A loyal citizen of Redleg Nation send this our way:

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, Chris Sabo’s Goggles had substantially the same idea, long ago.

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  1. brublejr

    Simply awesome…I will donate to the cause! 😀

  2. Steve

    I’m a charter member of the committee.

  3. preach

    Normally I try to keep politics out of the pulpit, but in this case I will make the definate exception. DFA Now!

  4. Veteran Leader

    Good job keeping the blog loose with humorous posts such as this. Any veteran leader knows you need humor on the internet once in a while. 🙂

  5. Rob

    DFA him now. Save a little face, Jocketty. Whatever you have left, anyway.

  6. Mike Martz

    Very Funny! Kudos on the photoshop! :-*

  7. Andy

    Yeah, I kind of have to agree with World, no matter how much I don’t want it to be true. If you’ve kept him on the roster up until this point, there’s really no point in DFAing him now. Especially since he’s stashed away on DL and not taking playing time away from anybody; I would be shocked if he plays again this year.

    If your going to be paying him next year anyways, you might as well bring him into camp and let him compete with the other guys. If he does somehow make the roster, put him on an extremely short leash. Don’t get me wrong, I wish that the Reds could afford to cut bait because I’d rather see someone with a higher ceiling (Stubbs, Dickerson, Heisey) play center, but with the Reds budgetary constraints they’ve put themselves in a position where have to at least see if they can catch lightning in a bottle when a guy is already making $4 million.

  8. Dan

    Krivsky DFA’ed guys who were still under contract for another year – Hammond, Stanton, Cormier (I think) – and that was under Castellini.

    The Taveras contract was a mistake from day 1 and has turned out even worse than expected. We are a joke as a franchise as long as he’s on the roster. It says “we don’t get it.”

    I fully support the DFA, and I will take us more seriously as a team if we do it. If not, it just tells the baseball world that we don’t give a crap about performance and earning playing time. You can be the worst hitter in baseball and we’ll still run you out there every day.

    I’m sure Willy is a nice guy, and I wish him the best, but he’s GOT to go, ASAP.

  9. doktor

    Andy @10 – be prepared to be shocked when WT comes off the DL and ends up getting half the starts in CF. I agree with you Reds need to be seeing what Stubbs/Dickerson/Wladimar etc can do in the OF but given past history of Dusty and this org I dont expect the “kids” to get featured.

  10. Travis G.

    Taveras has turned out to be far worse than I ever dreamed he’d be, and it’s pretty apparent he quit trying around mid-July. I can sympathize with the guy somewhat, because I’ve failed before and I’ve failed in public, but keeping him on the team sends a terrible message to the other players.

    I have to wonder whether that chemistry-destroying incident Brandon Phillips referred to had something to do with Willy T.

  11. Andy

    I think the fact that they called up Stubbs is an indication that they’ve given up on Willy at least for this year. If they really wanted to, they could have called up a warm body (i.e. McDonald) to take his roster spot and waited another 10 days for September call-ups to bring up Stubbs. The fact that they’re willing to give Stubbs MLB service time shows me that they’ve somewhat given up on Taveras. I still say they’ll try to keep Taveras on the DL for the rest of the year to help save face, both his and the organizations. If he does come back I wouldn’t expect him to get a lot of playing time.

  12. Glenn

    He didn’t start limping until he heard the boos from the crowd. If you told me he had something to do with the loss of chemistry on this team, I’d tend to believe it.

  13. John

    I’ve ripped Walt a lot — I’m pretty sure I started the bit about how we should wake him from his hammock so he can make some moves. But after seeing him move AGon and get an actual, real human being in return, I tend to think Walt is awake (mostly) and he can trade anybody. Even if they only get a rookie leaguer, it’s a bargain. You just have to find a taker.

    Or perhaps Walt was just drinking a lot of green tea the day he traded AGon, and now he’s back to Ovaltine.

  14. Steve

    The other way the Reds could deal with this, and save a bit more face, is to trade WT in the off-season. We may not get too much for him, but at least the management will be able to spin it as a trade instead of a dump. Sort of like we did with AG. But that won’t happen until the end of the season.

  15. David

    Nobody is going to buy Willy Taveras’ contract. The Reds could move him if they picked up 3.5 million. I think they’d do that. I tend to believe some of the roster moves have cleared enough money that the Reds can eat the remainder of his contract.

  16. GRF

    There is a part of me that feels bad. This is the guy’s career after all, and it somehow feels wrong to be reveling in his failure.

    The rest me says that unlike Patterson last year, the guy does not even seem to care. From a purely baseball prosective I would much rather have Dickerson/Balentienh as the extra outfielders. Yes it does not do us much good to DFA him now but maybe it sends a message the team is not going to tolerate his type of play and it sure would make the fans felle better. Cut him loose.

  17. Matt WI

    Well said GRF. And brilliant photoshop work by whoever did it. Great start to my morning.

  18. GregD

    The Rockies couldn’t move him last offseason. I don’t see anything in the past season that would make any of the other 28 clubs change their minds.

  19. GreatRedLegsFan

    He should start to think about another business, perhaps a salsa dancing academy.

  20. Michael

    The sad thing is, most likely, they’ll find someone even worse and sign him for 3 years and more money. It seems like just when the Reds get ahead, they shoot themselves in the foot again, first with Griffey (injuries, but still bad), then Milton (I don’t want to talk about it), then Harang and Arroyo (they make double digit millions to pitch like high school #2’s?), now Taveras and as soon as they live out the contract or (if not guaranteed) cut him, they’ll find another “veteran with leadership” to sign for 3 + years at 6 or 8 million a year. Probably a Mark Kotsay or some other craptacular, never-done-anything-remotely-well 35 year old, to buddy with Rolen in a hov-around race around the clubhouse while on the DL.

    Basically, the Rolen trade was enough for me to instantly lose faith in Jocketty. Rolen would be nice, if we didn’t give up anything with that salary and injury risk and age coming back, but giving up a high-ceiling SP is asinine. Jocketty was fleeced, even if Stewart never makes it to all-star status.

    Sigh. Which retread will we sign with freed up money from Taveras or Harang or Arroyo. I know, lets dump 20 million on a setup man to have the best 8th/9th inning pitching in baseball, well, top 10 anyway. Hitting, fielding, running and starting pitching be darned. Teams might be up 12-1 in the 7th, but by gosh, they’ll not get any more! (in case you haven’t noticed, I am one that thinks 15 mill for a closer on a team with small-market status is asinine too, especially since it wasn’t Mariano Rivera, Papelbon, K-rod or Nathan…truly sad our 15 mill gets just-better-than-average closer).

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