We aren’t going to rehash the merits of the Scott Rolen trade (again), but there was a very interesting nugget in this John Fay piece (which is substantially what appears in today’s Enquirer):

The Rolen trade is Castellini’s latest attempt to change things with one move. It’s along the lines of the hiring of Dusty Baker, the signing of Francisco Cordero, the hiring of Walt Jocketty, the firing of Wayne Krivisky and the trading of Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn.

Castellini was behind all those moves, or at least had the final word.

None of them has righted the listing ship that is the Reds franchise.

The difference with the Rolen trade is it wasn’t popular with a lot of people in the front office and some of the other owners.

Very interesting. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear the internal discussions about this trade (although I imagine they sounded a lot like the discussions we’ve been having here on that subject).

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  1. David

    The best thing for ownership to do in professional sports is to be the money and get out of the way. If Castellini wants to win then he had ought to hire people he trusts to do a good job and let them work.

  2. KY Chip

    But what if the people he hired and trusted to do a good job — Walt Jocketty, for example — were behind such ill-advised moves as the Taveras signing or the one-sided Rolen trade? If that’s the case, then it’s more than just the ownership that doesn’t understand how to run a small-market club.

    Castellini, Jocketty, even Dusty, have all had success in baseball in the roles they have now for the Reds, but that success came in larger markets – St. Louis, Chicago, San Fran – with more money to spend and organizations that had been at least somewhat decently run prior to their arrival on the scene. In Cincinnati, they’ve got neither of those.

  3. doktor

    if Fay has his story right and Castellini did push for the Rolen trade, over the objections of his baseball people and minor owners, then Bob will have to learn the hard way, unfortunately for us fans. I would have to speculate that Walt was also for it. I wonder if this off-season the Reds experience a front office exodus/shake-up and they might be the dissenters.

  4. Mr. Redlegs

    The Rolen deal was 100 percent Castellini, and Jocketty and Bavasi took the yes-man route and got it done. The development people were livid over giving up Stewart because the was necessary to get Rolen, and the Williams Brothers (minority owners) were furious because Castellini made a huge financial decision without their consult, especially since the team is projected to have a $16 million loss this year.

    On the Rolen deal, think of Corey Patterson, where Castellini said, “get it done.”


    Now, in the remaining weeks of the season, if not sooner, you’re going to hear about widening rifts in the ownership group, a fracturing of the front office, contracts running out on some of Krivsky’s leftovers and replaced by Jocketty cronies, minority ownership pressure on a defiant Castellini to make managerial and/or coaching staff changes, and a whole lot of ugly behind-the-scenes stuff that will make the on-field product secondary to the growing problems the Reds have.

    It’s bad. Very bad stuff.

  5. Mr. Redlegs

    That should read Stewart wasn’t necessary to get Rolen.

  6. Steve Price

    Mr. Redlegs, I believe every word of this; it only makes sense and follows historical paths.

    More confusion to come.

  7. Dan

    Stewart wasn’t necessary to get Rolen? How did we end up trading him away in the deal then?

  8. Dan

    And Mr. Redlegs, do you think Castellini is at the core of all these rifts?

  9. StevesFriend

    where are u getting that info mr. redlegs? and as far as your 4th paragraph goes what we had before wasnt working anyway so who cares

  10. doktor

    Basically, it seems like Toronto asked for Stewart to seal the deal and Reds blinked on the bluff and added Stewart.

  11. Dan

    I wonder where this team would be if Krivsky were still GM and if Castellini just kept his big-ass mouth and big-ass ego under control.

    Something tells me the situation — both current and future — would be MUCH better.

  12. Drew Nelson

    Some very interesting stuff from Mr. Redlegs, just wondered how you were able to come up with such info?

  13. Dan

    I don’t know who Redlegs is, of course, but I’ve come to trust his “insider” information like this.

    One thing I remember is that he knew that the player to be named later in the Dunn trade was Owings, long before that was announced. So he has connections of some kind.

    (I’ll also say, what he says here rings true. Unfortunately.)

  14. preach

    All I can do with the post by Mr. R is nod in agreement. It, unfortunately, makes sense.

  15. GregD

    Owings name was being thrown around quite a bit. I don’t think Redlegs originated that rumor.

  16. Sultan of Swaff

    Mr. Fay has been speaking truth to power a lot recently, and I commend him for it.

  17. Mr. Redlegs

    Here, from your own website, I told you all about Owings just after the a.m. deadlines for newspapers, and also sent emails to Chad and Chris Garber the day of the trade:

    Mr. Redlegs
    August 12th, 2008 at 12:24 am
    Okay we’re past a.m. deadlines and the answer is . . . .
    One PTBNL is . . . P Micah Owings.
    The other is . . . still to be determined among C Wilkin Castillo or 1bs Josh Whitesell or Javier Brito. My scout friend says it’s Castillo but a friend e-mailed and said Whitesell.
    My take? Owings is the centerpiece, Buck is a terrific addition, and the lesser of the three position players is Brito, but Wilkin makes more sense from the Reds standpoint. That likely means it’s Whitesell. Ha.
    I just don’t think the Diamondbacks would give up Owings-Buck-Whitesell for a 7-week rental. But there you have it!

  18. Charlie

    I was thinking about this trade just the other day when the Royals sent Alex Gordon down to AAA. I wonder what everyone would have thought had we made the same deal with the Royals for Gordon?

  19. Steve Price

    I would have liked it a lot.

    However…I don’t the Royals have any intention of trading Gordon…I think he was sent down to delay the arbitration clock.

    There’s an angry employee for you