Several more items worthy of a read on this wonderful Thursday morning…the night after a Reds win!

–My youngest starts kindergarten today. I can’t believe it.

–I hate to bring this up after the Reds just won a game, finally, but Justin and Red Hot Mama each have displayed the Reds’ futility graphically. Great stuff.

–So Bob Castellini has given our manager the dreaded vote of confidence (along with other delusional comments):

Reds president and chief executive officer Bob Castellini said that manager Dusty Baker’s job is “absolutely” safe for the rest of the year, and that Baker will return for 2010. That’s the final year of Baker’s contract.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Dusty Baker will manage the Reds in 2010 and Willy Taveras will be his starting CF and leadoff hitter. Just go ahead and prepare yourself for it.

–Micah Owings is almost ready to return. Of course, if Justin Lehr can pitch like he did last night, the Reds should move Owings to left field.

–The Reds have dispelled rumors of moving Brandon Phillips to shortstop, but BP said that he is willing. It would be one of the smartest moves the Reds could make in the off-season. BP would immediately become more valuable.

CSG needs some help.

Great news! Pete Rose is now eligible for the Hall.

–New poll up in the left sidebar. Tell us what you think about the Rolen trade, almost a week later.

UPDATE: A couple more posts were mentioned in the comments below, and both deserve linking here.

–Over at the always-entertaining Hardball Times, a BoSox blogger attempts to defend the Scott Rolen trade. His entire argument, however, rests on the premise that the Reds can compete in 2010, and I just can’t see how that’s going to happen. Walt Jocketty knows more about baseball than I do, though.

Red Hot Mama on Bob Castellini, Dusty Baker, and more.