It’s a classic pitchers duel with Homer Bailey (2-3, 7.11 ERA) going head-to-head with Chris Carpenter (11-3, 2.26 ERA.) Arguably Bailey’s best start of the season came against the Cardinals on July 3rd. He left the game one out into the 8th with a 3-0 lead, but the bullpen blew it.

Reds’ lineup per the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Dickerson – LF
Taveras – CF (we should be getting a Nix/Gomes platoon until Bruce is back)
Votto – 1B
Phillips – 2B
Balentien – RF
Gonzalez – SS (obviously the best 6-hole hitter, if he’s not going to bat 2nd)
Sutton – 3B (I’d like to see more of this until Rolen is back)
Tatum – C
Bailey – SP

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  1. WORLD

    JJ Hardy was sent down to the minor leagues today. I suggest that he would look good manning that shortstop position for the Reds.

    The Brewers could use some pitching.

    Wake up Walt J.

  2. Glenn

    Reds killer Bill Hall got DFA’d today too. I hope no one in the NL Central signs that guy. It’d be great not to have to face him so much. Yes I realize he hasn’t been hitting very well. The only thing is that Hall could be 3 days dead and still come back to hurt the Reds.

  3. Glenn

    BTW, absolutely agree with Greg. Sutton needs to be playing 3B while Rolen is out. I’ve also got to say this. Man, that a weak lineup!

  4. CeeKeR

    It’s hard to imagine this lineup scoring any runs against Carpenter tonight isn’t it?

  5. shane

    Unfortunately no, this is the kind of lineup that scores runs for the Reds. When they put what looks like a decent lineup in there, they got 3 hits per game *sigh*

  6. doktor

    What? No A-Gon leading off, guess ol’ Dusty not front-running there. LOL.

    Any odds that if Dickerson gets on to lead off the game, WT will be bunting as Dusty plays for one run in the 1st?

    Good to see Sutton and Balentien in there, lets see what they got.

  7. Steve

    There are definitely upsides to JJ Hardy, but with a career OBP is .323 – he would certainly fit into the Reds roster.

    I don’t think the Brewers are ready to trade him, either. They can’t rely on the rookie until they see if he can hit major league pitching any better than Hardy.

    They would be selling really low on Hardy, too, so they might wait and see if he bounces back this year so they could get more for him in a deal.

  8. BigRedMike

    I think I would stay away from Hardy. Like Steve pointed out, a career OBP of .323 will not help this team.

    Is Hardy any good defensively?

  9. Steve

    Yes, Hardy is excellent defensively. Career UZR/150 of over 11.

    Hardy is going to be a free agent (probably) at the end of 2010, so he’s no long-term solution at SS. And the Brewers won’t give him up cheap.

    Although maybe as a straight up swap for Arroyo…for a year?

  10. Steve

    Turns out Chris Dickerson only committed one terrible running play last night. When he got trapped off of third base on the ground ball hit to 3B DeRosa it was intentional. 3B coach Mark Berry told him to get off the base so DeRosa didn’t get a 5-4-3 double play.

    As it turns out, Dickerson came within a whisker of getting back to 3B after distracting DeRosa.

  11. David

    Steve – the interesting thing about the Hardy situation is because of service time, if he stays in Nashville for 20 days or more, it means he won’t be a free agent until 2011. Yep, that’s right. JJ Hardy got screwed hard out of a FA year.

    I would like to see Hardy at SS for the Reds. He’s got good pop for a SS. He’s traditionally batted second but is more suited for the seventh spot.

    It would be a decent business move. The ladies love Hardy in Milwaukee. It would probably boost attendance amount 13-30 year old women by 200%.

  12. mike

    Hardy has been the 2nd most valuable defensive SS in baseball this season

    plus he’s only 26 and his two seasons before this year he had 113 and 100 OPS+

    He’s exactly the type of player that is worth taking a chance on. He’s hit in the past but is having a terrible year at the plate but is not too old to get it back. Plus he’s a GREAT defender.

    the question is how far away is Cozart and will Cozart have the bat that Hardy had in 2007/08 or play as good defensively. Janish won’t hit and Valaika is having a horrible season at AAA this year.

  13. mike

    I find it really strange just how bad a defender Dickerson has been in the corner OF spot and how good he’s been in CF. We all noticed it but the #s back up what we’ve seen

    actually what the #s show is that he’s been better defensibly in LF than our other LF but horrible in RF

    33.7 Dickerson CF
    16.2 Balentien LF (combined Reds/Seattle)
    13.6 Dickerson LF
    11.8 Bruce RF
    9.5 Taveras CF
    8.7 Nix LF
    -4.9 Gomes LF
    -5.0 Balentien RF (combined Reds/Seattle)
    -13.4 Dickerson RF
    -37.7 Gomes RF

    curious to me that (and again like I’ve noticed) Blentien, Dickerson, and Gomes have been butchers in RF.

    also combined with hitting, points out how much of a MASSIVE impact it could have on this team if Dickerson played almost every day in CF and Bruce in RF mixing the others up in LF

    Bruce was struggling at the plate but not in the field and despite his struggles was still producing more than a lot of Reds at the plate. It’s not surprising with how thin our bench and AAA are than the team has been much worse since his injury

  14. Matt B.

    It looks like Bailey is done. Please no Kip Wells.

  15. Southern Fried Red

    hopefully that umpire take many fouls balls off of his body tonight. Homer had albert struck out, come on karma kick the umps azzzzz.

  16. al

    all espn gamecast is saying is he committed a throwing error.

  17. jdarts84

    Am I picking on Bailey if I think that was a situation where you just need to man up? I know that had to hurt like hell, but he didn’t even attempt to throw off the mound or anything, he just walked off. I might get killed for saying that, but it seems like he could have at least attempted to test the ankle out.

  18. Matt B.

    Bailey took a comebacker, an absolute blast, from Pujols off the foot.

  19. Glenn

    I am now more than ever convinced that there will be absolutely nothing good to come out of this season for the Reds. Someone in this organization has P.O.’d a witch doctor or something.

  20. Southern Fried Red

    al, albert his a shot off of Homer, he picked it up and threw it into rightfield

  21. jdarts84

    If his ankle is broken I’m gonna feel like an a-hole. It just felt at the moment he kind of quit, gut reaction I guess.

  22. al

    man oh man. the only question left for this season is what won’t go wrong? they’ve tried just about everything.

  23. Glenn

    This game could be over in the first inning.

  24. mike

    Bailey should have been quick enough to get out of the way (sarcasm)

    I just turned on the game to see Fisher warming up and the Reds down with 0 outs. surreal

  25. Matt B.

    Another terrible play by Wee Willy. Way to take a terrible route to the ball and then drop it. Can someone teach him geometry?

  26. Southern Fried Red

    omg lol @ that play, you gota be kidding me thats a ml centerfielder

  27. Glenn

    Maybe someone at the karma bank is keeping track of all this. After this season, there’s no where to go but up.

  28. jdarts84

    Absolutely no reason to dive for that ball, just stupid. Willy T was supposed to improve the outfield defense lol

  29. Glenn

    How much do they pay that guy again?

  30. jdarts84

    4 million I believe, good investment.

  31. Steve

    The radio broadcast said Homer did take a practice pitch and as soon as he did, lowered his head and walked to the dugout. Brantley told a story about getting hit like that once and it knocking him out of the game, too. Incredible pain, something about nerve clusters.

  32. RC

    Quick, somebody look up “circuritrous”…

  33. Steve

    Taveras, that starts with “T” and that stands for Terrible.

  34. jdarts84

    If I’m not mistaken Patterson got 3.5 million. 2 years of absolute wastes of money, but what’s new?

  35. Greg Dafler

    jdarts – I don’t know. It didn’t look like he was limping. The trainer came out and talked to him. Something had to have been said or decided on the mound. They typically let the pitcher throw a pitch or two unless it is really serious. Perhaps Bailey “manning up” was walking out the field without limping?

    Maybe there was already a huge knot on his leg, and the trainer called it a day?

    Whatever it was, no one in the dugout was arguing or even discussing it with him, so it looked like a decision all the coaches agreed with.

    Hopefully, the telecast will have some more info for us shortly.

  36. al

    down three seems like a miracle. i guess this clears up who owings will replace.

    man, i had such high hopes for the rotation this year. again, shambles.

  37. jdarts84

    Thanks Greg, I wasn’t trying to sound like an a** or anything by saying he should toughen up, I guess I just got frustrated watching yet another pitcher go down before the frickin 3rd inning.

  38. mike

    actually I don’t think Taveras is getting paid $4 million this season

    Remember he’s SIGNED FOR NEXT SEASON!!!!!!! someone put me out of my misery

    from Cot’s Baseball Contracts
    # 2 years/$6.25M (2009-10)
    * signed by Cincinnati as a free agent 12/27/08
    * 09:$2.25M, 10:$4M
    * performance bonus: up to $0.25M for 600 PAs in 2009, up to $0.5M for 600 PAs in 2010

  39. Greg Dafler

    I played softball once where the pitcher on my team took a comebacker to the shin. Incredible pain, huge welt immediately, but of course with slow-pitch he stayed in the game. A few batters later, he took another comebacker in the EXACT same spot. He dropped to the ground immediately, and had to be helped off and checked out by paramedics.

  40. jdarts84

    He is making 4 mill this season Mike, it is sad.

  41. Steve

    Chris Welsh on Taveras’ misplay in CF: “I don’t think he could have taken a worse route to the ball.”

    It’s just so f*cking evident to EVERYONE who watches that Taveras is killing the Reds in CF and at the plate.

    Those above UZR statistics are amazing in relation to Dickerson and how good he is in CF. He surely would have caught Holiday’s ball, although Pujols probably would have scored from third anyhow.

  42. Greg Dafler

    That’s right Mike
    2-yr deal for Taveras

    2008: $3.5M to Patterson
    2009: $2.25M to Taveras
    2010: $4.0M to Taveras

    He has 405 PA heading into today’s game. With 50 games left, he could reach the PA bonus if he keeps playing regularly.

  43. Chris

    I think Cots’ numbers are correct.

    Look for an off-season trade of a good player, to save the extra $2M that WIlly has “earned.”

  44. jdarts84

    My bad Willy T makes 4 mill next year, 2.5 mill this year. That makes me feel better, not really.

  45. Greg Dafler

    On Aug 2 Rotoworld said:

    Taveras is batting .240/.279/.290 this season with 21 stolen bases. The Reds would be better served to move on after the year, but Taveras signed a two-year pact. It means another year of Dusty Baker ensuring the leadoff position isn’t clogging up the bases. Of course, here Baker is just clogging up the bench.

  46. Chad Dotson

    I don’t like finally getting a chance to turn on the radio and finding the good guys down by 3 already.


  47. Greg Dafler

    Jim – it seems like a lot of players were acquired/retained in the hope that they could repeat specific individual seasons of their past.
    If Taveras and Gonzalez played like it was 2007. If Hernandez played like he did pre-Baltimore

  48. BigRedMike

    To post #52

    I doubt that Dusty knows what a UZR is. The thing is, it is obvious that Dickerson is better in CF. I know Dickerson cannot play CF instead of Taveras, Willy is a great defensive CFer.

  49. Steve

    Say “No” to Bill Hall

    Hal and Marty just agreed that the Reds should pursue Bill Hall of the Brewers. Marc Sheldon also wrote that on his blog tonight. Well, after all, Hall has killed the Reds.

    No, No, No. Hall has a career OBP of .312 – and that includes some halfway decent years, not the way he has hit the past two years.

    Even if the Reds could sign Hall cheaply, we need to STOP signing these guys that never walk and strike out all the time.

    The media geniuses that cover the Reds haven’t stopped to think that one reason Hall has hit the Reds so well over the years is the Reds’ pitching.

    Obviously, his performance vs. the Reds is atypical of the rest of his career, otherwise he’d be the MVP, and certainly not DFA’d by a team in a playoff drive.

  50. Y-City Jim

    Glad Votto got that hit. That might be the only one tonight. Wonder where Brook Jacoby will be next year?

  51. Chris

    They’re unreal, aren’t they?

    Of course, we’re just guys in our mom’s basements, and not Men Who Know Baseball Men.

  52. Greg Dafler

    Would the Brewers even offer Hardy arbitration next year? He’s making $4.65M this year. I believe the biggest paycut an arb offered player can take is 20%. That would make his min 2010 salary $3.72M. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him make the same or even a little more in an arbitration case.

  53. BigRedMike

    Hall is set to make over $8 million next year.

  54. jdarts84

    Answer to #56, I suppose Baker’s reasoning was speed at the top of the lineup and creating what was supposed to be HAVOC. Speed does you absolutely no good when you’re on base less than 4 out of every 10 ABs though.

  55. Greg Dafler

    Castellini said Baker’s job was safe. He didn’t say anything about Jacoby, Pole, etc…

  56. BigRedMike

    Is there a more unfair matchup than Carpenter vs. Taveras?

  57. Steve

    That pitch Taveras struck out on was not only more than a foot outside, but bounced at the plate.

    But he’s fast.

  58. Glenn

    Jacoby SHOULD be the first coach fired.

  59. BigRedMike

    If I had to work with the likes of Taveras and Gonzalez, I would be tempted to resign as hitting coach.

  60. Glenn

    I wonder what the chances are of getting Ken Sr back as a hitting coach. He seems to be an old school, no bravo sierra type guy. Anybody know how the offense did when he was the hitting coach? If couldn’t be as bad as it is now.

  61. The Mad Hatter

    Tonights starting lineup (excluding the pitcher) includes two guys batting under .200, three guys under .220 (thanks to a 4 for 5 night), five guys under .240, and seven guys under .270. No I could understand if the majority of these players had high OBP and/or slugging pct. but seriously, the front office considers this a major league lineup. The Cardinals by comparison have one under .240 and three under .270. The difference between division leaders and division basement dwellers. I sure am glad we pitching and defense otherwise all would be lost.

  62. Greg Dafler

    Crap, what a contract Hall has.

    After that 2006 season in which he hit 35 HR he signed a 4-yr $24M deal.

    $$Remaining = Whatever is left of the $6.8M this year.
    $8.4M in 2010
    Plus 2011 option year at $9.25M or $500k buyout.

  63. Glenn

    Big Red, doesn’t it seem like those two guys are a little thick between the ears when it comes to hitting?

  64. Steve

    I’m sure it never occurred to Baker with a 3-0 count to just put Albert on first base. He was probably too busy figuring out how he can get Taveras 200 more PA this year so he can qualify for that bonus.

  65. Steve

    At least the stupid Cubs are getting drilled on national TV.

  66. BigRedMike

    I think they are thick between the ears and just flat out bad hitters.

    What is the bonus that Taveras will receive?

  67. Greg Dafler

    250k for 600 PA’s.

    They should have thrown in a bonus for reaching 100 stolen bases.

  68. Glenn

    I hate being so negative, especially about a franchise that I’ve grown up pulling for, but this organization just seems lost. Does anyone in the Reds front office have a clue? They have been throwing money at players like Taveras, Patterson, Gonzo et al..for years now with no success, but they still keep doing it. It’s just insanity.

  69. Chris

    Good stuff, Hatter.ers are surprising to anyone . . . other than Walter Jockerty, Bob Castellini, and Dusty Baker.

    If you blame Brook Jacoby when Willy Taveras hits .220, you might as well blame him when the sun comes up in the East.

  70. mike

    can anyone else believe, with all his injuries that Jr is playing his 21st major league season??

    and despite having a bad season for him, his 95 OPS+ is better than every Reds with the exception of Votto, Phillips, Gomes and Balentien

  71. Chris

    Good stuff, Hatter. Those numbers are not surprising to anyone . . . other than Walter Jockerty, Bob Castellini, and Dusty Baker.

    If you blame Brook Jacoby when Willy Taveras hits .220, you might as well blame him when the sun comes up in the East.

  72. BigRedMike

    Why would the Reds throw in a $250K bonus for 600 AB’s?

  73. Shane

    “Lets see, if I pay Dusty 100k to make sure I get 600 PAs, I’m still ahead 150k, yeah, that’ll work”

  74. Glenn

    Aside from Votto and Phillips everyone on this squad has been overmatched by NL pitching. I may have been a little rough on Jacoby but I’m not going to give him a pass either.

  75. Chris

    John Cusask and the mean doc from Scrubs are watching the Phils unload on the Cubs.

  76. mike

    if we are going to judge Jacoby I think we need to look at players who haven’t gotten hurt and compare their performance this season what was expected of them

    Votto – hitting better than expected
    Phillips – hitting better than expected
    Gonzo – hurt, old, and has never been consistent
    EE – hurt and didn’t play much
    Bruce – was not hitting what was expected
    Taveras – stinks and alway has
    Gomes – wow, what a surprise
    Nix – hit for a short period but has regressed back to his usual

    that’s 3 for Jacoby (Votto, Phillips, Gomes) and 1 against (Bruce)

    now if we are going to talk about Pole I think that’s a different story

    Cueto – better than expected but might be regressing
    Harang – worse than expected
    Arroyo – didn’t expect much but he’s been awful
    Bailey – who knows what his problem is
    Volquez – hurt
    Owings – disappointment and worse than expected

  77. Glenn

    Did Jockety sign WT or was he a Krivsky holdover?

  78. Y-City Jim

    I think Ken, Sr. would be a good choice, Glenn. Didn’t he leave the organization mad though?

  79. Glenn

    Y-City, he sure did. I wonder if the new ownership would make any difference to him?

  80. Y-City Jim

    I blame Jacoby for this offense stinking ever since he arrived to “salvage” Adam Dunn.

  81. Steve

    Is this leaving Fisher in for one too many innings? Not that Baker would ever do that. Fisher has looked tight so far.

  82. mike

    Fisher has only thrown 46 pitches in 4 innings.
    Not that I think he should go out for another inning but that’s impressive and he just might have another 10-15 pitches in him but it’s the top of the order so I would have taken him out

  83. Steve

    Everyone but Baker sees Fisher should not be pitching this inning.

    Brantley: His fastball speed has dropped way off this inning.

  84. Greg Dafler

    Will we have a Janish out of the bullpen in this game?

    Wonder what the most relief appearances by a position player in a season is?

  85. mike

    can you even imagine what is going on in Bakers head?

    is it “well he’s pitched well, so I’ll leave him in”
    do you think he even remembers he’s a reliever?
    do you think he even knows or cares that the most innings Fisher has thrown in a game this year is 45?

  86. mike

    Greg I wanted to look that up the last time Janish pitched but I don’t know how to find that data

  87. mike

    umm…that pitches not innings….tough to throw 45 innings in a game

  88. Shane

    Burton sucks, he has all year and he still does

  89. Chris

    Anybody else notice they NEVER have Piecoro’s mic turned on when he starts talking?

  90. mike

    another reason you take Fisher out
    Just in case the team strings together a few base runners. A HR by Phillips and the game would be tied

  91. reds234

    He should be the everyday CF’er. IMO.

  92. Steve

    There’s something you don’t see every day. Alex Gonzalez striking out swinging at a pitch WAY out of the strike zone.

  93. Steve Price

    Janish last pitched on July 6. His first stint as pitcher came on May 6

  94. doktor

    Does that mean Janish’s next scheduled pitching spot is Sept 6th? 😀