Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 2
Pittsburgh 12
WP: Duke (10-11)
LP: Lehr (2-1)

Last two nights:

Cincinnati Reds 4
Pittsburgh Pirates 17

–The Reds are now in last place in the National League Central, all by themselves.

–Twenty games under .500: 51-71.

–That’s seven losses in their last 8 games.

–Pittsburgh has more consecutive losing seasons than any team in baseball (sports?) history. They have traded away every established major leaguer on their roster, practically. They are the perennial laughingstock of MLB…

…and they are thoroughly embarrassing the Reds right now.

–I’m sad.

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  1. catcard202

    The REDS are 11-29 over the last 40games…Going 10-30 down the stretch seems 100% attainable….That’s a 101 loss season.

    Is that what Bob meant by “short-term ramifications” in his “stick w/ us” letter, last AUG? If so…Might as well go ALL OUT at losing.

    Somehow…I doubt 101 going to be enough losses to get to draft C Byrce Harper w/ #1 pick…They better throw an extra 5 or 6…Just to be on the safe side…Washington & Kansas City will be tough to beat at “getting beat”.

  2. Veteran Leader

    As a veteran leader I feel the need to chime in here:

    Keep your head in the game Chad. The blog needs you.

    Ok I’m done.

  3. Matt B.

    Clearly, Rolen’s presence tomorrow will lead the team on a remarkable 40-game winning streak.

  4. preach

    If we were to combine the Reds and the Pirates, more starters would come from them than us…..and we still wouldn’t be a very good team.

  5. mike

    17.5 games back in the wildcard race

    one way to look at it is half as close are both Houston and the Brew Crew. They are both around 8 games out. Can we even catch them

    only 4 teams in baseball with a worse record

  6. JerBear

    They’re so bad I’m starting to feel kinda sorry for them. Guys like Votto, Phillips, Harang…they’ve never been on good teams, especially Harang and Phillips. Cordero, Rhodes, solid veterans who are on one of the worst teams in baseball. The younger guys are probably just happy to be playing. But even a guy like Hannigan. It’s gotta be humiliating to play on such a team and be the catcher for a pitching staff that has just gone down the tubes.

    I think you put it right Chad. This is sad…by the way, I feel for you guys running this page! It would be tough in times like this, but even though I disagree with some of the opinions written, I appreciate this site and you guys have the best Reds blog I’ve seen. In fact, most times I check on the game, I come here first before going to mlb.com

    Just think…maybe someday the Reds will be good again, and it will be fun to write about the Reds! But such is the life of a Sports fan.

  7. A.

    This is truely a low point for this franchise, and I am actually saddened by it.

  8. preach

    Thanks for the update, Mike. I think we should add our wildcard and divisional standing to the recap, since we are in such a tight race.

  9. Singer

    I just cannot believe the 2 different teams we have seen this year! Although I am miserable, complain about our manager and have begun to lose hope for next season even a little bit, I would much rather watch some horrible Reds’ baseball than be stuck in the dead of winter with nothing but football on tv. Sooner or later by even luck we have to have another impact player emerge, like Joey did. I really hope it is sooner. I feel like I kind of know what a parent who has a kid that won’t stay out of trouble feels like.

  10. mike

    I think another thing to add to the recap would be this, since the owner is SOOOO into winning now

    74 wins last year (.457 wpct)
    51 wins this year (.421 wpct)

    the team has to go 23-18 to even match the sub-.500 record from last year

  11. mike

    the team has only lost 99 games or more twice in over 100 years

  12. mike

    maybe more important is that the team has only lost more than 90 games 3 times since the BRM

  13. Jello

    You think it was bad for you guys. I was there.

  14. Redsfanx

    All is not lost. The Cubs are 8 games back of St.Louis.