CTR has a very interesting piece on Homer Bailey, and why his velocity has returned:

“It’s 100 percent mechanics,” Bailey said.

And it wasn’t something drastic, in fact, Bailey said he can’t even tell the difference on video, only when Bailey’s agent suggested he go to Austin to work with University of Texas pitching coach Skip Johnson did he find out something was wrong in his delivery

I figured I’ve got nothing to lose, because this isn’t looking so good,” Bailey said of working with Johnson. “He was telling me, ‘try this and this.’ The whole time I figure I’ll keep doing it, even though it feels different. He told me to come back in a couple of days and throw another bullpen. Between then, I kept doing these drills he told me to do and I came back that next bullpen and the thing jumped out of my hand.

“Within three pitches, I knew it was back. I told him, ‘I have no idea what the hell you’re doing, but it’s working.”

Go read the rest of it. I’ve always been a Bailey fan, as you know, but this makes me even more optimistic.

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  1. RedinFla

    Just for fun… go to MLB.com and click on “league leaders” then click on the word “stats” right under Joe Mauer’s picture. When hitting and pitching stats come up, look at the “wins” category — then click on the words “who’s hot”. I promise it’s worth the trip…

  2. RedinFla

    I forgot something essential — beside “who’s hot” click on “7 days”. Makes a big difference!

  3. Steve

    Kind of makes you wonder about the Reds’ pitching coaches. One session with the college coach from UT and Homer’s a big league pitcher again, something that the Reds’s staff couldn’t accomplish in several years.

    Maybe we should hire the UT coach.

  4. Glenn

    Remember when the rumor was that Homer didn’t take well to coaching? That was either untrue or he’s changed his ways.

  5. preach

    …or he was listening to the wrong coaches. I was thinking the same thing Steve was, maybe we should look at our coaching options.

  6. Dan

    Great interview, again.

    Really glad to have C. Trent back in the mix! He does a fantastic interview. I think it’s just b/c his approach seems so laid-back and conversational. He gets stuff that none of the other guys get.

    Great news about Homer too.

  7. Chris

    1. Agree with Steve and Preach (3 & 5)
    2. Agree with Dan (6).

  8. Alex

    I was just thinking the same thing…so we need Mario Soto to come in to help Cueto and Volquez, and have to send Bailey to Texas for help…remind me again how Dick Pole is helping this team?

    A pitching coach is most important to the young pitchers on a staff, and all our young pitchers find help elsewhere. Obviously Harang and Arroyo need the help of a coach…

  9. Chris

    There’s a recurring theme of passivity when it comes to this organization. Baker his even lousy centerfielders first, because he doesn’t have a good CF but can’t think of another option. Pitchers are left in the game too long, because they “should” be able to throw 7 effective innings. Brandon Phillips can’t even try out at shortstop, because he’s good at 2b.

    Meanwhile, Bailey has to learn a splitter from Justin Lehr, and have his rotation fixed by the pitching coach at UT.

  10. preach

    On my secular job I am the only one with certain credentials. If someone else gave one of my employees great advice and fixed a problem in my area of expertise that I couldn’t, I would be a little upset with myself. I think my Director would be questioning what she pays me for as well.

  11. David Kaiser

    they should send queto and voquez to this guy when they get healthy.maybe then they might win a game after the all star break.