Time for a recap of today’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 3
Colorado 4
WP: Betancourt (2-1)
LP: Fisher (1-1)
S: Morales (4)

–Homer Bailey only went 5.1 innings, but he gave up just 1 run on five hits while striking out 6. Unfortunately, he also walked five which means he threw a lot of pitches (more on that later), but still…another good start by Homer.

–Brandon Phillips and Scott Rolen had two hits each. Rolen also had a walk and an RBI.

–Jonny Gomes hit another homer, his 18th.

–Arthur Rhodes and Carlos Fisher took a game the Reds were controlling and blew it up by allowing 3 runs in an inning and two-thirds.

–Oh well. The winning streak is over, and what’s frustrating is that this is a game the Reds, by all rights, should have won. You hate seeing the good guys blow a chance to take a game against a pretty good team like the Rox.

–Remember when the knock on Gomes was that he couldn’t hit right-handed pitchers? Well, that’s still the knock since we’re talking about small sample sizes, but Gomes has had great success against RHP’s in 2009: 13 homers with an OPS over 900.

That’s good.

–Homer Bailey threw 117 pitches. Am I the only one concerned about what Dusty Baker may be doing to Bailey and Johnny Cueto’s arms in these meaningless September games of a lost season?