Our buddy Chris Garber, one of our editors here, is in Colorado, taking in the Cubs and Rockies at Coors Field, sitting behind the Cubs dugout.

Unfortunately, he can’t escape:

9 Responses

  1. rpa

    that is just awesome. wonder if dude regrets that purchase?

    last year i was at a game in los angeles and saw a guy wearing a joe thurston jersey. it almost makes you wonder if someone picked it up to be intentionally ironic.

    where do people come up with these things? maybe at the airport – last year i saw a rack full of homer bailey t-shirts at cvg.

  2. Y-City Jim

    What would be the worst Reds jersey for someone to be caught wearing?


    Someone from a bygone era?

  3. Matt B.

    The editors need to start carrying around tomatoes so they can chuck them at people wearing insanely stupid jerseys, which seems to happen often.

  4. RedinFla

    We’ll be in Nashville next weekend, plan to take in a Sounds game — guess we’ll see C.P. up close and personal!

  5. RedinFla

    …and no, I don’t have a jersey.

  6. GRF

    Hey, I had a Frank Pastore jersey as a kid.

  7. Chris

    I was chasing that dude all around the concourse, trying to get a good picture with my camera. I think he noticed I was stalking him.