Baseball Prospectus has three items about the Reds today…

1. Discusses injuries to Ryan Hanigan and Chris Dickerson. BP says if you watch the video of Dickerson’s injury, to note that his shoes are not tied tightly. I’m squeamish about such things and haven’t watched it; what do you think? BP says that UCLA’s legendary coach John Wooden “used to start each season’s practice with a lesson in tying shoes.” BP also suggests that more players should probably get their ankles taped — not suggesting that Dickerson doesn’t, just offering advice. BP says Reds are playing it smart, though carefully, with Hanigan after Scott Rolen‘s recent concussion.

2. BP says that Todd Frazier is looking good at this point in AAA, having reached base six times in three games, with all three of his hits being for extra bases. He’s played 2B twice and LF once.

3. On the BP pay side, there’s a long article about the Reds recent transactions. Says that Matt Maloney and Sam Lecure are both flyball pitchers without dominant stuff which could cause problems GABP. Lecure is also struggling against lefthanders. Also, says that Ramon Ramirez belongs in the pen, things haven’t gone well for Daryl Thompson‘s injury rehab, and that the door may be opening for Travis Wood. I have to say, looking at Wood’s listed size (5-11, 166, which means he’s probably smaller), he’ll have to keep pitching well to get chances. The scouts don’t like small starters like Johnny Cueto. (listed at 5-11, 174, which also means he’s probably smaller). Small starters typically end up in the bullpen.

In the same article, there’s a rather lengthy analysis of the Reds outfield situation, with and without Jay Bruce. Here’s the key phrase to BP’s opinion: “The key point is that no matter how you slice this up, you’re basically left with a crummy outfield in every combination. Now that Dickerson’s joining Bruce and (Willy) Taveras on the DL, that’s even more true, but it was true with all three healthy.”