Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Houston 5
Cincinnati 6
WP: Burton (1-0)
LP: Wright (3-3)
S: Cordero (37)

I don’t have the energy for a full recap tonight, but…SWEEP! Always fun to sweep the Astros.

New sombrero picture tonight, but if Drew Stubbs keeps hitting homers, someone is going to have to create a Lame Photoshop Sombrero Pic (TM) for him, as well. Oh yeah, and we’ll throw up the Gomes sombrero too, in honor of his 20th home run.



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  1. pinson343

    Good games tonite by Stubbs and Balentien. I like it that Stubbs is not afraid to run, his SB pct. will rise with experience.

    After video review: On Stubbs’ RBI single, Balentien got a great jump and made a great slide. And he can run. But is he another tools guy who can’t hit (or lay off) a breaking ball ?

    Kudos to the bullpen, they’ve won/saved a lot more games than they’ve lost this year. I would say “Maybe Burton’s regained form” but every time one of us says that, he screws up on his next outing.
    (Oops I said it.)

  2. pinson343

    Questions for Dusty:

    Is Hanigan now a late inning defensive replacement (i.e. 3rd string) catcher ?

    Is Bruce now a part time player ? He’s not going to regain his swing that way.

  3. doktor

    good to see Votto back over .300. Like for him to keep it there. Relay of Stubbs to Janish to nail Pence at 3rd was awesome. I figured Pence was going for a triple right awsy. But Stubbs throw to Janish seemed almost effortless and was perfect to the cutoff and janish showed off his arm to get Pence by 10 feet, Rolen just catching and waiting to tag. Saved the reds/lehr a run when next guy homers.

    Stubbs 7th HR, wow, way to keep those bases unclogged. What a night for him, homer, stolen base, great OF assist. Dare I say a mini-Grady Sizemore in the making. 🙂 yes, i know he still needs some work but I can hope a little bit for next year. LOL.

  4. RedinFla


    See, someone besides me is brave (or crazy, or pathetic) enough to see some positive signs for next year. We’re Drew Stubbs fans at our house, so I’m really enjoying the big hits and the way he’s patrolling CF — hope he stays on this track for many years to come.

  5. pinson343

    In fairness to Dusty, if one of the following is NOT in the lineup, some of us will complain: Gomes, Stubbs, Bruce, Balentien. I was among those complaining of Balentien’s absence for several games, when it turned out he had a finger (I think) injury.

    The main thing is that McD and above all Taveras should have limited roles from here. Other than pinch run, I don’t see how Taveras can contribute.

  6. Kurt Frost

    What’s the over/under on how many games Taveras starts and leads off the rest of the year?

  7. Sultan of Swaff

    I’ll say 5 games.
    Stubbs sure seems like a Mike Cameron type to me, which aint nothing to sneeze at. If that’s the case, bat him 7th and pencil him in for the next 5+ years. We still need a leadoff hitter. That slots Dickerson and Balentein into backup OF positions where they belong, keeps the pressure on Gomes and Bruce to perform, and leaves enough wiggle room for Francisco to inject himself into the conversation. This might be the one time where you do want quantity over quality.

    Brantley made a fool of himself *again* last night, attributing the wild pitch that led to the winning run to Rolen’s veteran leadership. This is getting out of hand. Along w/ the newfound knowledge that Thom B. has never see the Sandlot, these two might be the most clueless, culturally retarded announcers in baseball.

    Miller and Tatum have no business wearing major league uniforms, even as backups. I want Hernandez on a $1mil/1 year deal or a free agent.

  8. Sultan of Swaff

    I don’t even want to know the Reds record since Taveras went down and Gonzo got traded. It’s gotta be pretty good.

  9. Drew Nelson

    What Brantley was refering to was the “hustle” shown by Phillips going from 1st to third on that wild pitch, not the pitch itself. Also didn’t Bruce start our real hot? My guess is that Stubbs will cool off but I still like an OF of Bruce/Stubbs and a combo in LF. Also the reason Dusty may not be playing Bruce full time is his wrist may not be 100%, and given the season is over and he is going to winter ball, why push it?

  10. jason1972

    Bruce has prodigious power potential and plays great defense. I hope he can get it turned around.

  11. doktor

    jason1972: Bruce has prodigious power potential and plays great defense. I hope he can get it turned around.

    I agree, even if he is not Larry Walker re-incarnated as alluded to, he still can be a very positive force at the plate and in the field. I would think the Reds need him to play and get some positive playing time the rest of the season as momentum for 2010.

  12. preach

    By the way, Gonzo had the game winning hit for the BoSox last night and is hitting .300 since he left.

    Of course he is at the bottom of the lineup. Construction, construction…

  13. preach

    And isn’t it nice to be back to three catchers? What a relief….

  14. Glenn

    I was wondering the same thing as Pinson. Why isn’t Hannigan starting?

  15. preach

    I would love to see Marty in a sombrero. I hope someone does that before the end of the season. Just be careful not to mess up his hair.

  16. Glenn

    Yeah! Marty in the sombrero would be a keeper!