BP revealed that he’s been playing with a fractured wrist, which can’t be pleasant:

Phillips revealed for the first time after Monday night’s 6-3 win over the Pirates that he’s been playing with a fractured left wrist. And he plans to keep playing.

“Little do people know and they don’t really pay attention to the details, I played through injury all year this year,” Phillips said. “I broke my thumb and right now, I’m playing with a fractured wrist that people don’t even know about. I’m here just grinding it out and finishing the season.”

And we’re all eternally grateful, BP. We all know Phillips will do whatever it takes to sacrifice himself for the team, right?

On Aug. 15 vs. the Nationals, Phillips was hit on the left wrist by a fastball thrown by J.D. Martin and came out of the game. At first it was diagnosed as a deep bone bruise and he missed a couple of games.

“I still think he hit me on purpose,” Phillips said of Martin. “I wrote his name inside my hat.”

Regarding Martin, Phillips vowed to “get him back in some way,” meaning via a home run or big hit and not with a fight.


UPDATE: It appears that Phillips was being a bit overly dramatic when he said hie wrist was broken. He’s not admitting that it’s not. See the whole story here:

Brandon Phillips was backpedaling Tuesday like a defensive back covering Chad Ochocinco.

It turns out that Phillips is not playing with a fracture in his left wrist, as he said Monday after the Reds’ doubleheader.

“My wrist is not broken,” Phillips said. “So I didn’t mean to say broken. I know I didn’t say broken. I said fractured. I didn’t know fractured and broken were the same thing. My wrist, it feels like it’s fractured.

“The last time I took an X-ray, they said there is nothing broken. … But it feels like it’s broken. My wrist really does bother me.”

I’m not a Brandon Phillips fan, I think he’s a good defensive, average offensive (good for his position) player. But his on-field laziness and stuff like this just set me off.