Triple – A

Louisville 10 – Indianapolis 2

The Bats belted 3 homeruns to blow out Indy.  Darnell McDonald went 3-4 with a homerun, 2 doubles, a walk, 2 rbis, and 3 runs scored.  With the terrible play we see nightly from Willie Taveras, it is getting hard to ignore the fact that Darnell is hitting .324/.358/.544 in AAA.  Yeah, I know, we saw him earlier this season and he was terrible, but those numbers are pretty nice!  Juan Francisco went 2-4, hit his 2nd homerun with Louisville, and had a double.  He drove in 3 rbis and scored a run.  Wes Bankston hit his 16th homerun of the season and drove in 3 rbis.  Luis Bolivar and Chris Denove each had 2 hits.

Matt Maloney allowed 1 run on 5 hits and did not walk anyone in 6 innings of work.  He struck out 7 and improved his record to 9-8 on the year and lowered his AAA ERA to 2.96 on the season.

Double – A

Jacksonville 6 – Carolina 3

Zack Cozart and Sean Henry each went 2-4 for the Mudcats.  Henry had a double and an rbi while Cozart scored a run.  Carson Kainer and Jason Bour each added an rbi.

Zach Ward pitched only .1 inning of relief, but that was enough to get the loss.  Ward allowed 2 runs on 2 hits to drop his record to 0-4 on the season.  Joseph Krebs allowed his first earned run in 15 innings of relief work since joining the Double – A team.

Class A Advanced

Jupiter 8 – Sarasota 2

Justin Reed, Alex Buchholz, Dave Sappelt, and Denis Phipps each went 2-4 in this game for the Reds.  Reed had a triple and scored a run, Buchholz added an rbi, Sappelt scored a run, and Phipps doubled and drove in a run.

Lance Janke fell to 0-2 with the loss.  Janke pitched 3.1 innings, allowing 6 runs (5 earned) on 7 hits and a walk while striking out 2.

Single – A

Fort Wayne 6 – Dayton 0

This game only went 7 innings.  The Dragons line score:  0 Runs, 0 Hits, 1 Error.  Enough said.

Rookie Leagues

GCL Red Sox 3 – GCL Reds 2

Henry Rodriguez went 3-4 and Juan Silva went 2-3 in the loss.

Luis Machuca pitched 4 innings of relief, allowed 3 runs on 7 hits and 2 walks to pick up the loss.  The loss drops his record to 1-1 on the season.

Idaho Falls 6 – Billings 4

Mark Fleury went 2-4 with a homerun, 2 rbis, and a run scored.  The homerun was his 2nd of the season.  Mariekson Gregorius hit his 1st homerun of the season and drove in 2 rbis in a 1-4 night.

Leonardo Astorga allowed 4 runs on 7 hits and a walk in 6 innings to drop to 2-5 on the season.

10 Responses

  1. Steve Price


    You may be onto something there. McDonald may be a better play than Taveras, and since Taveras is an established starting major leaguer (for Dusty), he may have been confused about how bad they both actually are…

    I know McDonald is hitting well in AAA, but he’s seen these guys lots of times. To your point, though, I’m so sick of Taveras I’d wouldn’t mind complaining about McDonald for awhile.

  2. CP

    Francisco doesn’t seem to be having any problems adjusting to AAA.

  3. David

    Francisco has played well since being promoted. Problem is he still is a strike out machine. What’s going to happen with his move to 1B. I think he is better suited there. What does that do to Alonso?

    I have no problem with a rotation inclusive of Maloney, Wood or Thompson next year. I think Bailey to the setup role is essential.

  4. RiverCity Redleg

    Dude can mash and Eric Davis is singing his praises.. too bad for the high strikeout rate and shotty fielding.

  5. Mark in CC

    You would certainly like to see a few less Ks from Juan Francisco but I also look at those RBI. He drives in 90+ a year. He obviously strikes out alot but he is obviously making contact in some key situations.

    I am confused is this the same blog that spent a month trashing Darnell McDonald for his lack of any resemblance to a big league ballplayer?

  6. Chris W

    Yes it is the same blog. Darnell McDonald was terrible for the Reds in April. But he is tearing it up in AAA. Does that mean he’s ready to return and will do great? Probably not. Would I rather watch him now than Willy T? Absolutely!!!

    As for Juan Francisco, the guy has no shot at being a Red. He hits homeruns, can’t play defense, and he strikes out a lot. HMMMMMM that sounds familiar!?

  7. Bill Lack

    I would add (on Francisco) that his career best OBP is .317.

    Dorn’s Post All Star break OPS is up to .933. Don’t write this guy off.

  8. Steve Price

    Comparing Francisco to Dunn’s OBP….Dunn walked 100 times as a 20 year old in Dayton.

    Francisco has walked a total of 69 times in 429 minor league games and he’s now age 22.

    Dunn’s minor league OBP: .425

    Francisco’s minor league OBP: .308

    Dunn’s minor league SLP: .525

    Francisco’s minor league SLP: .480

    Francisco has struck out once every 4.5 plate appearances in the minor leagues.

    Dunn struck out once every 5.5 plate appearances in the minor leagues.

  9. Mark in CC

    Who mentioned Francisco and Dunn?