From Jayson Stark:

Scouts say Aaron Harang seems to have righted himself. But even though he’s cleared waivers, here’s the single biggest reason you shouldn’t look for him to get traded this month: If he’s dealt, his $12.75 million club option for 2011 turns into a $14 million mutual option, which essentially guarantees him an extra year on his deal.

Harang already has $12.5 million coming next year no matter where he pitches. And the Reds haven’t shown much interest in digesting money to move either him or Arroyo.

If Stark is right, does that mean that we’ve been wrong in what “mutual option” means? The way I read this, it means “either” can pick up the option, not “both have to agree”…what do you think?

UPDATE: Received an answer from Jayson Stark concerning the questions about the mutual option on Harang’s contract, he said:

Either side can pick up a mutual option, unless it’s worded otherwise, which this one isn’t. So if the Reds declined the option, he could still pick it up.

Thanks to Jayson for clearing this up.