Interesting story here about the Nationals (hat tip to C. Trent):

The bloggers got to interview Washington Nationals interim manager Jim Riggleman and some of the players and general manager Mike Rizzo and team president Stan Kasten and other team officials. The bloggers got to watch the Nationals beat the Milwaukee Brewers in their own bloggers suite – “the first of its kind,” Kasten proudly proclaimed – and, of course, they will blog about all of it.

No question, Sunday was Bloggers Day at Nationals Park, the second of the year. The first was last month. The Nationals are not the first sports team to reach out to their blogging community, but they are making a marked effort.

The Nationals are following in the footsteps of the Dodgers — who have issued press credentials and full media access for select bloggers — and the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, along with a handful of NHL teams.

The times, they are a’ changing.

Prediction: the Reds will be one of the last MLB teams to do something like this. Which is fine by me; we don’t need any access to do what we do here at Redleg Nation.

Besides, it’s clear I’m going to love this organization, no matter what. I’m hopeless.