Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

FINAL – 10 innings
San Francisco 1
Cincinnati 2
WP: Cordero (2-3)
LP: Howry (1-6)

–Drew Stubbs! In just his second major league game, Stubbs is the hero with a walkoff homer in the 10th inning. Just awesome.

–Laynce Nix was 3-4 with his 10th homer of the year.

–Aaron Harang has really been okay for most of the year. Once again today, he was very good only to see the Reds “offense” sputter as always. Harang tossed seven strong innings, giving up just one run on six hits while striking out four.


–As noted in the game thread, Stubbs was responsible for half of the Reds hits last night, and half the runs today. During today’s game, Thom Brennaman was questioning all the called third strikes he has been taking — and Thom has a point — but Mr. Stubbs is going to be okay, methinks.

–Am I the only one who feels bad for Harang? The guy busts his butt and can’t get any support whatsoever.

–I wish I had a chance to see today’s game. I’m looking forward to the highlights.

*This Offense Stinks.

27 Responses

  1. Travis G.

    That was a pretty fun game to watch, and not just because of the sorta delightful Welsh-Kelch combo on FSN. (I really enjoyed the game-long primer on scorekeeping; it provided a nice, on-topic discussion to fill in dead spots during the action. Much better than asking The Cowboy what meals he’s eaten in the past 24 hours.)

    I especially liked the ending!

  2. David

    I think Drew Stubbs should be batting 9th. Let the kid relax a bit.

    1) Dickerson – RF
    2) Hanigan – C
    3) Votto – 1B
    4) Phillips – SS
    5) Rolin – 3B
    6) Balentien/Nix – LF
    7) Sutton – 2B
    8) Pitcher
    9) Stubbs – CF

    I also like Fay’s idea of trading Gomes if you can get him through waivers. Because of his production and cost, he’d likely be claimed. Maybe a deal could be reached.

  3. RedBlooded

    Stubbs has also had 50 per cent of the total bases in the 2 games he has been in. I know, I’m really stretching to look for all the bright spots.

  4. Chris Garber

    Good to see Thom hasn’t missed a beat. He’s ragging the guy halfway through his second game. Awesome.

  5. Chris Garber

    Drew Stubbs total bases (20 hours, Aug.19-20) = 6
    Willy Taveras total bases (20 days, June 2-20)= 4

  6. Y-City Jim

    I forgot about the game being a day game. Great to see Stubbs deliver. Say good-bye, Willy.

  7. Steve

    Chris (#5): That is the best use of statistics on the blog ever!

  8. al

    i’ve been a little surprised by all the called third strikes that stubbs has taken, but i actually don’t think it’s that bad.

    outs are bad, sure. but in his first two games think of the other ways he could be getting out.

    1) he could be swinging at everything and weakly grounding/popping out like willy t.

    2) he could be swinging and missing everying.

    either of those would bother me a lot more. he looks like he has a patient approach at the plate. he might be a little nervous or something, and probably needs to be more aggressive with 2 strikes, but i like what i’ve seen a lot better than if he was up there hacking away.

    he’s also had a couple of pretty loud outs, which tells me that when he’s seeing a pitch he likes, he’s hitting it square.

  9. aaron

    In a dreary season shines a ray of light

  10. earl

    Did Nix take any of his hits the other way? He seems to be swinging the bat a bit better over the past few weeks. I noticed he actually pushed a couple of his hits to left last week, which is something he rarely has done and I thought it was a nice sign.

  11. earl

    I know Nix isn’t a favorite around here, but I also keep looking at those 35 extra base hits. That is pretty decent considering his at bats. I think him and Gomes are a pretty good matched pair for a platoon.

  12. Jason in Toronto

    I think Nix and Gomes are the perfect DH platoon next season.

    As for Stubbs, you hate to see called third strikes, because batted balls always have a chance of having something happen. It’s like in hockey, you never score when you don’t take a shot at the net. But, you have to like that he’s going up there looking for a pitch to hit, and as Al says, hitting it very square.
    He’s faced a sneaky lefty in Zito and one of the Cy frontrunners in Cain, let’s be patient and hope he builds on what he’s already doing. If he can hit five dingers the rest of the way, I’d be bold enough to pencil in 20 next year.

  13. doktor

    what a heck of a day for the kid Stubbs, game winning HR in 2nd game. Welcome to the big leagues. and his 2nd ab was a deep line drive to LF.

    Harang, pitches great, no run support. I just checked out his game log and its interesting how his months run hot and cold, era wise. reds need to keep him, i would think he is pitching better than his record indicates.

  14. Glenn

    Nix and Gomes were actually pretty good pickups by WJ. IMO he hasn’t done much this year but I have to give him some props for those 2 moves. Now Darnell McD…different matter all together.

  15. preach

    Didn’t see the game today, but the called strike 3’s last night just were not strikes. I’ll worry if the trend continues, but not right now.

    I was excited about Nix because of his previously unrealized potential, and I think he can be pretty servicable. I am almost ready to move Gomes (sorry, Jonny, I love ya’ but business is business)and keep Nix as an extra outfielder/LH pinch hitter next season. I think he still has a big upside that with some maturity will manifest.

  16. Rob

    Why on earth would you want to trade Jonny Gomes? WHAT would you get for him that would amount to anything for contending next year or thereafter? That’s what I would like to know. The guy is good, but position players (especially outfielders) are a dime-a-dozen. He’s not going to bring you phenomenal starting pitching, another good position player…maybe some minor leaguers. So what would be the point in trading him for a minimal amount, when he’s done nothing but HELP this team this year? If anything, he’s been one of the shining parts of this team! I say keep him around. He’s cheap and puts up good offensive numbers.

    Nix, on the other hand, I could care less. He strikes out a lot, barely walks, and his OBP and OPS sucks because of it. He’s a nice bench bat, but not an everyday starter. I could care less if he’s on this team next year. How does he need some “maturity?” The guy is 29 years old, and hasn’t had a BA above .248, an OBP of .293, and an OPS of .746 – he’s just not that good!

    Drew Stubbs is also another player that is…well…mediocre at best. He strikes out a lot and has decent defense. But, his OBP isn’t that good, and he doesn’t take many walks. Many sports writers and analysts over the years have written about this franchise, and how we like to settle with mediocrity and celebrate over it. This is another case like that. Stubbs is not going to amount to much more than a normal player like Laynce Nix (minus the power). I would love to see the guy blossom, but watching him in the minors leaves me my doubts. I have watched him from Single-A Dayton to Louisville. He’s been mediocre everywhere he’s been (from an BA, OBP, and OPS) and sometimes sub-par (HR, RBI, and Walks). He is definitely above average on Stolen Bases and Defense.

    If this team wants to win ANYTHING, they have to be willing to spend some money and bring in TALENT. I love how every year we’re trying to pick gems out of the landfill of released players, and it rarely works to our advantage because we either release the player (Jorge Cantu) or trade them (Josh Hamilton). Can you imagine how much better this defense would be with these guys? As much as I love Volquez, we DESPERATELY need the offense. It will only prove my point more if we trade Jonny Gomes.

    Prepare for another 20 games under .500 season next year, folks. Unless Jocketty spends money to bring in some guys this offseason, we’re going to suck just as bad next year as we have this year.

  17. John

    Anybody see the mouthbreathers on Fay’s blog ragging Stubbs in his second ML game? Then he hits a walkoff…that deserves this:

  18. Matt Steele

    haha John I thought you were posting a video of Brantley adamantly stating that Encarnacion is NOT clutch followed by him hitting a game winning home run right after he said that.

  19. John

    Matt if you know where I can find that I would love to get that too.

  20. Rob

    On my last post…defense = offense…hope it makes sense now.

    Anyway, don’t expect many more homeruns from Stubbs the rest of the year, let alone a walkoff.

  21. David

    Rob – Gomes is a FA and probably gone at the end of the season. He makes little money this year but is likely do for a raise. There are many a contending team that would love to have his production against lefties on the cheap. He is a good fit for a team contending, but not a team with guys like Dickerson, Balentien and Stubbs. Gomes is not the future. These guys could be. We need to give them every opportunity right now and play them every day. This is the type of deal that could net a decent return and allow the young guys to show off for next season.

  22. GRF

    It may not be in a good way, but as discussed in an earlier post our outfield position could actually be crowded next year. Stubbs and Bruce I think we can pencil in, but you can make arguments Dickerson, Gomes, Nix and Balentein all deserve shots to compete for jobs (assuming Gomes and Nix come back, which David correctly notes in an assumption). That is not including Heinsey and Francisco (who seems to me like he should be an outfielder at this point) in the mix. Obviously none of these guys is an established all star, but it gives us a lot of options if we decide to spend money on another spot like SS in the offseason.

  23. GregD

    I think Gomes has at least 1 more year under team control. So they could offer him arbitration and retain him or allow him to become a free agent. Then, they obviously could sign him on free agent market.

  24. Matt WI

    #23… that also assume that Willy is gone and that’s not a forgone conclusion. I look at those names, and frankly, it doesn’t intill a lot of fear in me if I’m the opposing team. Bruce has to get better for this to be any kind of offensive minded outfield.

    But, for the sake of dreams, if Willy is gone, I would want a strong free agent pick-up for LF, Stubbs can play center, Bruce RF, and Balentein and Gomes are my utility guys.

  25. Eddie

    When is my boy Dickerson going to get some respect? You guys do know he has a better AVG and OBP than Stubbs had in the minors?

  26. Rob

    “Rob – Gomes is a FA and probably gone at the end of the season.”

    Not if Jocketty is smart.

    “There are many a contending team that would love to have his production against lefties on the cheap.”

    Okay, if we’re looking to contend, why wouldn’t THE REDS want him? Doesn’t make sense.

    “He is a good fit for a team contending, but not a team with guys like Dickerson, Balentien and Stubbs. Gomes is not the future. These guys could be.”

    Gomes is 29, Nix is 29, and Dickerson is 27. Stubbs is a VERY mediocre player at best…I have a hard time believing that ANYONE on this team is the “future” we seem to be bragging about. Because if any of these guys “mature,” we’ll just trade them away, release them, or let them go via free agency like you’re suggesting to do with Gomes. So do we really even have a “future?” We’ve been talking about the “future” for going on 10 years now. I am sick of talking about it. I want a winning team, not a team full of mediocrity!

    “We need to give them every opportunity right now and play them every day.”

    Good luck getting Dusty Baker to do that. Alex Gonzalez was batting 2nd, then when he leaves, Paul Janish (a guy that got a whole 20 at-bats between July and August) is suddenly good enough to be batting 2nd in the lineup. The stuff Baker does just doesn’t make a bit of sense. Until we get a manager like Jim Tracy or a Freddi Gonzalez, this team isn’t going to amount to much of anything.

    “This is the type of deal that could net a decent return and allow the young guys to show off for next season.”

    How would it be a decent return if he is a Free Agent?