Many of you can appreciate what it means to have a spouse who puts up with our obsession with the Cincinnati Reds. This team is constantly frustrating, yet we’re stuck with them. Those of you who share this obsession must have an idea how much time I spend thinking and writing about the Reds (and working on this site behind the scenes).

Believe me, it wouldn’t be possible without the lovely Mrs. Dotson. Ten years ago today, we were married. I think she mostly knew what she was getting into back then, but I’m not sure she fully appreciated that she was marrying the Reds, too.

We were married during that magical run of 1999, but it’s been mostly futility since then. No matter; I’m still the luckiest man in the world.

10 Responses

  1. sufferingred

    Yeah I remember that summer. A Saturday in July. Reds win 10-0 to tie for division lead. Dmittri Young doesn’t start but has a pinch hit homer in the 7th. Was hot, the beer was cold and it had only been 9 years since the last WS win.

  2. Matt B.

    Congrats, Chad! I hope the Reds can pull one out for ya today.

  3. RedinFla

    Happy Anniversary to you and The Patient One!
    Many more happy years – both on and off the field.

  4. doktor

    Congratulations Chad, from a soon to be 20 year anniversary guy. The wife and I are planning to see a Louisville game here in August to kinda celebrate as she enjoys baseball also.

    Now get back to work and update that “Big Board” page. Just kidding.

  5. Y-City Jim

    My wife and I just celebrated 24 years of matrimony this past Monday. She has, and continues to, put up with all my craziness.

  6. Chad Dotson

    Bill, there’s no question about it. I married up.

    And congrats to you, Jim and doktor. Takes a special woman to put up with this madness.

  7. nick in va

    Congrats Chad. I’ve got 8 years coming up on Tuesday. And my wife only thinks I’m half crazy for wanting to wear a sombrero next time I make it to a Reds game.

  8. Plowboy

    Congratulations,Chad! I too was married during the exciting summer of ’99 and only 8 days earlier than you.

    And, actually, it’s a good thing the Reds were so good that year because my wife really figured out what she was in for considering I was obsessing over every game!