So says the headline on this article by Teh Fay. Well, good for him.

“People can do and say what they want,” Baker said. “I know what the deal is. People are looking to blame somebody. That’s just human nature. Hey, I’m in charge on the field. Whatever happens is ultimately my responsibility. I have no problem with that.”

Baker doesn’t do himself any favors by staying with struggling players too long, i.e. Willy Taveras and Corey Patterson. His lineups leave the Sabermatic set shaking their heads on a daily basis.

Hey, John Fay…what’s “sabermatic” mean?

More from Dusty:

But he manages the same way he did when he took teams to the postseason four of seven years.

He asked for patience Saturday – never a popular concept with fans.

Okay, I’m going to be patient. Especially with a leadoff hitter putting up numbers like .237/.273/.284. I’m sure Dusty is right. Willy Taveras will come around eventually.

Why can’t you guys just trust Dusty?

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  1. chris

    Do you have to be a stathead to recognize that Taveras is playing horribly?

    Fay is setting it up like there’s a debate about it. I don’t think te crustiest scout would defend that leadoff man.

  2. rpa

    i think a sabermatic is one of those fancy new saws with the laser guides and all that. maybe i’ll get one for christmas.

    dusty certainly practices what he preaches when it comes to being patient. he patiently waits for taveras to hit, the patiently waits for gonzalez to hit, he patiently waits for phillips to grow up, he patiently waits for masset to learn how to strand inherited runners, he patiently waits until his pitchers have faced about 3 batters too many to take them out of games instead of pinch hitting for them… etc. no changes needed. just be patient. be patient and you will get different results from the same incorrect decision you made yesterday.

    i guess i just have to be patient as i wait for his contract to run out.

  3. GregD

    I wouldn’t call Taveras a struggling player. Two straight seasons with his results go beyond struggling.

  4. GregD

    And I think sabermatic is one of those Wii gadgets used for playing Star Wars games.

  5. BigRedMike

    Dusty doesn’t have many options, but, to consistently put Taveras and Gonzales at the top of the order is pretty pathetic.

    The more you hear from Baker, the more I am convinced that he does just the opposite of what most people think just to prove some crazy point.

    Baker is very much full of himself. Does he really think that managing the way he has will actually work at some point? It has clearly not worked in the two terrible seasons he has been manager of the Reds.

  6. Y-City Jim

    The more you hear from Baker, the more I am convinced that he does just the opposite of what most people think just to prove some crazy point.

    Exactly, because he is an arrogant SOB.

  7. Matt WI

    i guess i just have to be patient as i wait for his contract to run out.

    Sad but so true. Good call.

  8. Steve Price

    Assuming a newspaper editor wasn’t who coined the term “sabermatic”, this speaks volumes to Fay’s opinion of statistical analysis. May be analysis of Taveras’s performance is a debate for him?

  9. doktor

    Dusty may not have many options for his line-up construction but problem is he is hardly even trying to use any options, the most he has done is drop WT to #2 for a few games. WT had more K’s and fewer BB than Phillips. Only 3 BB since may 23 for WT, 2 hits for his last 30 AB’s. i dont understand how a former ML player cant realize to do something to shake up the lineup.

  10. Steve

    We’ll see how Baker handles the “I have no other options” issue for the lead off hitter when Chris Dickerson returns in St. Louis tomorrow, and as the September call-ups arrive.

    I wish the Enquirer would use their “sabermatic” (is that a a modern version of strat-o-matic?) analysts more often. I like the suggestion that someone here made earlier this week of featuring John Errardi more often – maybe even giving him some interview time on radio and TV.

    I also wish the TV broadcast would get in the habit, as so many other clubs have done, of including OBP as a matter of course for every graphic representation.

    As noted here (#2, #4) Taveras is not really a debatable issue, he has been unarguably awful.

    Although he’s fast.

  11. Rob

    Dusty Baker HAD the players in San Fran and Chicago, that if they were struggling, he could stick with them and not have to worry about anything. He doesn’t have that in Cincinnati. Especially with the WORST OFFENSIVE PLAYER IN THE GAME, Willy Taveras. It doesn’t take a whole lot to look at the back of a baseball card, does it? Common sense would then tell you that Willy Taveras can’t hit and he can’t walk. Therefore rendering his services USELESS!!

    I am tired of being patient. I have been patient for 10 frickin’ years!

  12. Glenn

    Taveras is not a struggling player. He’s a very poor, highly overpaid player!

    Rob, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m sick of being patient.

  13. doktor

    Well, Rob and Glenn, yes those 2 teams had talent but dont forget he had two juiced players creating so much more offense that it could mask his line-up deficencies.

    I could be patient if I could percieve some sort of plan and saw some solid evidence of progress/effort.

    Go (2010) Reds!

  14. GRF

    To me it comes down to confidence. You can accept moves you do not necessarily understand or agree with on faith if you believe in the manager or front office overall. At this point, I have lost that confidence in Baker and pretty much reached the same point with the front office. I admit the fact Dusty seems to go out of his way to show his disdain for the fans does not help.

  15. AnnapolisRed

    I think it was probably a typo on Fay’s part, but he was clearly pandering to Baker.

  16. Chris

    Whether a typo by Fay and/or an editor asleep at the switch, a professional newspaper writer (the only one left) ought to get the term right – ESPECIALLY if he’s using them as a proxy for all critics of Dusty Baker.

  17. Rob

    “Well, Rob and Glenn, yes those 2 teams had talent but dont forget he had two juiced players creating so much more offense that it could mask his line-up deficencies.”

    Regardless…he didn’t have to worry about it, did he? In Cincinnati he doesn’t have that, and any competent manager or baseball enthusiast could see that. Hell, the AVERAGE FAN can see it! The talent isn’t there! So, if you’re given lemons try to make lemonade. Dusty’s trying to make a frickin’ fruit salad from these guys, except from the oldest apples in the orchard.

  18. doktor

    Rob – to use your analogy, if the recipe (his line-up) he is using is not working with the ingredients he has, then maybe he ought to try to make something else(different lineup), instead of fruit salad with old apples, lets TRY to make some apple cider or apple pie, sure it may not turn out but maybe it does. Instead he continues to try to follow his recipe for fruit salad, regardless of his ingredients. 🙂

    Go (2010) Reds.

  19. Rob

    Old apples – Willy Taveras, Alex Gonzalez

    Who he should be using – Drew Sutton, Paul Janish

    Take your lemons, make lemonade is all I am saying. Dusty isn’t doing that, and I am not sure he is even going by a “recipe.” He’s just going by sheer “chance,” which with the players that the Reds have, rarely happens. So make something happen by utilizing guys right.

  20. preach

    No, sheer chance would involve pulling a lineup out of a hat, which would decrease the odds of a Taveras/Gonzo top of the lineup fiasco nightly. In other words, sheer chance would score more runs.