runs may be officially unearned, but… 😡

  28. CarolinaReds

    That is one dumbass manager, that’s for sure…what an idiot

  29. broadwaydave

    oh i hate dusty baker with all my heart.

  30. Steve Price

    I keep hoping I’m wrong, but he proves me right over and over

  31. CarolinaReds

    Wonder if Cordero will make it the rest of the season without an injury?

    Why in the fajdl did he not just bring in Herrera or someone? A complete bum fool

  32. CarolinaReds

    You know, I can take the loss because the season has been over since June but what I can’t stand is burning a $46 million arm in a worthless game that you end up losing anyhow. 😡

  33. Steve Price

    There’s no reason to groom another closer…after all, we’ve got Coco signed through next year.

    And, it may make Coco angry…

  34. BigRedMike

    Burton is like pouring more gas on the fire.

  35. Steve Price

    Hey, look, NOW we get someone else warming up…

    we should have had a parade of relievers warming

  36. BigRedMike

    Dusty has put Cordero in 5 straight games?? Why?

  37. Steve Price

    there should be a lefty and a righty warming right now

  38. RC

    I can’t even get a good head of outrage going anymore. I still watch, but I have only the tiniest bit of emotional investment going.

    And the sad thing is, I’m pretty sure that, given that our 2010 manager will be our 2009 manager, it’s going to be a struggle to get back into it next spring.

  39. Steve Price

    Because Coco is the closer.

    the shortstop bats second

    the centerfielder bats first

    the starting pitchers pitches 95-100 pitches before warming a reliever.

    we never warm another reliever until this one’s been hit

  40. CarolinaReds

    Steve Price: Because Coco is the closer.the shortstop bats secondthe centerfielder bats firstthe starting pitchers pitches 95-100 pitches before warming a reliever.we never warm another reliever until this one’s been hit

    and that is how baseball was back in my day!

  41. CarolinaReds

    Hey hey Juan with his 1st HR! That was crushed!

  42. Steve Price

    When I grew up with Sparky…the bullpen was always busy…

  43. Steve Price

    Juan Francisco hit that a long way

  44. CarolinaReds

    and lefties always hit righties better…even if they are career minor leaguers

  45. CarolinaReds

    Sparky was just clogging the pen…no reason for that.

  46. mike

    Steve Price: When I grew up with Sparky…the bullpen was always busy…

    because Sparky did what ever it took to win
    Dusty plays by his odd list of rules no matter what (you listed some of his rules a couple posts ago). Doesn’t matter if the team wins or loses gotta play by those rules.

    What is always mentioned is something like “Sparky had an early hook”
    what is rarely mentioned is that it worked

  47. Shane

    The Reds announcers need to stop making excuses for Bruce

  48. CarolinaReds

    Nothing like thinking ahead Dumpy… 👿 😈 🙄 😳 😡 😕 🙁

  49. CarolinaReds

    Anyone seen the Buffalo Wildwings commercial? It’ll remind you of Dusty 😆

  50. mike

    probably not the best place to post this (in a game thread) but one of my favorite Reds that I never got to see play died.

    Lonny Frey died today.

    He was a favorite from the reading I’ve done about Reds history and his numbers are great. I consider him the Reds 3rd best 2B of all-time behind only Morgan and McPhee.

    He played 14 seasons mostly as a 2B but did play a good bit at SS. He played 7 of those 14 with the Reds. Not only did he have a 104 OPS+ as a Reds 2B he had more BB than SO. He played in the 1939 and 40 Reds World Series

    He was 99

  51. Matt B.

    Someone needs to punch Baker where it hurts most. 117 pitches for Homer. Sheesh.

  52. Steve Price

    Frey was outstanding; only recently have I begun to realize how much he contributed.

    Two other top Reds second basemen: Hughie Critz in the 1920’s and Miller Huggins in the early 1900’s. Critz’s offensive numbers were not good, but he was apparently outstanding on defense, and that was important due the Reds’ ballpark (Redland Field) at the time. It was death to offense, and it took excellent defense to win.

  53. Steve

    Having Cordero and Masset pitch for the fifth day in a row, on the 18th of September in a meaningless game has got to be among the dumbest moves Baker has made all year – and as we all know, that’s really saying something.

    It’s not like the Reds have no other pitchers – the rosters are expanded. But Baker is playing it like we’re tied for qualifying the playoffs.

    And, while I’m at it. Those here who are paying attention know that I was one of the few that supported the Rolen trade. I still do. He makes the Reds better, and I’m glad we have him.

    BUT WHY DOES ROLEN PLAY EVERY DAY? With his injury record, are we really going to play him every single day in September? We’re not going to take a look at any other possible 3B?

    I swear – while the Reds really do have a few good things going on now – they just seem so incompetent at managing most of the roster and lineup.

    I just can’t wait until Baker can play Taveras again.

  54. Steve Price


    Gotta throw in, too, that Bruce is now a late inning defensive replacement…

    Baker did say that Francisco was starting tomorrow. He threw in that was already planned.

    He also said he had Miller catch Bailey so that a veteran catcher would walk him through the game.

    Now…read through that comment…

  55. pinson343

    Mike, Thanks for informing us about Frey. He was a key guy on those 2 world championship teams.

  56. mike

    The Reds were a great team from 1938-44 and Frey was one of the main reasons.
    During that time, not only did he play great defense at 2B but here are the Runs Created Above Position average during that time.

    1 Frank McCormick 121
    2 Ival Goodman 76
    3 Lonny Frey 52
    4 Ernie Lombardi 45
    5 Eric Tipton 40
    6 Wally Berger 26
    T7 Ray Mueller 21
    T7 Bill Werber 21
    T9 Johnny Rizzo 5
    T9 Jimmy Ripple 5

    McCormick was a monster…sort of a olden day Votto. Sure there was Johnny Mize, Jimmie Fox, and Camilli but McCormick was right behind them….

    But Frey wasn’t far behind anybody during that time. Joe Gordon a 2B for the Yankee’s was probably the only 2B significantly better than Frey during that time.

    From 1938-44 Frey made the all-star team 3 times and was named on MVP ballots 3 times.

    Is this true? In 1939 Bucky Walters won the MVP as a Red? I didn’t know that.
    I noticed this looking at the 39 MVP ballot and seeing the Reds on it.

    Walters finished 1st
    Paul Derringer finished 3rd in the voting
    McCormick finished 4th
    of the top 7 vote-getters they were all either Reds or Cardinals
    Billy Myers was 14th
    Frey was 19th
    Billy Werber was 22nd
    and Goodman was 25th