Sorry for the lack of recaps the last couple of nights. My 7-year-old daughter broke her arm pretty seriously yesterday, so we were literally up all night at two different hospitals and I’ve been kinda out-of-it since we got home earlier today. (Surgery was successful and she’s doing great. Brave little girl. Daddy is proud.)

Anyway, the fact that the Reds lost three in a row to the Nationals, combined with the lineup we saw today (below)…well, I’m pretty happy that I haven’t had to pay attention to the Reds this weekend.

Taveras CF
Sutton 2B
Votto 1B
Gomes RF
Balentien LF
Rosales 3B
Janish SS
Hanigan C
Lehr P

Top to bottom, I honestly believe that is the worst lineup I’ve ever seen the Reds put on the field. That starting nine wouldn’t win 40 games in a full season.

Yes, they’re frustrating, and we fans aren’t the only ones getting tired of it, as Chris so eloguently pointed out.

I’m going to bed.