Sorry for the lack of recaps the last couple of nights. My 7-year-old daughter broke her arm pretty seriously yesterday, so we were literally up all night at two different hospitals and I’ve been kinda out-of-it since we got home earlier today. (Surgery was successful and she’s doing great. Brave little girl. Daddy is proud.)

Anyway, the fact that the Reds lost three in a row to the Nationals, combined with the lineup we saw today (below)…well, I’m pretty happy that I haven’t had to pay attention to the Reds this weekend.

Taveras CF
Sutton 2B
Votto 1B
Gomes RF
Balentien LF
Rosales 3B
Janish SS
Hanigan C
Lehr P

Top to bottom, I honestly believe that is the worst lineup I’ve ever seen the Reds put on the field. That starting nine wouldn’t win 40 games in a full season.

Yes, they’re frustrating, and we fans aren’t the only ones getting tired of it, as Chris so eloguently pointed out.

I’m going to bed.

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  1. WORLD

    God bless your daughter.

    Good night Your Honor.

  2. Veteran Leader

    I broke my arm once — punching a rookie in the face for not hustling, he ducked and I hit a brick wall.

    Seriously though, hope your daughter (and her arm) is as good as new soon.

  3. Chris Garber

    Hope your daughter is feeling better. Believe me, you didn’t miss anything on FSN.

  4. Matt B.

    I hope her arm heals quickly!

    What’s even more frustrating about today’s game is that they had it won.

  5. preach

    Your family is in my prayers.

    This team is terrible. What happened to “Win Now?”

  6. mike

    Taveras has now gotten more plate appearances than Patterson
    and Patterson was having a worse season if you can believe it

    worst Reds OBP vs league average in the last 50 years
    1 Corey Patterson 2008 -.101 .238 .339
    2 Bobby Tolan 1973 -.081 .251 .332
    3 Tommy Helms 1970 -.078 .262 .340
    4 Willy Taveras 2009 -.064 .275 .339
    5 Bret Boone 1996 -.064 .275 .339
    6 Paul Householder 1982 -.063 .265 .329
    7 Jeff Branson 1993 -.061 .275 .336
    8 Joe Oliver 1993 -.061 .276 .336
    9 Frank Thomas 1959 -.058 .278 .336
    10 Pokey Reese 1997 -.058 .284 .342
    11 Pokey Reese 2001 -.056 .284 .340

    and worst production in the last 50 years
    1 Tommy Helms 1970 -2.64 2.25 4.89 605
    2 Corey Patterson 2008 -2.60 2.51 5.11 392
    3 Bobby Tolan 1973 -2.25 2.24 4.49 501
    4 Willy Taveras 2009 -2.20 2.86 5.07 414
    5 Don Blasingame 1961 -2.16 2.77 4.93 502
    6 Pokey Reese 1997 -2.11 3.02 5.12 437
    7 Dave Concepcion 1972 -2.00 2.24 4.25 421
    8 Bret Boone 1997 -1.98 3.15 5.12 501
    9 Jeff Branson 1993 -1.96 2.91 4.88 412
    10 Pokey Reese 2001 -1.89 3.38 5.27 474

    as Taveras approaches 500 plate appearances lots of these players will drop off the lists

    like last year, I have started watching the Reds so I can watch Taveras’s futility, hoping he makes history.

  7. mike

    something I just noticed

    Taveras has the 2nd most plate appearances on the Reds behind only Phillips
    Taveras and Phillips are the only Reds over 300 outs. More than 50 ahead of the next player

  8. pinson343

    Your daughter sounds brave, Chad. Here’s to a full recovery.

    This weekend’s series really sticks in my craw. I don’t care about 5th place vs. 6th place, last place might be a necessary wakeup call to Castellini.

    But losing ugly to the Nats at home is just painful. I believe we would have won Friday’s game if Berry hadn’t sent Aaron home. The Nats’ picher fell apart after Harang’s popup fell in, then we let him off the hook. Saturday was a circus act. The 8th inning meltdown today was ugly and depressing.
    Probably the most depressing thing overall was Dunn’s performance, in particular the 3 runs he scored today. And he looked pretty decent at 1st base.

  9. brublejr

    In all fairness Chad, it could have been worse by playing Tatum over Hanigan, Barker over Votto and Nix over Gomes…But yes it is a truly sad lineup.

  10. Tony

    Glad your daughter is doing better.

    I am as frustrated as I have ever been at a Reds club. It not only seems like they are playing badly, but as the year goes on, everything gets worse. I was encouraged to see that “Dusty’s job is safe” which is usually the death sentence for any manager….

  11. David

    There are more important things than baseball. Hope your daughter recovers soon.

  12. pinson343

    There are definitely more important things than baseball. But Chad, is your daughter a lefty or righty ?

  13. indydoug

    I would say that most top AAA teams would be better at 7 of the 8 positions in that lineup (Votto the exception, of course). ❗