Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

FINAL — 12 innings
Cincinnati 4
Atlanta 2
WP: Owings (7-12)
LP: Kawakami (7-11)
S: Cordero (33)


–The go-ahead runs for the Redlegs scored when Micah Owings was beaned with the bases loaded in the top of the 12th. Somehow, that seems appropriate given how strange this season has been.

–Nice start by Cueto: 6 IP, one run, 3 hits, 9 strikeouts, 107 pitches. Typically inefficient, but very good.

–Drew Stubbs went 3-5 in the leadoff spot, with a triple and his fifth homer.

–Nice relief work by Nick Masset, Daniel Ray Herrera, Owings, and Francisco Cordero; they combined for six scoreless, hitless innings after Jared Burton blew the game. Again.

–Burton just stinks this year.

–Votto was 0-4 again. Another game or two like that, and hit batting average will dip below .300. It’s almost impossible to believe.

–That’s 7 straight wins and 12 wins out of 14 games. What is going on?

–Willy Taveras: 14 extra-base hits in 413 plate appearances.
Drew Stubbs: 8 extra-base hits in 87 plate appearances.

–Owings reportedly received stitches after being hit in the head. He is staying in Atlanta for a few days; doctors won’t permit him to fly just yet.

–Former Red David Ross hit a homer off Burton to put the Braves up 2-1.

–Cueto has looked great since returning from the disabled list. I’m still concerned about the number of innings he’s throwing in meaningless games.



19 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Outstanding series. Looks like Owings will be headed back to the DL. Hope its nothing too serious, but it did sound bad on the radio.

    BTW the Braves announcers CAN NOT BELIEVE that they were swept by the lowly Reds.

  2. broadwaydave

    i’m worried about cueto’s pitch counts too, chad. also, homer has gone 115+ the last three outings. time to ease up on him a little too, i think.

  3. brublejr

    It’s a shame that Owings goes out like that. He was looking really good in his new role, and performing very well too. Dusty was actually using him like he should and to get hit like that is terrible. I say he will be out the rest of the year, it looked way worse than Rolen’s or Hanigan’s.

  4. Chris

    I was thinking, “this is EXACTLY how you use Owings,” right as he got creamed. I was listening in the garage, but ran inside to see the replay. Rewound the Tivo – Grande oompletely lost it when Owings got hit.

  5. Chris

    I know this is total nonsense, but they are 12-2 since Rolen came off the DL.

    Alternatively, they’re 13-5 since Taveras went on the DL.

  6. Matt B.

    There has to be something wrong with Burton, right? He has looked absolutely terrible compared to two years ago.

  7. Matt Steele

    With the rosters being expanded and the Reds out of playoff contention, I really feel like we need to be extra careful with our young pitchers like Cueto and Homer. I hope to see something set up where they either get extra days of rest or a much reduced workload. There’s really no reason to have them throwing a lot of pitches or running up the innings in meaningless games. I don’t mind them starting or pitching at least 5 innings, but if they were to get seriously injured in the last few weeks because they’re pitching a lot of innings or throwing too many pitches, then next year is going to be just as bad

  8. REDS1

    Great job Reds. Rolen appears to be helping. Tough luck with Burton.

    Joey Votto is really coming down to Earth.

  9. jdarts84

    Chris, the part about Rolen being credited for the current streak may be a stretch, you’re right. But as you stated, since Willy T has been taken out of the picture the energy just seems to be completely different. You gotta believe the team felt much the same way the fans felt about WT going out there everyday, drained.

  10. Dan

    So what do you all think will come of Fast Willy next year?

    He just shouldn’t be on this team — I’m not sure he should even be in the major leagues — but is Castellini willing to eat the (oh-so-stupid) contract?

    Stubbs and Dickerson are clearly both better, and cheaper, and much better used in CF.

  11. Matt WI

    What a quandry… The Reds are on fire, which will probably save Dusty’s rear (undesirable for any reason), unless Jocketty is tougher than I thought and cans him on the logical basis of the “Explain Yourself Dusty” thread on this board a few days ago. Great work by Stubbs, good for him.

    Also, I do LOVE sweeping the Braves. Not as much as the Cubs, but they’re up there. There were years that they just creamed the Reds. What I do miss is when TBS actually used to broadcast Braves games and I could at least watch the Reds lose to the Braves every time they played (and I scratched out my eyes listening to Skip Carey).

  12. wanderinredsfan

    A Dickerson/Stubbs platoon in CF just makes too much sense.

    Question: Do the Reds have any contract-control over signing Gomes, or is he a FA after the end of the season? Either way, they need to sign him to make-up to the fans for the Patterson/Taveras debacles.

  13. earl

    I’d like to see the Reds go to a six man rotation to close out the year except keeping Bronson on time giving Cueto and Homer some extra days between starts. When they finally get Maloney up after Louisville is done, they need to give him a couple more starts and see what he can do. The Reds could use a lefty in the rotation.

    I’m not sweating Joey Votto, he had hit pretty good for the three games before today and drew 5 walks. The guy had a cold streak last year in the middle of the year until he busted out again in Toronto and carried it to the end of the year.

    Fast Willy is paid for, so I figure they won’t just flush him out. Now if they keep him as player 24 or 25 on the roster that is one thing, but having Dusty go back to starting him all the time and batting lead off is a completely different thing. Considering Baker’s past with Neiti Perez, Patterson in Chicago and Cinci and what he did so far this year with Taveras, I figure he will probably try to play him if on the roster. Dusty no trusty anyone but vets it seems, even if logic states otherwise.

  14. Dan

    But if you go with a Dickerson/Stubbs platoon, that’s probably 500 plate appearances for Dickerson and 250 for Stubbs, if they both stay healthy. Are you OK with that? That doesn’t strike me as enough playing time for Stubbs.

    As for Gomes, I’m pretty sure that he has one more year of arbitration-or-nontender (or just sign him). After one more year in the bigs (6 years total for his career) he’ll hit free agency. I *think* that’s right.

  15. Alex

    Willy Taveras: 14 extra-base hits in 413 plate appearances.
    Drew Stubbs: 8 extra-base hits in 87 plate appearances.


    Over/under on Taveras being in the starting OF when he comes back?

  16. doktor

    Regarding Stubbs, like the D, like the average since his lousey start, like the power even though its a small sample set. gotta see him start working the count and get those walks up.

    Like others have said, none of the Reds starters should be pitched too hard, but I would include even Bronson. he is starting to show value and no need to ride him too hard, whether Reds will need him next year or having him traded for pieces, especially if he ends up with 14 or 15 wins. Teams might be impressed by the win total given Reds team record.

  17. Y-City Jim

    Alex, rule nothing out when it comes to Dusty playing people. With any luck they just keep WT on the DL for the rest of the season.

  18. pinson343

    It is too bad about Owings, just when Dusty finally figured out how to use him. But it seems that no long-term damage was done.

    jdarts84 said:
    “since Willy T has been taken out of the picture the energy just seems to be completely different. You gotta believe the team felt much the same way the fans felt about WT going out there everyday, drained.”

    I absolutely believe that WT had a draining/depressing effect on the team, and that the players were aware of it. But then what does that say about how they felt about Dusty’s sending him out there every day ?

    WJ has to be aware of how much Taveras was hurting this team, right ? And if so, he’s got to release him. My guess is that Taveras is on the DL because WJ had seen enough.

    If Taveras gets significant playing time in September or is on the roster in 2010, then I completely lose faith in the management of this team.

    In my 50+ years as a Reds fan, I can’t recall a situation quite like this.

  19. The Mad Hatter

    This is almost enjoyable to watch now and it’s nearly exactly what I thought we were getting when we were told this year is pitching and defense. Looking back the improvements are directly linked to Stubbs, Janish and Rolen hitting the lineup. While not a fan of the Rolen trade, it’s pretty obvious it is having it’s desired effect on the clubhouse and more importantly the field. This offense still stinks though.