I know we were all clamoring for Bronson Arroyo to be traded a couple of months ago, but he’s been pretty darn good (forgive the strong language) since the All-Star break. How good? OMGReds has some numbers.

I definitely thought trading Arroyo was the right move at the time, and it still might be the best thing to do in the off-season. With the injury to Edinson Volquez that will likely cause him to miss the entire 2010 season, however, I’m not sure the Reds can afford to trade Arroyo. They’re going to need some arms for the rotation.

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  1. Steve Price

    Could be said that’s its poetic justice or karma since he got the wins early in the year with a poor ERA

  2. RedBlooded

    I think it would be foolish to trade Bronson given the current state of the rotation. Arroyo is maddeningly streaky. But at the end of the year he’s usually been a pretty solid pitcher overall. Harang, Arroyo, Cueto and Bailey could be a pretty decent front four. After that it is a real crap shoot. Take away Arroyo and you have super uncertainty on 2/5 of your rotation. That said, it all depends on what the trade would be for. I would only do it if there was a pretty intriguing MLB ready (or very, very close)pitching prospect coming back. You know, like an Edinson Volquez.

  3. GRF

    RedBlooded: I would only do it if there was a pretty intriguing MLB ready (or very, very close)pitching prospect coming back. You know, like an Edinson Volquez.

    Or a decent shortstop….

  4. brublejr

    I don’t see them trading Bronson or Harang now that 1.) Volquez is out; 2.) Who knows how much all these meaningless pitches are hurting Cueto and/or Bailey; 3.) They don’t have 2 guys to throw into the rotation from the minors at this point (Maloney/Wood/anybody else?).

  5. doktor

    and to some degree harang is a question mark as well. was his late surge in august for real or just a “hot” streak. so keeping arroyo would seem needed unless the reds really blow it up, trading all the big $ players.

  6. David

    This is precisely why Arroyo should be traded. It’s classic sell high. Arroyo’s ERA is still 4.17, decent enough for a number 4, but considering his ERA since the All Star break is 7th best in the majors, how bad was his first half?

    If you can trade Arroyo to a team like the Brewers for a guy like Hardy than by all means the Reds should do it.

    If you are worried about the Reds rotation, you shouldn’t be. Guys who put up 10 wins with a 4.50 ERA come a lot cheaper than Arroyo. Justin Lehr could do it. There’s Erik Bedard, Doug Davis, Justin Duchscherer, Jon Garland, Rich Harden, John Lackey, Braden Looper, Jason Marquis, Ben Sheets and Brad Penny as free agent possibilities.

    While Arroyo has been solid in the second half and those guys mentioned above have question marks, Arroyo is by no means off the table.

  7. mdccclxix

    I totally agree with David. I’m listening on Arroyo, Harang and Cordero still. Too much cash tied up there. I think Arroyo said it best though, he’s got 3 months to make it happen or he’s likely gone at the deadline next year.

  8. RedBlooded

    GRF, No, No, No on the shortstop. Pitching is more important. You don’t trade away pitching when you are thin unless you get back pitching. And David, most of the pitchers you name are crap shoots. Brad Penny couldn’t even make it for the Red Sox when they were desperate, etc. The better odds a pitcher has, the higher the price. I also don’t think Hardy is worth it. He’s hitting 2 friggin’ 26.

  9. Steve Price

    I’d trade a pitcher for a good shortstop in a heartbeat. Not a stud…but a good pitcher, yes.

  10. Steve Price

    check that…good YOUNG shortstop

  11. Drew Nelson

    First, what is wrong with Janish at SS? How many “great” hitting SS are available and what would they end up costing us? Second, Bronson is dependable, of all the starters this year, he has gone out and pitched when called on. Sorry but unless someone is willing to give up a grade A+ majro league player then I don’t deal Bronson.

  12. Drew Nelson

    With Hannigan behind the plate, Janish and Phillips at 2nd and SS and Stubbs in CF, to me you have the making of a very good, very strong defense up the middle. You have Rolen at third and Bruce in right so that leaves LF/1st as your defensive liabilities. Give me good pitching and strong D and I will take it.

  13. Plowboy

    DON’T trade Arroyo OR Harang unless you can get something surefire in return.

    These guys are coming up on free agency and will be pitching their cojones off to get the best contract they can get for future years.

    Ride them until the All-Star break next year if we’re out of it (again), THEN trade them. Otherwise keep them for the playoff hunt.

    Either way, these guys will be pitching for their future dollars, and we’ll see the best they have to offer on the diamond.