Reds and Pirates tonight, in Pittsburgh. Micah Owings makes his first start since returning from the disabled list, and I know we’re all hopeful that he can hit three homers tonight. Otherwise, the Reds may get shut out.

Interesting note in the comments to a thread below:


Tonight and tomorrow the Reds and Pirates will be wearing uniforms and hats from the 1979 season as the Pirates celebrate the 30th anniversary of their last World Series Championship. The Reds played the Pirates in the 1979 National League Championship series, losing the series 3-0. The Reds won the NL West going 90-71 under Manger John McNamara.

Ironically, 1979 was the last time either the Reds or the Pirates were relevant.

Anyway, I’m a sucker for these throwback games, and I’ve always wondered why we never see the Reds do this at Great American Ballpark (Civil Rights Game notwithstanding).

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  1. doktor

    I think the Reds and Pirates were relevant in 1990.

  2. David

    C Dickerson LF
    D Stubbs CF
    J Votto 1B
    L Nix RF
    A Rosales 3B
    D Sutton 2B
    R Hanigan C
    P Janish SS
    M Owings P

    Why wouldn’t you bat Hanigan 5th and Owings 6th? Owings is a better offensive threat than Rosales, Sutton or Janish.

  3. doktor

    yikes, that bottom half the line-up kinda reeks till it gets to Micah. cant gomes play 3rd? 🙂

  4. zblakey

    I recall the ’90 LCS as one of the most exciting times to be a Reds fan. How many warning track outs did the Pirates have????

  5. earl

    That whole 1990 playoff isn’t a classic in a baseball sense as it didn’t go 7 and the world series was a sweep, but almost every game was pretty tight.

  6. RedinFla

    Stellar first inning – for the guy in the striped cap.

  7. RedinFla

    Nix looks like Disney’s Hercules. Hits like him at times, too.

  8. doktor

    zblakey @5, in the 90’s LCS i recall the reds OF making a defensive play almost every game. O’neill throwing out Van Slyke at 3rd, Bonilla hitting a bomb to CF and Davis, running all the way from LF, backing up Hatcher in CF and throwing out Bonilla on a great laser beam to 3rd, Glenn Braggs jumping up to rob a possible HR in the clincher. amazing year.

  9. Y-City Jim

    Stubbs makes a catch that Taveras probably would not have made.

  10. mike

    it was a nice catch by Stubbs and the thing I liked about it was just how smooth and easy he made it look.

    and I can not remember the last time I saw a pitcher hustle down the 1B line like that. Props to Owings

  11. mike

    #@$%#$ Dusty and his small ball

    asking Stubbs to sac bunt in the 3rd inning?

  12. nick in va

    Anyone have any pictures of the throwback unis?

  13. Y-City Jim

    Gonzalez would have dove for that ball.

  14. RedinFla

    What was that w/ Votto? Fancy glove work that backfired? The guys are too busy chatting about the good old days to notice.

  15. Kyle

    Micah throws way too many balls to be effective long-term. He really needs to work on his control.

  16. Matt B.

    2-1, Pirates. Well, it is the Pirates, so maybe the Reds can get a run.

  17. BrentM

    Who in the hell calls the pitches? Is it Dusty in the dugout or is Hanigan calling them? All I know is that it seems like plenty of HR’s have been given up this year with an 0-2 or 1-2 count and 2 out, due to missing in the zone. Usually UP in the zone. AWAY! AWAY! AWAY!

  18. REDS1

    The Pirates must really be fearing our 5 and 6 hitters.

  19. mike

    Kyle, agreed, he still can’t find the strikezone. To be honest if it was a good hitting team he would have walked 4-5 guys already. Along with missing the strikezone I don’t think I’ve seen him hit the target even on the strikes.

    plus it’s mid-80s pitch after mid-80s pitch….good thing this isn’t Philly, Washington or the Brew Crew.

  20. REDS1

    what are the odds they even get 1 run out of this?

  21. Kyle

    I mean even in his 1-2-3 1st, he threw 22 pitches and had 3 balls on each batter. His control was terrible on his rehab assignment and has been pretty poor all year. He has to do better than this to be effective in any role next year.

  22. Kyle

    Thinking about it, Owings might be a decent long man out of the bullpen. Comes in once every two weeks when a game is out of hand and pinch hits the rest of the time. That would actually be pretty useful.

  23. REDS1

    4 hits a piece and the Pirates lead by 3.

    Two home runs for Pitt. The last one by the .228 hitter.

  24. RedinFla

    The battle for the basement is lookin’ scary right now.

  25. mike

    Mccutchen is fast

    I don’t remember willy every running the base paths like that

  26. JerBear

    Man when you step back and look at the Reds and Pirates from a broad persperctive…what a couple sad organizations…the rest of the Central division laughs at us. We are the Browns and the Bengals of the MLB. Not the worst franchises, but just a little above like the Detroit Lions.

    Both teams about 20 games under .500. I hadn’t followed the Reds most of this week and when you take a couple days off and come back to see what’s goin on it’s kind depressing.

    Look ahead a year…Honestly, where do we think the Reds will be. I see them at something like 56-64 and about 11 games out by this time next year.

    Sorry this is such a downer post! But man there is just nothing to get excited about this team right now. Nice hit for Drew Stubbs to win the game, but he’s not the answer in Center, especially if they need to find a leadoff hitter between CF, SS,and LF next year.

    Man you just wonder who will be coming to games at all in 5-10 years if this continues. I think the Reds could be in serious danger economically in 5 years, like shrink payroll to ridiculous level/move team danger if they don’t have a good year in the next 3 years.

    Maybe I’m exagerrating a bit…but being a Reds or Pirates fan is just not a great thing in any respect right now.

  27. REDS1

    That’s a cardinal sin. Way to run your way out of an inning.

  28. mike

    Kurt was the wtf over the attempted steal with 1 out and a runner on 3B?

    small ball took us out of another inning

    Hanigan then hits a tough grounder to 2B in which they would have had a hard time turning the double play. In other words it would be 1 run scored, 2 outs and a runner on either 2B or 1B.

  29. mike

    it’s time for Dusty to go

    I mean it’s been time for a long time but it’s the end of the season, the team is out of it, and they are playing horrible baseball. Bring in new ideas and maybe some excitement so some of the young guys can get regular playing time and see a different style of baseball

  30. CeeKeR

    Pirates have one squirt out of their glove, and bobble a second… It’s a furious battle in the top of the ninth for who gets the upper hand in the battle of the basement.

  31. CeeKeR

    And this one doesn’t belong to the Reds. Reds still the lowest scoring team in the majors.

    Yep, TOS.

  32. WillRedsCHI

    I don’t think I am being overly critical when I say at this point, the Reds are clearly the worst team in baseball. 11-30 to go for 100 losses

  33. KY Chip

    So let’s say the Reds drop the series in Pittsburgh and end up in the basement of the division. Does Dusty get the heave-ho then? How about Pole and Jacoby?

  34. mike

    the big question about letting Dusty go is

    does the owner and GM see the things we so or do they think the team would be in it if it wasn’t for injuries. They have been using the injury excuse a lot lately

  35. WillRedsCHI

    Usually GMs can’t be believed when they proclaim a manager’s job safe. However, I think its safe to say that Dusty is here to stay.

    The earliest I see him fired is after the all-star break next year.

  36. aaron

    Ok I disagree with the WTF. Who didnt think Hanigan was going to hit a double play ball with two strikes. I like Hanigan but come on you have to drive in runs when you bat in the 2-8 spots.

  37. aaron

    Besides with Hanigan’s “speed” they still turn two with the bobble.

  38. WillRedsCHI

    I really hate when teams use injuries as an excuse. Granted some teams are snakebitten more than the other, but every team has to deal with injuries. If you lack depth, then you will not overcome them.

    The Reds did lose more than most other teams, but persevering it is all part of managing and organizing a big league club.

    If Volquez had returned a month ago and Bruce had never broken his wrist. Would we be much better? Maybe 55 wins, rather than 51?

    The only chance this team had was for them to have nobody spend more than one stint on the 15 Day DL…Even then, we be sniffing .500 rear end.

  39. Glenn

    I agree, for better or worse Dusty’s back next year.