Yeah, I know the Reds have been out of the race for weeks (months?) and these games don’t mean anything. I understand that. But still…

…the series that ended today against the Rockies was as frustrating as any I’ve watched this season. With just a tiny bit of luck — and an offense that wasn’t historically bad — the Reds could very well have swept Colorado.

Instead, they Rockies did the sweeping.

At this point, why should I even care enough to get frustrated about this team? That, my friends, is a great unanswered question in my life….

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  2. preach

    Thankfully it’s football season. I’m sure the Bengals will ease my pain…..

  3. RiverCity Redleg

    Chad, those are my thaughts exactly. I don’t know why this series bothered me so much, but it did. It’s like they sucked me back in with their recent winning, just to drop the hammer of reality on me. UGH!

  4. Sultan of Swaff

    With Janish and Votto struggling at the top, and automatic outs in the 8 and 9 holes, it’s just not realistic to think we can put together rallies. Good teams have depth in their lineups, like the Rockies. Maybe that changes w/ Bruce in there, but probably not.

  5. brublejr

    Iposted this yesterday but applies again today:

    Dusty says the team’s biggest problem is that they strikeout too much.

    Ok, the Reds have the 6th lowest SO total of all NL teams. But look at these numbers:

    OBP: 15th .311 – only SF lower
    SLG: 15th .385 – only SD lower
    OPS: 16th .691

    The top 6 teams in OPS:

    The only one of those teams not in a race is MIL and that comes down to their poor pitching. Reversely the only contender in the bottom 6 is SF due to their outstanding pitching.

    As you stated Greg, they simply are not hitting at all in any situation. To go with that, they are not getting on base or hitting for power at all. However, there is NO way that Dusty or Marty would be able to comprehend these statistics. They “go by what their eyes see” to decide what the problem is instead of looking in-depth to what the problem really is for the team…

  6. brublejr

    whoops, wrong thread, darn it…sorry

  7. mike

    The Reds got swept and looked anemic doing it but the total score for the 4 games?


    2 1 run losses, a 2 run loss and a 4 run loss
    the most runs scored against the Reds was 5

    league average is 4.5 runs

    team OPS in the last 7 days (6 games)??


    team ERA in the last 7 days?


  8. preach

    And that’s a 3.19 on the road in Colorado. Humidor or not, it’s still a hitter’s park

  9. mike

    and both Colorado and Atlanta (2 of the 6 games were against Atlanta) have above average offenses