Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Chicago (NL) 0
Cincinnati 4
WP: Lehr (1-0)
LP: Harden (7-7)

–Smilin’ side of the scoreboard! Reds win!! Can you believe it, Reds fans???

–Justin Lehr, all 32 years of him, was simply outstanding. A complete game shutout, allowing only four hits. His stuff was crazy good. Great work, Justin. Enjoy your moment in the sun.

–Scott Rolen hit safely for the first time as a Red, and it went over the left-center field wall. More of that, please.

–Willy Taveras actually contributed tonight. That’s always a good thing.

–Reds are no longer in last place. Things are looking up!


–Biggest negative: this team still stinks. For a night, though, it was fun.

–The Reds needed a start like this to end the losing streak. Who would’ve thought Justin Lehr would throw it?

–Clearly, it was the veteran leadership that won tonight’s game. Walt Jocketty was onto something. This team needs more old players! Trade away all the youngsters, get us some more 32-year old pitchers and 35 y/o third basemen!

–Off-day tomorrow, so the Reds are going to go two straight days without losing. How long has it been since that happened?

–Okay, off to the west coast. Isn’t that where this season came off the rails for good? I’m not optimistic…but who knows?

–Jonny likes!!!

UPDATE: Great work, Ramrod. Scotty Rolen likes to win, too!

*This Offense Stinks

32 Responses

  1. taoistlumberjak

    Fire everybody.
    (I know, I’ve turned into a one-trick pony. I’m sticking with this though.)

  2. Jose

    We need a pick of Scott Rolen in a sombrero

  3. Chad Dotson

    Yes, someone who is handy with photoshop needs to put together a Rolen pic.

    Dusty, Walt, and Bob Castellini are also screaming out for the sombrero treatment.

  4. Jose

    Dusty, Walt, and Big Bob, they don’t deserve the sombrero treatment… they need a dunce cap treatment

  5. Jose

    You should post a Dusty or Willy Taveras Dunce Cap picture everytime we lose

  6. jdarts84

    Lehr looked fantastic tonight, 6 months of Dick Pole’s tutelage and sky’s the limit for him(roll of eyes)

  7. mike

    you asked
    the last time the Reds went two days without losing was July 1-2
    two wins in a row vs Arizona with a combined score of 4-2

    last time 3 days in a row?
    June 27-29. Two wins vs cleveland and a day off

    the team has not put together more than a 4 game wins streak this year
    both of the above streaks were against horrible teams
    they did win 4 in a row back in May. 1 vs Cleveland and 3 vs Houston

  8. mike

    wow I didn’t really realize this
    since May this team is 20-38

    if it wasn’t for the teams 12-4 record vs Houston and Arizona they would be the worst team in baseball

  9. REDS1

    A nice job tonight by Lehr. Still only 5 hits for the offense.

    20-38 stat not very encouraging. Still headed to 100 I think.

  10. Kurt Frost

    We had a hard fought extra inning win tonight in our softball game, I get in the car and pull the score up on my phone and by crackies they won! And the old fart threw a shutout! This has to be some kind of joke.

  11. WillRedsCHI

    Response to the poll question. If you include “too soon to tell” as a potential answer, shouldn’t any prudent baseball fan pick that. Just a thought.

  12. Y-City Jim

    Speaking of tutelage, someone at Louisville deserves credit for teaching pickoff moves. Bailey has a good one and Lehr showed a good one tonight

  13. Ramrod

    I lurk in the background. My motivation to post has been, shall we say, UTTERLY DESTROYED by my favorite home team! It was a nice night so I thought I’d do something beneficial.

  14. Jose

    now we need a Willy and Dusty Dunce Cap for when we lose
    cause we blame any loss on them…

    or an Adam Dunn with donkey ears..

  15. Ramrod

    How about this… the next time the Reds WIN, I’ll do a Dusty and or Willy pic, but it is only to be posted after losses — more specifically only after losses in which Willy T goes 0 for whatever. Or if Gonzo is in the top half of the batting order.

  16. Kurt Frost

    I saw this on mlbtraderumors.com.

    Despite the Reds’ abysmal play as of late, team CEO Bob Castellini has given manager Dusty Baker a vote of confidence for this year and next, says John Fay at the Cincinnati Enquirer.

    I must confess. I cried.

  17. The Mad Hatter

    Happy to see a win tonight, but sadly this offense stinks. Great game for Lehr and possibly the game he’ll tell stories to his children and grandchildren. Great story.

  18. KY Chip

    Kurt – I saw the same “vote of confidence” story there a little earlier.

    I can only hope that in this case, the “vote of confidence” is like a Corleone family brotherly kiss.

    “I know it was you, Dusty. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!”

  19. Jose

    well, alot of managers get a vote of confidence… and their gone soon after… so it could be a good sign

  20. Joe R

    Dusty Baker proves that you, too, can earn $3,500,000 a year and not have a clue about your profession. 😀

  21. nick in va

    It was great to see Lehr get two pies to the face after the game too. One from Arroyo and the other from Gomes.

  22. The Godfather

    I’m sooo ticked…I planned on watching the game, got caught up in some work I was doing and missed it! Now I won’t get to watch the Reds win for another two weeks!

  23. Travis G.

    I got to watch until the third, and then listened through the sixth, and it honestly felt weird having the lead. Great night for the home team.

    Here’s a link to a writer from The Hardball Times defending the Rolen deal, noting that reports indicate the Reds will pay Rolen only $4.25 million next season:

    Rolen is an absolute wizard at third base, which should have a major, major impact on the Reds’ UZR/150, which is already sixth-best in the bigs. Where the boost will come from is helping their ranking in errors: 21st. Rolen has made only five errors on the year while the Reds as a whole check in at 15 all told at third.

    Rolen also can help with the stick: moving to Great American Ball Park will see some of his hits fly out of the park more often. People are quoting his unsustainable .370 BABIP as a reason to think his .320 average with the Blue Jays will come down, but we know that measuring BABIP for batters is foolish. Using the simple xBABIP calculator, we find that his xBABIP is .308, meaning his .320 batting average is not insanely lucky — it’s only slightly lucky.

    If I had to pick between Rolen and Encarnacion for the rest of the year and even for 2010, I’m picking Rolen, especially with Encarnacion needing to move off of third.

    The writer goes on in comments to speculate on which free agents the Reds might sign to improve their roster, but to me the biggest move they could make to help the team is move Phillips to short. If lesser fielders such as Hairston, Keppinger, Rosales and Sutton can play almost anywhere, I don’t see how Phillips won’t be acceptable there and provide above-average offense for that position.

    If Frazier (or Sutton, Rosales or even Hairston) can play 2B next year and Stubbs is able to hold down CF (penciling him in at leadoff seems awfully optimistic to me), then all of a sudden the Reds need only a LF who can hit leadoff or cleanup and a mid-rotation starter. Those are not terribly hard to find or, in this market, terribly expensive.

  24. Glenn

    That was the best pitched game I’ve watched this season.

  25. GreatRedLegsFan

    I’d like to see this line-up, maybe this could make opposing pitchers think and work a little more with Taveras and Gonzo excluded: Sutton SS, Philips 2B, Votto 1B, Rolen 3B, Gomes RF, Balentien LF, Nix CF, Hanigan C. In 2009 Taveras and Gonzo have a combined AVG .218 and OBP .261, that’s the Reds 1st and 2nd hitters more often in Baker’s line-up.

  26. preach

    Conversation I wish I heard:

    Willy T: Dusty, I don’t think it’s such a good idea for me to stand up here without a helmet on.

    Dusty: C’mon Willie. Didn’t you see Rolen? He got beaned in the head and came back and hit a homer. With your speed, you could hit two homers with a good ol’ beanin. I remember when I was going through a slump and Hank, you know I played with Hank Aaron, pushed me into a pitch thrown by Wilber Wood. I still remember hitting the ground saying Wiillllber, like that guy in the horse show. My season was never the same after that. Neither was my driving. Good ol’ Hank knew what was best for the team. I’m tellin’ ya’, I got the vote of confidence in my skills and abilities. Now take one for the team Willie. Take one for the team.

    Willie T: OK, Dusty. You’re the guy who played with Hank Aaron.

  27. Steve Price

    Was Wilbur’s pitch a knuckleball?

    I believe he’s the last guy to start both games of a doubleheader.

  28. Steve Price

    Could Willy T’s sombrero be a golden sombrero?

  29. shane

    It was great to see Lehr get two pies to the face after the game too
    Did anyone else notice that Bruce seemed less than happy about Dickerson giving him the pie during his interview? Not happy at all and didn’t go out of his way to try to conceal it either