Some quick hitters…

–Jay Bruce is taking batting practice again. Woo-hoo!

–The Reds are going to honor beat writer Hal McCoy before the September 16 game.

–Reds are on pace for the lowest attendance total in Great American Ballpark history. A novel marketing idea would be for the Reds to put a winning team on the field. Cincinnati should try that. I bet attendance would rise.

–RR has a few questions with Joe Posnanski, author of the highly-anticipated upcoming book, The Machine. I pre-ordered the book months ago, and can’t wait to read it. Posnanski is fantastic.

–Finally, you remember what Brandon Phillips said about his fractured wrist? Well, enjoy this brilliance:

Phillips went on to say the fracture was a small hairline. Not so, however. He asked reporters to gather around him Tuesday so he could recant his previous comments.

“My wrist is not broken. I didn’t mean to say broken,” Phillips said. “I know I didn’t say ‘broken.’ I said ‘fracture.’ I didn’t know ‘fracture’ and ‘broken’ meant the same thing. My wrist feels like it’s fractured. Yeah. That right there.

“The last time I took an X-ray, it said there’s nothing broke. Broken and fractured are the same thing. It feels like it’s broken, fractured, or broken — it’s the same thing. But my wrist really does bother me.”


12 Responses

  1. Dan

    I can remember faking or exaggerating an injury to get attention. I think I was 11 or 12 the last time I did it…

  2. Rob

    According to the broadcast last night, doctors indicated that Brandon Phillips has a hairline fracture.

    I could see griping about him saying he’s injured when he isn’t playing, but he’s playing. Big deal, so what, move on.

  3. Chris Wilson

    Sports Illustrated had some pieces from the book and about the Big Red Machine in a recent edition.

  4. Veteran Leader

    I’d show BP what a fracture is. His face would be fractured next time he doesn’t hustle.

  5. Rob

    LMAO That comment gives a perfect reason why you should quit drinking. 😮

  6. mike

    this is just classic Dusty. The guy just can’t think can he?

    Dusty on Bruce going to rehab

    “Hanigan and Bruce both hope to begin rehab assignments as early as this week. Dusty Baker said he wants to see how Bruce is running before any decision is made, although Bruce said he’s run more in these last eight weeks than he has before”

    ugh…Dusty…he didn’t break anything in his legs

  7. preach

    If his legs are good, then maybe he can run real fast and not clog up the bases, duh.

  8. REDS1

    Winning is a novel idea in Cincinnati this decade.

  9. mike

    preach you’re right, I keep forgetting Dusty-anti-logic

    I love Bruce’s comment about running more. Almost any athlete in any sport who gets hurt and if the injury isn’t in the legs runs a LOT while on the DL. It’s very well know and common. And I assume but this might be the issue is that Dusty gets daily health status on his players from the medical team, so he’d know that Bruce has been running and more than usual.

    but what do I know, this is the Cincinnati Dustys

  10. pinson343

    I’m in such a good mood, what with the recent wins (over the AAA Pirates, but we couldn’t beat them a couple weeks ago) that I’m going to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

    When Dusty expresses concern about Bruce’s running, he might mean running the bases, which is different from running laps in the OF. The kind of explosive running, the stopping and starting, that you do in games is hard to simulate in practice.

    BP is rightfully confused if the doctors mentioned a “hairline fracture.” If a break is the same as a fracture, how come they never say “hairline break” ?
    I’m getting tested for a “stress fracture” in my lower right leg this week, that really isn’t a break, it’s tiny cracks in the bone.

    Anyway who cares, he’s playing hurt and he’s playing well. If he says it hurts, I believe him.