Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

FINAL –10 innings
San Francisco 8
Cincinnati 5
WP: Howry (1-5)
LP: Cordero (1-3)
S: Wilson (29)

–With one of the worst lineups I’ve ever seen, the Reds went out and dropped five big runs on Tim Lincecum. That’s precisely why I love baseball. Wish the game had ended there.

–Joey Votto took Lincecum deep for his 18th homer. He’s now tied with Jay Bruce for the team lead.

–Jared Burton looked like the Jared Burton of old. That’s a good thing.

–Homer Bailey through the first five innings: awesome.

–Homer Bailey after the fifth inning: awful. Good grief, how do the wheels fall off so quickly? I guess that’s what young pitchers do, but it’s frustrating as heck. We need better than that from Homer.

–Via twitter: “@m_sheldon: The misreads in CF by Willy Taveras continue to perplex the mind.”

Taveras is just brutal defensively, not to mention his bat. The fact that Dusty Baker continues to play him is simply baffling. There is no logical defense of Dusty here.

–Sheesh, Francisco Cordero. Can’t we count on you in a tie game?

–Jim Kelch is simply great in the broadcast booth. He was on the TV team tonight, but he’s even better in the radio booth. The Reds really need to steal him from Louisville and keep him with the broadcast crew full time. After Marty, he’s the best…by far.

–Why is it that, every time the Reds get five runs or so, they only have six or seven hits? What’s up with that?

–I would prefer to have Corey Patterson in CF instead of Taveras. At least Patterson tried. Taveras clearly has no pride; he refuses to give even a half-effort. Complete lack of professionalism.

And Dusty not only tolerates it, he encourages it by keeping Taveras in the lineup and at the top of the order every single day. Complete incompetence.

It is a complete disgrace that it is going to take an injury to get him out of the lineup. A disgrace.

–Eighteen games under .500. Seventeen games out of first place.

–The Reds have to go 32-12 to have a winning record this year. Conversely, they have to go 12-32 to lose 100 games. Which of those are more likely?

4 Responses

  1. K-Patt

    That’s right, I did try.

    I suck even more ass than Taveras, but at least I played hard. So can I have my job back?

  2. doktor

    Greg @21 – i had a similiar thought in one of my posts as well in another thread. Balentien had 5 hits off of Lincecum, Cain, Carpenter in his recent starts. yet Dusty is “scared” of the Nationals staff for Balentien’s sake. ridiculous!

  3. RC

    OK, I scoffed at all the accusations about Dusty ruining Prior and Wood in Chicago. I scoffed privately, and I scoffed publicly. They were both hard throwers whose mechanics meant they were destined for arm trouble someday.

    Now, after a season of watching him leave starters in for that one more/two more hitters or one more inning… last night, Dusty leaves Homer in when he was obviously struggling, his fastball had flattened out, he was coughing up a lead, and lest we forget, he was PITCHING ON A SORE FOOT. As I watched Homer in the 6th muscling up to try to make any pitch work for him, it finally occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t have scoffed quite so much.