So says the headline on this article by Teh Fay. Well, good for him.

“People can do and say what they want,” Baker said. “I know what the deal is. People are looking to blame somebody. That’s just human nature. Hey, I’m in charge on the field. Whatever happens is ultimately my responsibility. I have no problem with that.”

Baker doesn’t do himself any favors by staying with struggling players too long, i.e. Willy Taveras and Corey Patterson. His lineups leave the Sabermatic set shaking their heads on a daily basis.

Hey, John Fay…what’s “sabermatic” mean?

More from Dusty:

But he manages the same way he did when he took teams to the postseason four of seven years.

He asked for patience Saturday – never a popular concept with fans.

Okay, I’m going to be patient. Especially with a leadoff hitter putting up numbers like .237/.273/.284. I’m sure Dusty is right. Willy Taveras will come around eventually.

Why can’t you guys just trust Dusty?