Some quick hitters…

–Jay Bruce is taking batting practice again. Woo-hoo!

–The Reds are going to honor beat writer Hal McCoy before the September 16 game.

–Reds are on pace for the lowest attendance total in Great American Ballpark history. A novel marketing idea would be for the Reds to put a winning team on the field. Cincinnati should try that. I bet attendance would rise.

–RR has a few questions with Joe Posnanski, author of the highly-anticipated upcoming book, The Machine. I pre-ordered the book months ago, and can’t wait to read it. Posnanski is fantastic.

–Finally, you remember what Brandon Phillips said about his fractured wrist? Well, enjoy this brilliance:

Phillips went on to say the fracture was a small hairline. Not so, however. He asked reporters to gather around him Tuesday so he could recant his previous comments.

“My wrist is not broken. I didn’t mean to say broken,” Phillips said. “I know I didn’t say ‘broken.’ I said ‘fracture.’ I didn’t know ‘fracture’ and ‘broken’ meant the same thing. My wrist feels like it’s fractured. Yeah. That right there.

“The last time I took an X-ray, it said there’s nothing broke. Broken and fractured are the same thing. It feels like it’s broken, fractured, or broken — it’s the same thing. But my wrist really does bother me.”