Jim Misudek, Reds Media Relations Intern, has the Reds 2009 AFL attendees on his blog in today’s gamenotes.

The Peoria Saguaros club will include manager David Bell and Reds farmhands RHP Logan Ondrusek, LHP Phillippe Valiquette, RHP Sean Watson, IF Yonder Alonso, IF Zack Cozart and OF Chris Heisey.

Ondrusek and Watson are both currently pitching out of the AAA Louisville Bats bullpen. Ondrusek has been doing well as the Louisville closer in recent weeks. Chris Heisey also is in Louisville playing all three outfield positions.

The other three prospects play for the AA Carolina Meducats. Valiquette has spent more than half the season in the AA Mudcats bullpen. Zack Cozart has been the Carolina shortstop all season, while Alonso just returned from his GCL rehab assignment to the Mudcats lineup yesterday.

For those interested, a Saguaro is a tree-sized Cactus species.

(8-26-09) UPDATE: Baseball America has posted the current rosters for all the AFL teams. Players are most commonly in AA, between the age of 22 and 24. On the Saguaro’s roster, there are two pitchers spots assigned to Cincinnati as T.B.A. One of those is rumored to be 1st round pick Mike Leake.

6 Responses

  1. Sultan of Swaff

    They need to send Valaika there too. With his injury costing him a lot of time earlier this season, he needs to marinate under the Arizona sun.

  2. RedBlooded

    This indicates that they think Ondrusek is a serious prospect. He certainly seems to come out of obscurity this year and pitched very well.

  3. RiverCity Redleg

    Or are they “forcing” him into a serious prospect b/c they shipped out Roenicke?

  4. Steve Price

    Ondrusek has been quietly mentioned under the radar for awhile, but his stats hae not been overly impressive prior to 2009. He’s ow a fifth year minor leaguer; after next year he can become a free agent. This year, pitching strictly in relief, he’s been successful in three levels…Hi A (0.96 ERA in 18 innings), AA (1.65 in 32 innings) and AAA (2.70 in 13 innings). He’s kept his WHIP to right at 1 runner 9 innings at all three levels; however his K rate is VERY low for a reliever…about 6 per 9 innings. Even starting pitchers striking out fewer than 5 per 9 are considered to be living on the edge.

    May be he’s found some sort of trick pitch, but even those usually lead to more K’s…I’m not convinced, but it’s worked this year.

  5. Greg Dafler

    If you’re interested in the prospects the other teams are sending, I’ve added a link to the baseballamerica.com rosters in post above.

    I don’t think they are “forcing Ondrusek into a serious prospect”. After being exposed and not selected in the 2008 Rule V draft, he’s really dropped his H/9 this season. He still has a relatively low K/rate for a closer.

    I think the trades/promotions of other pitchers mixed with his improvements make this a “right place at the right time” scenario. Time will tell whether this is relief pitcher sample size or if something really changed that can help him translate his stuff to consistently getting big league hitters out.