C. Trent Rosecrans, formerly of the Post and 1530Homer, is back with Cnati.com, which is described thusly:

Our goal is to bring expert local sports coverage to the Cincinnati market. Of course, that means Bengals and Reds. But it also means the local and state colleges and high schools. It means local reporters covering local teams. Stories you can’t read anywhere else. Content that completes the fan experience.

It’s still in beta while they’re ironing out all the wrinkles. First up is this (occasionally laugh-out-loud funny) interview with Junior Griffey. Good stuff.

Redleg Nation wishes C. Trent and Cnati.com the best of luck. We always need more voices covering Cincinnati sports.

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  1. Chris Garber

    Trent has a lot of talent and works harder than anyone. This is great news for Cincinnati sports fans.

  2. Matt WI

    Thanks for linking that interview with Griffey. What a great read. Here’s to one of the greats.

  3. preach

    I appreciate that Junior leads by keeping it loose, but you have to have someone on the other end of that to keep it balanced, don’t you?

    KGJ is my favorite player, and in part because of the fact he came to Cinci on the cheap and deferred so much of his salary for the good of the order. In this age of chemical abuse, I have never heard his name even whispered in connection with steroids. How many of the (recent) 500+ HR guys can you say that about? Most of the injuries he suffered were hustling injuries in the field. He shouldn’t have been batting third for the last two seasons, but then again Willie shouldn’t have been leading off either, so in the scheme of things who’s fault is that? Yeah, it’s gotta be harder to tell a first ballot HOF’er he’s gotta be dropped in the order, but that’s the price you pay for being in management.

    Does he have his faults? Certainly. But I am already telling my 7 year old about being in the stands when he scaled a wall to rob the Angels of a game winner in the ninth, about being in the stands when he was honored for his 500th HR, etc. With the cloud of uncertainty swirling around so many players I don’t say that much anymore, even though I was in the stands for some tremendous accomplishments by McGwire, Sosa, and Clemmons.

  4. John

    The problem that Cincinnati has is that they compare every team to the Big Red Machine and that team will never be duplicated. There will never be a team like that again. For anybody to think that’s going to happen in this day and age? It’s just never going to happen in Cincinnati. But that’s what they have to live on. [snip] They said some things, that they were going to spend money, they were going to put a team around Barry Larkin and me. Then it was Barry’s fault and then Barry left and it was my fault. A couple of years ago, it became Ken and Adam’s fault.

    I think he’s conflating some stuff here. He notes how management lied to him, but then he mentions stuff the mouth breathers on WLW call-in shows used to say. That’s not the same thing. Cincinnati is a perfect storm of clueless ownership/management and a fan base that spends too much time thinking about the Good Old Days. There are different sets of expectations. Fans want to win. Ownership wants to “be competitive.” Fans want to see an exciting ballclub. Ownership signs “proven veterans.” Fans want a manager with a clue. Ownership signs “proven winner” Dusty Baker. Need a closer? Let’s not groom one. Let’s sign Francisco Cordero to an inflated contract even though he can’t pitch more than an inning and can’t handle runners on base. Need a CF? Let’s sign Willy Taveras for two years even though there are outfielders in the pipeline. Let’s play these people day after day after day after day after day no matter how bad they perform. They are “proven veterans” after all and we need that “veteran leadership.”

    The whole organization is a mess.

  5. brublejr

    The site is great, I wish the best for CTR. This is a great thing for Cincinnati fans.

    Also, that interview with Griff is outstanding.

  6. Kyle

    Im also a huge fan of Rosecrans. I think I started reading this site about two years ago based off his recommendation. As previously stated, excellent interview with Griffey.

  7. pinson343

    It’s a great interview,the kind Jr。 only gives to reporters he likes。 CTR knew how to approach him from the start,casually and with humor。

    I’ve never lived in Cincy, but I think it‘s unfair of Jr。to say Reds fans expect the Big Red machine。
    At this point, they’d appreciate a winning season。
    In his official farewell letter to Cincinnati,he said that he understood that the great majority of Reds fans badly wanted him to succeed。 I’d hoped he was sincere when he said that, but it doesn’t come across in this interview.

    His calling Ichiro “pimp” is funny and also remarkable. He’s Americanized Ichiro, anything near the topic of prostitution is generally not appropriate humor in Asia. It’s ironic that Junior’s banter and antics were considered (by many) to create a negative clubhouse chemistry in Cincy, while in Seattle the same antics have been hailed as dramatically improving the clubhouse situation. In Seattle a big part of the problem, it seems, was Ichiro being in his shell, and Junior took care of that.

  8. RiverCity Redleg

    Great interview with Jr. And I also wish CTR well with the website. Are you guys going to link cnati.com to the CTR link on the right?