Time for a recap of today’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 7
Chicago (NL) 5
WP: Rhodes (1-1)
LP: Marmol (2-3)
S: Cordero (34)

–Drew Sutton hit a pinch-hit, two-run, two-out double in the ninth inning for the winning margin. It was the only extra base hit for the Reds today.

–Brandon Phillips and Darnell McDonald had two hits each.

–Johnny Cueto was great until the sixth inning.

–CoCo bounced back from recent troubles to post a perfect 9th inning, recording his 34th save.

–You just can’t give up five-run leads. Period.

–Cueto gave up three runs and only recorded one out in the sixth inning, after holding Chicago scoreless through the first five.

–I couldn’t watch the game (thanks, Fox/MLB blackout rules!), so I don’t know whether Dusty Baker’s decision to keep Cueto in the game for the sixth inning was a good one or not. Cueto only threw 86 pitches, but there was some talk in the game thread that he was clearly tired.

Those of you who watched the game: what do you think?

–The Cubbies made three infield errors in the third inning that led to two Cincinnati runs.

–Arthur Rhodes appeared in his 777th career game, tying him with Gaylord Perry for 46th on the all-time list.

–The Reds almost blew this game, but it’s still deserving of a sombrero:


8 Responses

  1. broadwaydave

    cueto threw a lot of pitches in the fifth and he got wild. it looked to me like he was getting tired. if we needed him to gut one out because we’re in a pennant race and the bullpen’s decimated, fine, let him start the sixth. but in the current scenario, up 5-0, bullpen rested and no pennant race (not to mention a young pitcher only 3 starts off the dl) he should never have gone out there again. i am scared to death for both cueto and homer next year.

  2. mike

    surprisingly Rhodes only appeared in 60 games this season
    only 1 more than Cordero

    Rhodes is this years Affeldt who pitched in 74 games for the Reds last season

    nothing like the Reds ultimate workhorse reliever Scott Sullivan who appeared in 79 games for the Reds 3 years in a row!

    Only 2 Reds pitchers in their history have appeared in more than 400 games
    Sullivan (494) and Graves (465)
    Weathers was the active Reds leader at 341 games but now it’s Harang(?!?!) who has pitched in 195 games as a Red

  3. doktor

    when sutton hit his two run PH double, i laughed as the crowd started boo-ing. then when Lee bounced out in the 9th on 1st pitch to him, for the final out, and they boo-ed even more. i thought that was great. 😈

  4. pinson343

    My main complaint with Dusty today, from looking at the game recap, was bringing in Ramirez with the lead in jeopardy. It cost Cueto the win.

    And please play Sutton more (in the IF) and Rosales less.

  5. GRF

    Could not get the game so cannot comment on the game, but we are carrying 15 pitchers. If there is any doubt at all, coming off the DL with the total number of innings he hs pitched in total this year, you pull him.

    And agre with you on Sutton Pinso. We have enough outfielders that we need to see without including Sutton in that mix. Rosales got his shot this year, time to see if Sutton can be the backup bat next season.

  6. Glenn

    I couldn’t agree more. Sutton in Rosales out.

    • Chad Dotson

      I’m disappointed in Rosales. He was a pretty good hitter and an above-average fielder at every level in the minors. I expected him to be a solid bench guy for the next five years.

      He still may be that, but he has really fallen flat on his face in his first big league opportunity. It may be his only chance. You gotta take advantage of the opportunities you are given.

      Rosales really hasn’t, so I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of what Sutton can do in that role.