Homer Bailey vs Chris Carpenter Lehr vs Boggs for those that are going to indulge….sure would like to see Homer progress a Reds win.

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  1. Steve

    Tonight is Justin Lehr vs. Mitchell Boggs. Bailey vs. Carpenter is tomorrow night.

    Good health report on Cueto, happily.

    Dickerson leading off tonight.

    Gonzalez still batting second, at least the entire Dynamic Duo isn’t sidelined. Whew.

  2. mike

    Baletien has hit in all 6 of his starts as a Red. He’s on a 6 game hit streak, where he’s hit .450/.560/.650. Plus he hits right handers better than left. Somehow he’s not in the lineup??

    In the last 50 years here are the Reds worst OBP vs league average for players with at least 250 PA in a season

    1 Corey Patterson 2008 -.101 .238 .339 392
    2 Alex Gonzalez 2009 -.084 .255 .339 257
    3 Bo Diaz 1988 -.084 .236 .320 327
    4 Bobby Tolan 1973 -.081 .251 .332 501
    5 Dave Concepcion 1971 -.080 .246 .326 354
    6 Juan Castro 2001 -.079 .261 .340 261
    7 Tommy Helms 1970 -.078 .262 .340 605
    8 David Ross 2007 -.071 .271 .342 348
    9 Willy Taveras 2009 -.067 .272 .339 404
    10 Cesar Geronimo 1973 -.066 .266 .332 358

    yet he bats 2nd

    I haven’t seen this mentioned but has anyone noticed Nix hasn’t hit for about 2 months?
    His #s in the 2nd half. .192/.271/.269 for a .540 OPS

    and I found this fun/interesting to think about. The Reds most valuable players, including defense so far this season

    2.2 Votto and Phillips
    1.2 Dickerson
    1.1 Hanigan
    1.0 Bruce

    and pitchers
    2.3 Harang
    1.2 Cueto
    .8 Cordero and Masset

  3. pinson343

    Janish is 5 for 8 with a HR lifetime vs. Boggs, wouldn’t it make sense to give him a start tonite ? (And I’m not even a Janish fan.)
    Votto has a HR in 2 ABs against Boggs. Boggs’ ML WHIP is close to 2, seems like we should have a good chance tonite, especially if Lehr is on.
    Then again, we might get shut out.

  4. pinson343

    Dusty’s no front runner, he benches the hot hitter (Baletien) and plays the cold ones (Gomes and Nix).

  5. ty

    because “the book” says you play the lefthander vs. the righty on the mound….

  6. Kyle

    Don’t worry guys. Balentien will come in as a double switch once Lehr hits the 135-pitch mark. By the way, it sure didn’t take Rolen long to find his way to the DL.

  7. mike

    my lineup would probably be


    the lineup toy says that’s 4.1 R/G
    the optimum lineup from the lineup toy is
    Balentien, Votto, Phillips, Dickerson, Gomes, Lehr, Hanigan, Rosales, Janish
    that’s 4.3 R/G

    but not far from that was this interesting lineup
    Hanigan, Balentien, Phillips, Votto, Gomes, Lehr, Dickerson, Rosales, Janish

    I really like that one and it would probably confuse the oponent. 🙂
    that’s 4.299 R/G

    I used season totals vs right handers picking the top guys.
    Votto has been in a slump and I might consider giving him a day off. Then I’d play Nix and Gomes at 1B but I’d probably wait till we face a tough pitcher to give him a rest

    and then there is also Sutton, who’s numbers almost don’t matter because he’s only had 23 PA vs right handers. So you could just take a change and play him instead of Rosales or Janish

    I guess there is another half to this equation. Boggs is terrible vs lefties and decent vs right handers.

  8. Kyle

    I never called him a moron, but is he not on the DL after playing 4 games in a Reds uniform? Does he get points for getting hit in the head, instead of tearing his hamstring running around third base?

  9. Chad Dotson

    At a AAA game in Norfolk, VA. Baby Yabks and Baby Orioles. Dave Miley is in the visitors dugout.

  10. jdarts84

    I would invite anyone criticizing Rolen for going to the DL to got to there local batting cage, step in the 90 MPH one, and see if you can duck out of the way of an out of control fastball coming straight at your face. We all know Rolen has a DL history, but who in there right mind can criticize the guy for taking a ball off his dome?

  11. Matt B.

    I bet Dickerson could teach Taveras a few things about stealing bases.

  12. jdarts84

    I’m not a huge fan of the Rolen deal for a variety of reasons, but call a spade a spade and cut the guy some slack on this one. Jeez

  13. Kyle

    Okay, good to know. I’ll just pretend like Rolen is out there. Is it alright to mention that Jay Bruce is on the DL or do I have to bend my wrist at a 180 degree angle while diving into the ground first?

  14. mike

    the around-90 MPH fastball takes somewhere between .375-.49 of a second to reach home plate. In other words less than a half second.

    I can’t think of a single time I’ve seen a ball going towards the head of a batter and they were able to get out of the way. Maybe once on a changeup that was behind the hitters head and they just leaned a little forward

    I’ve been hit in the side of my stomach by a 93 MPH (by Bill Scherrer ex-Reds reliever). I was a kid and didn’t have a chance and it hurt for 2 weeks! He use to scare the @#%@#$% out of me throwing me batting practice.

  15. Matt B.

    Rarely when a player gets hurt is it his fault. It’s mere chance, usually an accident or freak injury. I don’t think anyone is blaming Rolen; I think the editors just tried to underscore the point that this type of thing happens often.

    Double by Nix. 2-0.

  16. mike

    speaking of Bruce, any news on when he might start a rehab assignment?

  17. RC

    Nix comes thru for the first time since 1977. I may be exaggerating a little…

  18. jdarts84

    Are you actually comparing the Jay Bruce injury to what happened to Rolen? It’s apples and oranges man, have some sense. The only thing the 2 have in common is that they are both freak occurrences, you can’t blame Rolen for a ball drilling him in the head and you can’t blame Bruce for going all out and injuring his wrist.

  19. Matt B.

    Gomes is down to .261. He really has fallen off.

    And as soon as I type that, he gets an infield single. 3-0.

  20. Mike

    is there a coach designated to teach baserunning? The reds seem to always (even dating back to ryan freel) have trouble with it.

  21. mike

    RC I think 77 is a little off. Maybe since 1992
    aren’t Glenn Braggs and Nix the same person? They look like they go to the same gym

    I don’t know who it was but earlier in the season someone posted what I think is the funniest thing said on the blog this season. About Nix exploding running around the bases and we discover he’s a robot or some such thing. When I was at the Giants game I was sitting 11th row bleachers right behind the LFers. When Nix was put in the game I just kept laughing at the thought.

  22. jdarts84

    Okay, sorry. Rolen is on the DL, thanks for the report Hal McCoy.

  23. mike

    I agree about the base running issue. The Reds rank 20th in baseball in SB% at 71%
    There are teams that as a team steal at over an 80% clip. Texas and TB for example

  24. RC

    Yes, there is a coach who is supposed to teach baserunning. His name is “the coaches in A ball and AA ball”.

  25. mike

    the last time the Reds were in the top 10 in baseball in SB% was 2006 mostly thanks to Dunn (7 SB/0 CS), Phillips, Lopez and Freel

  26. RC

    Was I the only one thinking “squeeze” with AGonz at bat?

  27. Steve

    Reds up 4-0. Dickerson two hits. Nix 2RBI, Gomes 1 RBI, Votto 1 RBI.

    Willy Taveras has not misplayed a ball in the OF.

    Edwin Encarnacion has not thrown a ball into the first base dugout.

  28. RC

    Well, so far, Taveras is having one of his best games of the season…

  29. ty

    i think squeeze everytime there’s a man on third and less than 2 outs. unless votto’s at the plate

  30. mike

    Chad what’s happening is the Reds lefties are crushing Boggs
    4-0 Reds and the lefties in the lineup are 4 for 5 with 2 runs and 3 RBI after 2 innings

    if I was Stl I would have walked Votto and pitched to Phillips. 1 out, you are already down 3, man on 3B and you are already down 3-0 in the count to Votto.

  31. Mike

    This game is such a crushing example of what a good leadoff hitter can do for a club

  32. Chris

    Am I a bad guy if I say I’m very disappointed that Rolen is on the DL after playing 4 games as a Reds?

    Am I a bad guy if this is exactly what I was afraid would happen?

    Does it matter that it was a concussion and not a sprained knee?

  33. BigRedMike

    Just think what a good #2 hitter would do. Gonzales is embarrassing in the #8 spot let alone the #2.

  34. al

    everyone was concerned about rolen’s health when the trade happened. now he’s on the dl after playing four games.

    thing is, in this case one has nothing to do with the other. just the reds crappy luck.

  35. RC

    Rolen’s on the DL because he took one on the melon, not because he’s old and fragile. Unless you think he got hit because he was too old and slow to get out of the way, I don’t see how you can equate the two. EdE would have ducked faster, maybe?

  36. ty

    getting hit in the head doesn’t make someone injury prone … i’m as against the trade as anybody, but it’s completely moronic to associate Rolen’s history with the current situation

  37. mike

    7 base runners each after 3
    yet the Reds are up by 3 runs

    the stl tv broadcast didn’t show a replay of the Gonzo bobble. Did it really bounce up and hit him in the face? Because live I would have called that an error easily but I also didn’t see it take the hop that the announcers said it did

  38. RC

    Yes. No. Maybe. Could you repeat the question?

  39. Steve

    Can’t call AG’s fumble an error because they got the lead runner. You can’t score an error based on the assumption of a double play.

    Nonetheless, AG’s bobble cost the Reds a run. Brantley also said that Phillips always catches the DP dish with one hand and that slows down his turning it. JB said that was the difference on the play in question.

  40. ty

    JB is a retard. the difference in the play was the bobble, which lead to the hard slide affecting BPs ability to get rid of the ball quickly

  41. T-Mart

    I’ve been reading the Rolen comments over the last few nights, and thought I would throw in my two cents.

    While I don’t take joy in seeing a guy take one in the helmet, I don’t think people are out of line when they say that sometimes a hitter is to blame for getting hit.

    A lot of the power hitters like to get out over the plate and get extension with the arms. Obviously, this makes them vulnerable.

    I’m not going to go through and analyze the numbers on HBP per year, but I would guess that as the game has changed from a speed-based game to a power-game, the number of guys getting plunked has gone up dramatically.

    I’ll do some research later, but if someone wants to beat me to it, here ya go!


  42. RC

    Gomes! Gomes! Gomes you magnificent bastard!

  43. mike

    T-Mart your HBP guess is correct. Well mostly correct

    roughly pre-1906 hitter were hit ALL THE TIME
    but hitters are hit just as much today

    If you look at even just the Reds team HBP the top seasons are all either 1800s or recent seasons. Almost no seasons in between

    actually in the 1800s players were hit more than they are today but the game was SOOO different.

    most HBP in a season for the Reds
    1 Reds 2004 81
    2 Reds 2003 79
    T3 Reds 1899 66
    T3 Reds 2007 66
    T3 Reds 2002 66
    T6 Reds 1897 65
    T6 Reds 1886 65
    T6 Reds 2001 65
    9 Reds 2000 64
    10 Reds 2005 62

  44. Ramrod

    Man, I should’ve added a toothpick. Shame on me for missing out on that.

  45. mike

    excellent ramrod
    I think any time the Reds lose and Taveras/Gonzo hit 1-2 in the order that should be posted

  46. reds234

    You think Gomes can out party Josh Hamilton?

  47. T-Mart

    Thanks for digging that up Mike, interesting stuff.

    I think I’ll go through the stats after the game to see if there is any difference in NL and AL HBP since the introduction of the Designated Hitter rule (since people always talk about how a pitcher would be less likely to plunk a guy if he has to step in the box later on).

  48. Y-City Jim

    Looking forward to the offseason. We need to get the George Grande Drinking Game designed and available on PDF.

    Also I suggest we have a offseason contest called “Who is the Biggest DA – Dusty or Walt?” A Redleg Nation panel of experts will determine which is the biggest DA then draw entries until drawing one that has that particular DA selected. Prize can be a “Who is the Biggest DA – Dusty or Walt?” t-shirt.

  49. Chris

    Rose Alice really isn’t very good in the field. He can’t really hit and can’t really field. I’m not sure what he’s supposed to be able to do, frankly.

  50. Chris

    Ah, Welsh is piping in on the “it’s the injuries” storyline. The wagons are being circled around Dusty Baker.

  51. Chris

    Who in the hell has been injured, besides Jay Bruce (.205 or whatever) and EE (same)?

  52. Chris

    Grande admitting that he covered up a story about Rolen and LaRussa burying the hatchet.

    “Rolen didn’t want to talk about it. But it’s been reported by some other people, so we feel free to talk about it now.”

    These guys give two craps about their viewers/readers. It’s one big club, and they all look out for each other.

  53. Chris

    Grande: “You win with talent, yes. But you also win with character and fiber.”


  54. ty

    while we can all agree that there’s no way in hell gonzalez should be batting 2nd, can we now officially stop seeing those “mock” lineups with hannigan in the 2 spot?

  55. Veteran Leader

    Back from the bank and taking a cursory look at this thread; it doesn’t look like veteran leadership is required tonight. So please do carry on. 🙂

  56. Matt B.

    Yikes, that’s now two baserunning mistakes by Dickerson.

  57. Veteran Leader

    On second thought. What the hell was that ???

  58. ty

    what carries the most weight? dickerson going 3 for 4, or him making 2 extremely stupid baserunning mistakes???

  59. Y-City Jim

    Grande: “You win with talent, yes. But you also win with character and fiber.”

    Helps the team stay regular. 😀

  60. Veteran Leader

    I am sure the Dustyism “base clogging” ran through Dusty’s head just then.

  61. WORLD

    I believe Gonzalez, if he’s going to play, should hit second especially if Taveras is on the pine.

  62. Matt B.

    You need to have a serious talk with Dickerson, VL.

  63. CarolinaReds

    I just thought I’d chime in and say how Dickerson is obviously a better CF than Will T

  64. CarolinaReds

    and Gomes is a better LF than the others in years!

  65. Veteran Leader

    I need to talk to one Mr Grande! We do not give away veteran leadership principles like “fiber” on TV, ok? This is something a veteran leader (like myself) learns through the school of hard knocks, and is not to be flippantly soliloquized by some play by play talking head.

  66. SFRedsfan

    Just catching up with the game but it must be smoke and mirrors to give up this many hits with so few runs

  67. Y-City Jim

    Hey, VL! George played ball at USC.

  68. Chris

    VL: If you wear a sipowitz on television, you have the right to talk about fiber.

  69. mike

    “clogging bases”, “ain’t no front runner”, “veteran leadership” and now “fiber”

    I feel like an idiot for watching/listening to this @W%#$^#

    I guess, was it Boggs, who always ate chicken before games?
    Maybe the Reds win when most of the team eats Total or Wheaties

    Dunn always said he liked cereal

    has a Red ever been on the Wheaties box?

  70. Steve

    Taveras now moves to CF for defensive purposes. They are overall better with Gomes out and Taveras in, but Dickerson is a better CF than Taveras, straight up.

  71. mike

    has a pitcher ever had a higher WHIP than ERA?
    with Lehr’s 12 base runners through 6 his WHIP is up to 1.32 but his ERA is down to 1.80

  72. Steve

    Herera has been awesome this year. He’s a great asset.

  73. Drew Nelson

    1990 World Series Team on the wheaties box….

  74. Chris

    I hear you, Steve. And Dickerson is no better than adequate on the corners.

    But at the same time, can you imagine Willy’s “arm” in RF?

  75. mike

    maybe GG or one of the other talkers will throw out an “intestinal fortitude” if we’re lucky

  76. CeeKeR

    Hard to care about the action on the field but these game threads never fail to amuse me…good work everyone!

  77. RedinFla

    Mike #86, I have a Griffey Wheaties box but he’s not in red…
    I have Dunn on a “Drumstick” ice cream box – does that have fiber?

  78. Y-City Jim

    I think Bench was on a Wheaties box.

  79. Kurt Frost

    “Yikes, that’s now two baserunning mistakes by Dickerson.”

    Yeah, but at least he got on base!

  80. Steve

    Brantley and Marty on Gonzalez’s recent hitting “streak” – basically AG is now hitting for next year’s salary. Marty asks, “where was that motivation in April, May and June?” Brantley: I agree.

  81. Chris

    Welsh called it a “great offensive series.” He’s had several hits, but it’s not like he’s roping balls all over the park.

    Kudos to Marty and Brantley for calling b.s. on this too-little-too-late crap.

  82. Chris

    Masset and Burton not really impressing in the post-Weathers era.

    Still would like to have Roenicke around.

  83. RedinFla

    Did you see the Scott Rolen jersey in the stands just now?

  84. mike

    completely off topic.
    I’ve always found hitting for the cycle one of the freak events in baseball and there has been a lot of talk about it recently with mention of players being close.

    I wondered if anyone had hit for the cycle AND drawn a BB

    22 players have and one was a Red
    Robinson hit for the cycle and drew a BB going 4 for 5 with a BB

    One player, Lyman Bostock did it AND had a SF

    3 of the 22 players did it and their team lost

  85. preach

    “Did you see the Scott Rolen jersey in the stands just now?”

    That was actually Scott Rolen. He’s still a little confused on where he is at the moment.

  86. Big Doofus

    Gimpy Fingers was Rollie’s oldest son, I think. He played some Single-A ball back in the 90s.

  87. preach

    Lymon Bostock mention. Nice. He was superstar in the making before he was murdered by a nut for no reason. He had a bad month once and tried to give back his salary. When the Angels (or Twins, don’t remember)refused to take it he donated it to various charities. Hit over .400 the following month. Father was a star in the Negro leagues. Good guy.

  88. mike

    the last 10 Reds to have a 4 hit game (or more) in order

    EE 7/09
    Votto 3 times this year and once last year
    WILLY T this year ( I had forgotten that back in May)
    Hairston Jr
    Jolbert Cabrera

    Gonzo did it for the Reds in April 07

  89. Chris

    Funny, Doofus – I actually met Rollie’s son a couple times. His mom worked on the same floor I did. Nice lady, nice kid.

  90. RedinFla

    Now that we’re WAY off topic – saw the Palm Beach Cardinals tonight and they wear the Dr. Seuss socks just like the big boys.

  91. Big Doofus

    I love the way Rosales hustles…it’s just that he cannot really play third base.

  92. RedinFla

    Votto has to be an olympic gymnast to handle these throws

  93. ty

    did bp just throw the fade patter to joey v?

  94. Matt B.

    Welsh is right. That is on Cordero.

  95. Chris

    At some point, aren’t the team’s striking failure to execute any fundamentals laid at the feet of the highly paid manager?

  96. renbutler

    I hate to be negative, but you almost KNOW this is going to be a walk-off.

  97. Matt B.

    I think the Reds are trying to give people a frickin’ heart attack. 3 plays in one inning.

  98. Chris

    This isn’t going to end well.

    That’s a nice play by Alex.

    Cordero is a frickin’ circus act right now.

  99. earl

    That is an ump saying heck with it, I want dinner.

  100. Matt B.

    Ball game. Wow, that was atrocious, but I’ll take it.

  101. Kaleb

    Cordero sits him down to end the game.

  102. renbutler

    Sweet strike three.

    At almost the same time, the Cubs just lost in 12.

  103. Chris

    I can’t believe Cordero is strutting around and pointing fingers after THAT.

    At least Dan Graves would have the decency to slink off with his head down.

  104. earl

    “I can’t believe Cordero is strutting around and pointing fingers after THAT.”

    Closer (mental)ity.

  105. mike

    Cordero has allowed 11 base runners in his last 7 games 7 1/3 IP
    somehow he has 3 SV and no losses in that time

  106. pinson343

    I just saw the game hilites on ESPN. On Pujols’ ground ball, it looked like CoCo had no idea who he was throwing to. Isn’t he just supposed to throw to the bag ?
    And it’s Gonzo’s ball, why is Phillips in the way ? I’ll have to review on video, to see if Gonzo actually was on the bag when he caught it.
    The final pitch of the game looked like a strike to me, close enough anyway.
    The difference between CoCo and Graves is that Graves would have blown that game.

  107. Chris

    That wasn’t the bad play, Pinson. The play before, Cordero didn’t cover first, so BP tossed it at the runner’s chest.

  108. pinson343

    Cordero has a July or August slump every year. The difference this year (so far) is no blown saves.

    They showed Gomes throwing out Molina at home. Nice !

    Doesn’t this team seem better with Dickerson in CF and leading off rather than Taveras ? (Rhetorical question there.)

    I’m not going to dump on Gonzo for not hitting until August. Maybe if he started the season doing rehab in the minor leagues, like he should have, and maybe if Dusty doesn’t play him every single game when he’s “healthy,” he would have started hitting a lot sooner.

  109. pinson343

    Thanks, Chris. Sounds like that was painful to watch.

  110. Chris

    I’m not going to give Gonzalez any credit for anything until he hits for more than one series. Taveras had a good series once, too.

  111. Steve

    The radio team criticized JV on the play at 1B for being out of position. They said the next play, Cordero’s throw to 2B was BP’s fault for being at the base confusing the situation.

    Brantley: They’re terrible in the field. Maybe they should take some infield practice.

    Marty (immediately): They don’t do that.

    Implication: we should practice the fundamentals more, but Baker won’t do it.

    Just more evidence that Baker is the wrong person to manage this team – they are young players that need instruction and drilling and accountability and Baker provides none of those things.

    The Phillies take infield practice at least once every home stand and they are the defending world champions with Utley, Rollins and Howard in their IF.

    The Reds’ terrible play ABSOLUTELY needs to be laid at the feet of Baker.

  112. Steve

    A bit of praise for Cordero – he did get Pujols to tap the ball back to the pitcher and he did K Holliday looking.

  113. pinson343

    I hope to see the play with Phillips throwing the ball at Rasmus’ chest. It would be funny now.

    I do have a bias for Gonzo over Taveras. Gonzo is a has been, Taveras is a never was.

  114. pinson343

    (162) That’s the thing, Cordero can pitch. The 97 mph fast ball that ended the game was a very nice pitch.

  115. pinson343

    (161) Steve yes on the hilite for Pujols’ grounder it looked like BP confused Cordero.

    How could this team NOT take infield practice ? They need extra infield practice.

  116. reds234

    What’s the word on Lehr? Is he a keeper or do we throw him back?

  117. pinson343

    I just saw the hilites of both Colby’s grounder and Pujols’ grounder. An infield meltdown on both plays, lots of sarcasm of course from Kruk and the crew.
    On the Colby ground ball, you had a 3 way race to first base – Phillips has to throw it to first, I think.
    And they said that Cordero’s throw to second did pull Gonzo off the bag, but he tagged the runner.

  118. pinson343

    My final notes on the 9th inning hijinks, after a couple more viewings.

    On the Rasmus ground ball, it was Phillips’ ball, Votto should have run to cover first without delay. CoCo apparently got a late jump, possibly surprised that he was needed on the play. Phillips instinctively threw the ball to the base, he should have just held it.

    On the Pujols ground ball, Phillips confused Cordero by covering second, but Cordero should have just thrown the ball to the bag. He threw way to the 2nd base side, Gonzo had to leave the bag but made a nice play by tagging Rasmus.

    Cordero’s called strike 3 to Holiday was a strike, a 97 mph fastball right on the black.

  119. pinson343

    I saw the baserunning blunders, what crappy fundamentals. Dusty sits in the dugout making faces, but why doesn’t he do something about it ?

  120. pinson343

    I don’t know how Dickerson dropped Molina’s line drive. He had it with both hands, should have been scored an error. He seems lost in RF.

  121. GRF

    It really is odd that Dickerson seems to play a good defensive CF, but has problems in the corners. Is this something I am just imagining, or does he see the ball better from CF or what?

    As for Lehr, BP had a blurb on their transactions page that said something to the effect that his minor league numbers suggested he could be a legitimate back of the rotation type. With Voltron’s injury, I hope he is at least in the mix for next year.

  122. GRF

    An excerpt from that BP post:

    He’s something of a right-handed junkballer, having developed a curve to progress from his initial sinker/slider blend, and having experimented with a forkball over the years. Nobody else had given him a shot at starting in the majors before the Reds in their present desperate state, but he’d made 128 starts in the minors bouncing from the A’s to the Brewers, Marinters, Reds, Phillies, and then back to the Reds in-season this year. Still, nobody should have anticipated his shutting out the Cubs in his second start, although it obviously buys him future opportunities. “Short” right-handed control types in their early 30s aren’t exactly popular, but there are worse guys to run with as your fifth starter than someone who, in his minor league career, has averaged 6.5 K/9 against 2.5 UBB/9.

  123. RiverCity Redleg

    Except for a 6 week stretch last year when he wasn’t healthy, CoCo has been an absolute stud for us. I hope we keep him for at least a couple more years. I love his attitude, I love his 97 MPH fastball, he is exactly what you want from a closer.

  124. Steve

    Brantley said on the radio that Dickerson probably saw Taveras flashing nearby and was surprised and distracted at the last second.

  125. Glenn

    Sometimes this team just seems to lose it. Fundamentals go out the window and no one seems to know what they’re doing. I can’t explain it.

  126. Chris Garber

    Steve, I had the same reaction during the game. But on replay, it looked like Willy was out of the way.

  127. Dan

    Dickerson has openly said that he’s less comfortable in LF/RF than in CF.

    He said something like, he feels like he’s doing a lot of thinking in the corner spots, but in CF it’s all instinct.

    I’d hand Dickerson CF every freakin’ day from here on out… but I guess I’m just beating a dead horse at this point…

  128. GregD

    Did any of the pre-game notes indicate why Balentien wasn’t starting? He’s on a 6-game hitting streak.

    I figured he’d be another one of the young guys that would play every day through the rest of the season to see what they’ve got.

  129. pinson343

    On the CF Dickerson thing, he judges where the ball is going better from CF. Junior Griffey said that CF is the easiest OF position in that you have a better view (angle on where the ball is going) from CF than the corner spots.

  130. Dan

    You also don’t get much slicing/hooking on balls hit to CF. You can get quite a lot of that in LF or RF.

  131. shane

    I figured he’d be another one of the young guys that would play every day through the rest of the season to see what they’ve got.

    Obviously you forgot who our manager is.