Sorry for the late game thread; I found myself away from a computer for longer than I thought I would, and evidently none of the other editors check their email very often. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, discuss what’s left of the game here.

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  1. Kyle

    Wow, nice job by Rolen to salvage the inning, then Gomes follows up by doing a lot more.

  2. Matt Steele

    Homer has looked pretty good today, though I’m only watching it on gamecast…. I’m also watchign the Cincy Rutgers game… so I’m rooting for all things Cincinnati today!

  3. Kurt Frost

    I went to the Bats game today. Dorn crushed one out and Hanigan was batting second.

  4. Steve

    Rolen and Gomes deliver.

    Loved hearing Marty say “That’s gone” in the background on Brantley’s call of Gomes’ home run. Reminded me of the times when Joe Nuxhall would yell “Get out of here!” behind Al Michaels’ and Marty’s calls.

    Gomes is weak in LF, though. Terrible arm. That ball was Stubbs’ play and it was his fault to not take charge, but Gomes’ arm is so weak apparently the Rockies feel they can take advantage.

  5. Steve

    Site format: the comments aren’t being numbered any longer.

    Also, the regular (non-red) poster names aren’t in bold (this one doesn’t really matter, but it is a change).

  6. Matt Steele

    Homer is throwing too many pitches today. This better be his last inning.

  7. Matt Steele

    ugh and Homer is pitching the 6th inning with already 96 pitches thrown… I know we would all like a win.. but really I’d prefer if our young pitchers would be babied a bit more at the end of this year

  8. REDS1

    The count goes high on every hitter.

  9. Chad Dotson

    Not sure why all those items changed with the upgrade. Guess I have a project for this evening.

  10. Chris

    Homer just saved himself a 1250 pitch outing with that error.

  11. Kyle

    All in all, a pretty good outing from Homer but he lost his control after the third inning today. He has been doing much better with that recently, so hopefully it is an aberration. Too many pitches though.

  12. Matt B.

    Marty made it sound like one of the dumbest baserunning decisions of the century.

  13. Steve

    Homer had some walks, but keep the bigger picture in mind. There is no hotter hitting team than the Rockies, and Homer didn’t give up an earned run in six innings.

    He also outdueled Jimenez who has been about the best pitcher in the NL since the ASG.

    Really positive outing overall. Way to go, Homer!

    Let’s hope the bullpen keeps it up.

  14. Steve

    Wonder why Baker didn’t double switch for Gomes last inning? Now Masset either has to bat or be taken out. A defensive substitute for Gomes seemed called for, too.

  15. REDS1

    Well were probably going to have to win it with just the 3 runs.

    Hopefully the bullpen can hold ’em down.

  16. Kyle

    I probably would leave Masset in to throw the 7th, but can understand it either way.

  17. Chris

    Steve, I believe one of Homer’s runs became earned, after they took BP’s error away.

    Two gifts for BP today.

  18. wanderinredsfan

    Bullpen implosion in….3…2…

  19. wanderinredsfan

    That tying run right there is Dusty Baker’s fault. There is no way I leave Rhodes in to face the RH-hitting Tulowitski. RHBs are OPSing around .430 higher than LHBs when facing Rhodes.

  20. Steve

    Terrible, terrible defense by the Reds.

    If we had substituted for Gomes at the start of the inning the Rockies may not have even tried to score on the relatively shallow fly ball. It’s clear they don’t respect Gomes’ arm.

    Then, Gomes made a horrible decision to try to get the runner at the plate. That run wasn’t the tying run. He should have thrown to second to keep the tying run at first. Instead, he throws past the catcher and the runner gets all the way to third where he scores on the bloop single.

    I’ve enjoyed Gomes’ offense as much as anyone, but we have to keep in mind how really awful he is in the OF and how that comes back to cost the Reds frequently.

  21. Steve

    Dusty’s use of the bullpen very questionable today.

  22. wanderinredsfan

    Rhodes is a lefty-specialist, nothing more. And should never be used in any other situation when the tying run is 90-ft away.

  23. wanderinredsfan

    Good question. Why don’t you substitute a better fielder in LF when up by two and relying on the bullpen to finish off the game?

  24. REDS1

    How about, simply, Rhodes didn’t do the job.

  25. REDS1

    Make that Rhodes and Fisher (didn’t get the job done).

  26. Steve

    REDS1: agreed, the relief pitchers get the primary blame. But the manager takes responsibility for putting players in a position to succeed. Bringing Carlos Fisher into this situation, one that he isn’t used to, is an example of that.

    Kind of makes me appreciate Homer’s performance even more, how he handcuffed this good-hitting team.

  27. chris

    Marty just blamed the bullpen implosion on Homer. Said his failure to get the last out in the sixth threw everyone else off. Insanity.

  28. REDS1

    So is Fisher only supposed to pitch when we are up or down more than 3 runs?

  29. chris

    Mart not at all critical of Dusty or any reliever.

  30. chris

    Wasn’t Fisher a closer forever @ LVille?

  31. REDS1

    Advance the runners and stay out of the double play.

  32. wanderinredsfan

    The difference between good teams and the Reds: Darnell McDonald up to bat in the ninth of a one-run game with runners in scoring position = fail.

  33. Kyle

    Awful. Bad way for the streak to end.

  34. Dusty Baker

    Yep, it’s true… I’m the single worst manager in the history of professional baseball.

  35. wanderinredsfan

    The Colorado announcers are calling this the most important home-stand series of the year, so there’s that consolation to this loss. Let’s see if we can get the rest and get the Giants in the playoffs. I’d love to see their rotation in the mix.

  36. The Mad Hatter

    I think from the bottom of the 6th on is an example of how a manager can cost his team the game. IMHO Dusty didn’t make one correct decision from that point.

  37. wanderinredsfan

    How about another career pitch count for Bailey (117 pitches), not to mention last-night’s 107 pitches for Cueto, just two starts after being re-inserted into the rotation. I’d bet a hefty-paycheck that Dusty nor Dick even monitor the pitch-counts of players during a game.

  38. RedinFla

    Mad Hatter # whatever-number-comment @6:13 ๐Ÿ˜›

    Absolutely. I don’t mind finally losing one, and to a good team — but not by mismanagement. ๐Ÿ˜ก

  39. Y-City Jim

    Marty just blamed the bullpen implosion on Homer. Said his failure to get the last out in the sixth threw everyone else off. Insanity.

    I wish Marty would just retire. I am sick and tired of his bitterness. He doesn’t deserve to be here when they someday build another winner. While I don’t want George Grande sugar coatings, is it too much to ask for an announcer to just announce and not be judgmental of every little thing a ball player does?

  40. Steve

    Y-City: Marty’s worst trait is jumping to conclusions about how a starting pitcher is going to do that day by how he pitches to the first batter or two.

  41. Chad Dotson

    Looks like avatars are showing now. Now I’m going to see if I can figure out why numbers aren’t showing up.

    Just added a new function for comments: now you can reply to individual comments. Let me know what you think of that.

  42. Shane

    too cool! Since we can now reply to individual comments, do we need the numbers?

    • Dan

      Testing the reply… where do these show up?

      • Dan

        Oh, I see… they just get indented a little.

      • Dan

        Do people like the reply option? I’m torn. On the positive side, the reply gets displayed right next to the comment referred to. On the negative side, the comments are not all in chronological order this way, so you can easily miss some comments that have come in.

      • Dan

        Now I’m curious how deep you can go with the replies upon replies… How far can I get these things indented?

      • Dan

        Oh there we go. 4 levels deep and the Reply option is gone. Makes sense.

        Too bad… I was hoping to annihilate the right-hand sidebar shortly by having an ongoing conversation with myself…

  43. Dan

    I’m not a fan of the multi-page comments, personally. The comments on Fay’s blog (besides being an affront to human intelligence and dignity) are a real chore to get through b/c they cover so many pages. I’d rather have them all on one page.

    • Chad Dotson

      I think I agree on the multi-page comments, Dan. Anyone else?

      With respect to the reply function…

      I can set it up so that, when you click on “reply”, it will add a little link at the top of your comment that will refer you back to the comment you are replying to. Then I could eliminate threaded comments and keep everything chronological.

      Gimme some opinions….

  44. Chad Dotson

    Still having trouble figuring out why the comment numbers disappeared, and how to get them back.

  45. Chad Dotson

    Just screwing around with some other stuff in the comments tonight. Let me know what you think.

  46. hoosierdad

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