From the Wall Street Journal:

If it seems like your baseball team’s play-by-play man jabbers endlessly at 1,000 words a minute, well, he doesn’t. But the St. Louis Cardinals’ Dan McLaughlin comes closer than most of his peers, talking at an estimated 109.9 words every 60 seconds.


Apparently, announcers for bad teams feel an urge to fill dead air. Trailing Mr. McLaughlin was the Nationals’ Bob Carpenter at 102.3 words per minute, the Reds’ George Grande (102.1) and the Diamondbacks’ Daron Sutton (100.4).

This doesn’t mean anything, but I found it funny.

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  1. pinson343

    That is funny about George. As for the Cardinals guy, I much prefer him to Mike Shannon, who works the Cardinals radio games. I liked Mike as a player, but he’s painful to listen to. He’s inarticulate, has a terrible voice, and roots for the home team shamelessly. Then there’s the “get up, get up” whenever a Cardinal hits a long fly.

    Reminds me of that 6 run 9th inning lead we blew to the Cardinals, when he gleefully yelled his “get ups” to the decisive 2 home runs.

  2. preach

    But Grande’s words include “Buccos”, “Jockerty (although he’s improved on that one)”, “Pull-holes”, “smiling side of the scoreboard” and “crappy lefthander (hee-hee)”. Our guy is clearly number 1.

  3. Steve

    “There’s no doubt about that, George.” -CW

  4. jdarts84

    Preach, don’t forget Jerry “Harriston” Jr.

  5. Andy

    Grande always drove my sister nuts with his intro “Hi Hello and welcome to Cent-cinnati”

  6. RiverCity Redleg

    “Get em on, get em over and get em in!” – GG

  7. RiverCity Redleg

    The reason the Cardinal announcer gets in so many words per min is b/c he only uses small, one-syllable words. 😀

  8. RiverCity Redleg

    Although, you would think that the giggling everytime someone says “poo holes” would slow him down a bit.

  9. Bill Lack

    My favorite Grandisms are his “that’ll stay in the park” on any ball hit to the outfield and “catches it on the warning track” on balls that are 20 feet in front of the track.

  10. Nathan

    One of my favs…Six, Four, Yessirree Three.

    And his insistance on saying “It’s gonna beeeee GONE!” after the ball already landed in the stands two seconds before.

  11. KY Chip

    #11 — No one could call a homer that had already happened like Harry Caray, though:

    “It might be… (ball lands in stands)… it could be… (fans scramble and fight for ball)… it is! (fan successfully grabs HR ball and heaves it back onto the field of play)… Home run!”

  12. KY Chip

    Oh, forgot the most important part of Harry’s home run call, the ending:

    “Ho-lee cow!” (drinks bourbon)

  13. Kurt Frost

    This guys might try to be a little spontaneous. The Yankee guy is the worst. It is high, it is far, it is gone. Then he has to add his fruity saying for each player. It gives me serious douche chills.

  14. Nathan

    Ahhh the Yankee guy…good times….good times. I would hate to have to listen to that all of the time, but it’s good for a laugh listening to the replay of it in the morning during highlights.

  15. Kurt Frost

    They always play it during the highlights. I guess they think we want to hear it.

  16. earl

    I’d for once like George Grande to talk about an opposing player and say that they are a creep or jerk. Every dude that comes to the plate, coach that comes out of the dugout or warms up in the bullpen for the opposite team is like the best people in the world.

  17. Chris

    “This guy is a lousy ballplayer, yes. But more important, he’s an awful MAN.”

  18. pinson343

    In the NY area, I have to hear “The Yankees win ! Thaaaaa Yaaaaaaankeeeeeees Wiiiiiiiiiiiin !!!!!” all the time. It gives me the chills. As if that isn’t bad enough, ESPN likes to record that and play it over and over.

  19. preach

    I’m sitting on the bus trying to not look insane giggling to myself after that comment. Nice.

  20. Redsfanx

    When John Sterling, a long time NYC radio music disc jockey, joined the broadcast team of the Yankees, it was hard to believe. But now he, and Susan Waldman doing commentary, are not a bad duo in the Yankee booth.

  21. pinson343

    Sterling and Waldman aren’t bad at all, when they’re doing the commentary. But Sterling’s signature stuff, the nicknames, the HR calls, his end of a winning game call, are hard to listen to.

    In defense of Sterling, he is gracious in defeat. When the Red Sox came back from 3-0 to beat the Yankees in that ALCS, I heard him call the final out of game 7, and he was gracious and even reflective.

    I’ll never forgive Susan, that AL chauvinist, for taking Dave Stewart’s word as the 100% truth that the 1990 A’s were much, much better than the 1990 Reds.

  22. RiverCity Redleg

    Never was and never will be a worse announcer than Harry Caray! Absolutely horrible. You couldn’t understand half the words his drunk ass was saying and he rarely got anybody’s name right. Just painful to listen to.

  23. KY Chip

    RCR — Harry couldn’t even get the players names right when he said them backwards! Remember that little habit of his? “Shawon Dunston to the plate. Y’know, Steve, Dunston spelled backwards is Nostund”. I almost lost a lung once when I heard Harry try to pronounce Andres Galarraga backwards.

    Sadly, though, I wish Harry had been around to try to say “Kosuke Fukudome”.

  24. RiverCity Redleg

    That’s funny, I also liked when there was a slow dribbler to 2nd base and Harry would yell “Hot Shmash Up the Middle!!…fielded cleanly by Sandberg”

  25. The Godfather

    Quite honestly, I’m a bit surprised by this story. I figured Georgey Boy would be a run away for the most words per minute. I swear the guy never shuts up.