From this AM’s Enquirer:

Brandon Phillips came come up as a shortstop, and he is willing to move back there.

But if it’s Reds manager Dusty Baker’s call, it’s not happening.

“No,” Baker said before Friday night’s 5-2 loss to the Pirates in Pittsburgh.

“Not that he’s the caliber of Joe Morgan,” Baker said, “but that’d be like moving an All-Star second baseman to shortstop. You try to develop a shortstop and leave that strong position alone.”

Baker thinks the added workload of making the switch would hurt Phillips offensively.

“That shortstop is a lot of work,” Baker said. “You probably work as hard at shortstop … probably only the catcher is involved in more plays – cutoffs and relays. That’s why I admire the offensive players like Cal Ripken Jr. That’s double duty. To me, that’s like Willie Mays playing an excellent center field and batting third. You carry most of the offensive weight and most of the defensive weight.

“If (Phillips) played short, how much would that affect his offense? Most of the time, you move a guy off of short. Very rarely do you move someone to shortstop.”

Let’s hope that it isn’t Dusty’s call.