CTR has a very interesting piece on Homer Bailey, and why his velocity has returned:

“It’s 100 percent mechanics,” Bailey said.

And it wasn’t something drastic, in fact, Bailey said he can’t even tell the difference on video, only when Bailey’s agent suggested he go to Austin to work with University of Texas pitching coach Skip Johnson did he find out something was wrong in his delivery

I figured I’ve got nothing to lose, because this isn’t looking so good,” Bailey said of working with Johnson. “He was telling me, ‘try this and this.’ The whole time I figure I’ll keep doing it, even though it feels different. He told me to come back in a couple of days and throw another bullpen. Between then, I kept doing these drills he told me to do and I came back that next bullpen and the thing jumped out of my hand.

“Within three pitches, I knew it was back. I told him, ‘I have no idea what the hell you’re doing, but it’s working.”

Go read the rest of it. I’ve always been a Bailey fan, as you know, but this makes me even more optimistic.