–Baseball Prospectus had a recent outing at PNC Park, and our buddy Justin was there. Here’s his report, which includes a very interesting Q&A with the Pirates GM. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

–Micah Owings got four stitches and had trouble hearing out of his left ear after getting beaned last night. Go read this story about it. Very scary stuff, and we’re hopeful that Owings is going to be back to normal soon.

–Justin Lehr’s groin is still causing him problems (a common story among professional athletes), and the Reds are going to skip his start today. Well, they aren’t actually going to skip it; they are still going to play the game, but Homer Bailey will be pitching. Because of the off-day last week, Bailey will be starting on full rest.

John Fay asks if .500 is a possibility. The answer: no.

–If you haven’t seen “Sugar,” you don’t know what you are missing. There is a baseball subtext to the movie, but it isn’t really about baseball. Just a great film.

Plus, there is a Reds connection. One of the characters in the movie is played by none other than Jose Rijo. Rijo played a guy who runs a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic; not a big stretch, I know, but at least Rijo’s character in the movie wasn’t skimming money from the young players.

Also, there is an interview with Francisco Cordero on the DVD special features.

–If you think things are bad in Cincinnati, with the Reds and Bengals…well, my alma mater lost to a 1-AA/FCS team over the weekend. That, my friends, is rock bottom.