This link came over the Reds Listserv, and it’s an interesting study:

I’m kicking off a new series reviewing what all 30 teams would look like if they included only players originally signed by the club. The ground rules:

1. Players are assigned to the team with which they made their professional or U.S. debuts. Japanese and Cuban imports are being included. As far as I can tell, Angel Guzman is the only player considered who signed with a team but never played for them at any level. As a result, he’s listed with the Cubs, rather than the Royals.

2. Officially retired players are ineligible, but players simply out of the league are fair game. That includes players currently in Japan.

You can guess who is ranked dead last.

Yeah, I have some problems with this guy’s analysis, but one look at the names listed and you gotta admit: it’s ugly.